An Interview With Jason Roy, Building 429 & Grace Community Church

Jason Roy is the lead singer/founder of the well known, Dove Award winning Christian band Building 429. Recently Jason has a new title in addition to the lead singer role. Jason has joined us at Grace Community Church as our worship pastor. The plan is to do both. We are excited about the prospect, but this obviously raises questions in some people’s minds as to how the two will work together. Jason agreed recently to sit down and talk about his new role with me. Here is that interview:

What does “Building 429” mean?

It’s based on Ephesians 429, which says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

We wanted to take the word building from a noun to a verb and make it a challenge for the way we live our life so that any person that hears our music or buys our products becomes more Christ-like in everything they do and say.

Talk for a minute about your heart for Grace. What attracts you to this particular church?

Since day one, my wife and I were looking for a church where we could be a part of and raise our family when we are home. We were wanting pastors that both challenge the people, but live transparent lives in front of their people was important to us. We wanted a church that would be the hands and feet of Jesus, which we found through Operation Serve and other ministries of Grace. (Cortni, Jason’s wife was a huge part of bringing Operation Serve to the church.)

How will this relationship work? Will Building 429 continue?

Building 429 will continue. We are blessed to be in a position where we can slow down some and choose the dates we put on our calendar. I have felt strongly that from a ministry perspective there was a piece of my heart that was not fully developed on the road. That missing piece is the ability to connect and develop long-term and lasting relationships. I desire to invest in other worshipping musicians and allow to invest in me. In this type of situation, it appears that both sides of my life will compliment and help strengthen each other. I’m a worshipper at heart, but will be able to continue to write songs and lead a band when not at Grace. It’s a great partnership.

I would want people to understand that both of these are still exciting opportunities for me. I believe Building 429 still has incredible opportunities to minister to people. I know God continues to challenge me to write new songs of worship. Without a doubt God is using Grace Community Church in this community and region. I’m excited to see how God has me in the middle of such incredible work in each of these areas.

What will your role be at Grace?

I am the worship pastor, leading, guiding and directing the worship aspect of the church. I will be responsible for developing new leaders in the ministry within the church body. I will also be a team member with the rest of the amazing Grace staff.

How did this change come about in your life?

I have spent the last 2 to 3 years wondering if God was calling me to a position at the local church level, always saying internally that Grace was the perfect scenario for a home for me, never knowing if it would even work. God has opened a huge door of opportunity for me that creates opportunities for Building 429, Grace Community Church and me. I’m humbled once again at God’s plan, which are always bigger and better than I could have scripted.

Why do this now?

Another point in this whole process is that not only is my heart’s desire being fulfilled, by my family has the opportunity to be home more and stop always living on a tour bus. We finally feel that we are home…my family needed that.

What does worship mean to you?

I’m sure there is a better definition of this, but for me worship happens when you forget about yourself and recognize more about God in that moment. You can put that in the context of a worship service, where a person recognizes that I don’t care about myself or my struggles; I just care about God, or you can put that in terms of a work situation, where a person says, “None of this matters except for me bringing glory to God.” When self disappears and the image of oneself disappears and God’s purpose, design and plan becomes the most important thing, that’s worship.

When I walk onto a stage to lead in worship, it’s the one time in my life where I truly give up all my personal desires and simply desire to help people and me encounter the living God. That’s a pretty awesome opportunity.

We are excited to have Jason more often at Grace Community Church. Welcome to the team!

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17 thoughts on “An Interview With Jason Roy, Building 429 & Grace Community Church

  1. I love how the worship is fresh and edgy now. Well, actually I guess it's fresher and edgier…lol It was the worship that initially drew me in to Grace. Daniel is awesome. Jason brings this rawness to us. He reveals his heart when he's singing. Another majorly cool factor is that my 17 year old knows who B429 are and is more inclined to sing along on Sundays. He leaned over Sunday and said hey mom, that's the lead singer from B429…one of the guys ay my work really likes them. Hello! Conversation? With my son? AWESOME! It was a blessing. And then you guys topped my Sunday morning off with an incredible message and an oh so needed reconnection with Jesus. I pray that our family is allowed to minister through Grace in whatever way God allows.

  2. Wonderful! We were SO excited about this news. Jason's heart for worship totally shines through, and we feel so lucky to have him at Grace!!!

  3. I do have to say that I feel pretty special that the lead singer of a Dove Award winning band is my new worship leader!! We always make sure that we are on time for church so that we don't miss any music…lol

  4. God continues to bless Grace with another amazing addition to the team…we are blessed to serve Christ with Jason, Cortni, Avery & Haven!!!
    There is no doubt their hearts are to bring glory to Christ alone!!!

  5. yay…. I knew he had an amazing voice and I thought he was doing an awesome job… Never realized that he was "the guy" from Building 429 (even though I have some of the songs on Itunes, doh!) I told my husband on the way home from Grace a few weeks ago "that guy has an awesome gift…." and then he filled me in on the story! I am honored to have him leading our worship!