RELP – Episode 7 – Common Derailments in Leading Church Revitalization

By October 22, 2020Leadership, Podcast

In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss common derailments in leading church revitalization.

I (Ron) have been working in and around church revitalization for close to 20 years. The first church where I served as pastor, after leaving the business world and entering vocational ministry, was a small, rural church that needed revitalization. Then, after starting two churches – one from our living room – we moved to help revitalize a large, established church. Most recently, I served as an interim in another church needing some revitalization. (This was my home church.) We have seen God do some incredible things along the way.

I am convinced most churches can be revived with intentionality.

Through these experiences, I have noticed some common derailments in leading church revitalization. When these are present it becomes very difficult, in my opinion, for the church to ever recover and grow again. Many of these are simply unknowns going into the process. Sometimes pastors miss them.

Nate and I discuss some of these in this episode. I hope it is helpful.

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