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7 Most Impressive Traits of a Team Member

By September 28, 2022Leadership

I have observed some of the most impressive traits of a team member

I’ve served on and led dozens of teams throughout my career. These teams have been in the workplace and as a volunteer. Frankly, from my experience, only a few of those teams I would say were really highly effective. Often that was because there were a few individuals on the team who distracted from us functioning as well as we should have functioned. 

It takes a majority of the team being the right fit to make an effective team. 

There are some traits I’ve observed that make for an effective team member. When you find most of these shared by multiple team members you have possibly found an effective team. Likely this team is going to be very productive. 

7 impressive traits for team members: 

Take initiative without being asked. 

Great team members share what they are dreaming with the team. Of course, this has to be welcomed and encouraged by leadership, but these team members don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for someone to give them directions. They’re actively contributing; helping to create momentum. 

Willing to work outside their direct responsibility. 

That’s what makes it a team. People pull together and help one another. Silos are eliminated because everyone has a “we’re all in this together” attitude. 

Possess a positive outlook.

There’s nothing wrong with critical thinking. But critical thinking is not being overly critical. It’s thinking critically about something in order to make it better. Certainly, it’s not only finding the flaws in every new idea presented. There is a huge difference between the two.

Great team members try to find the positive even in negative situation‘s. “What can we learn from this?” ”How can we improve next time?”

Have a get it done attitude.

The best team members I’ve worked with didn’t limit their ability to produce to current resources. They didn’t complain about what they didn’t have. Instead they tried to figure out how to make what they have work. 

This doesn’t mean as leaders we shouldn’t try to get adequate resources to our people but sometimes you just have to “get it done” with what you have available.

(Ask just about any church planter about this one.)

Not overly perfectionist but not sloppy either.

Things will never be perfect. If that’s the goal not much is going to be accomplished. At the same time, we should always strive to do our best work. The balance of those two extremes allows for efficient progress. 

Sometimes you simply have to pull the trigger and produce what you can when you can.

Value other people as much as themselves.

Of course, this one has a huge biblical principle behind it. But it’s also part of being on an effective team. On the most effective teams everyone has the attitude that what you are working on is just as important as what I’m working on

They have no hidden agendas.

Great team members lay their cards on the table. You know where they stand. They are for the team and want whats best for the collective group. Therefore, they aren’t passive aggressive and they aren’t spreading rumors or gossip. Best of all, they aren’t a part of creating drama. 

Team leaders – or team members – I would love for you to comment and tell me some of the best traits you have observed in team members.

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