With Every Decision a Leader Makes…

With every decision a leader makes

Some will agree

Some will disagree

Some won’t understand

Some won’t care

While I think it’s important to keep that in mind, while I believe completely in accountability in leadership, even after the decision is made, ultimately the leader’s greatest attention should be:

Making the right decision for the organization regardless of other people’s opinion.


  • Get on your knees
  • Hear a word from God
  • Know clearly the vision God has placed on your heart

Then, although you may not have all the answers, or know where the path may take you, though some days it seems there are more adversaries than supporters, move forward in confidence.

That’s what leaders do.

How do you keep yourself strong when others are criticizing your decisions?

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11 thoughts on “With Every Decision a Leader Makes…

  1. Moving from the business world into the world of ministry, I find this can be much more difficult on the ministry side. In a ministry people don’t just question your decision, they question your relationship with God. They say that God told them something different. They use scripture to tell you that you might be misguided and you aren’t protecting the ministry. They have a way of making you question everything about yourself, not just your decision. It can be very ugly.

  2. "Get on your knees" and "hear a word from God." Awesome. Until God leaves you speechless you have anything to say worth hearing.

  3. How do you keep yourself strong when others are criticizing your decisions?

    True! A leader must always be ready to do the right thing and not the popular thing. (I remember reading that "Leadership is not a poularity contest"). At the end, a leader must be respected for what he stood for rather than liked.

  4. Another great post that I just clipped into my Leadership folder in Evernote. Thanks! As far as how I keep myself strong…I think my wife does a lot more of that for me, privately. It is defantely something I have to work on and allow God to be the source of that strength. But until then, God has been good to me to give me a wife who encourages me to continue on.

  5. Truly listen for God's answer as I pray for direction. At times this takes discipline as I want to lead my way, not God's way. His answer is, as most often found in me, that good old term known as "gut feeling"….

    I have to keep in mind it is the dialogue with God…not dialogue with others, that is to guide me.