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Sobering Truth about how a Leader Responds to Mistakes

By January 12, 2023Church, Leadership

There is a sobering truth about how the leader responds to mistakes made in the organization. Furthermore, if you aren’t careful, this can keep your team from being as productive as it can be.

Here’s the reality – If you want your team to explore, take risks, and make new discoveries there will be mistakes made along the way. It’s natural. Some of the best discoveries of life are found on accident. You try to do one thing and you discover something even better.

In fact, sometimes it takes lots of mistakes to find the next good “something new”. 

Yet, this sobering truth must be understood.

The way a leader responds to mistakes determines how much risk your team will attempt in the future. 

With every reaction you make as a leader you establish DNA of the organization. Consequently, you are creating culture. You are shaping the future. 

People watch the leader to see what an appropriate response is to making mistakes. 

Reflect: How did you respond the last time someone on your team made a mistake? Did it cause them to shrink back – or learn from it and move boldly forward?

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