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7 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Husband (Or Men)

By December 17, 2019December 21st, 2020Church

I previously posted Christmas gift ideas for husbands to give their wife. From years of talking with men in church, many times they didn’t know what to buy so they either did nothing or just gave their wife money. I wanted to help them with some more creative ideas. I heard from a number of women looking for help with gift ideas for men in their life – husbands, sons, friends, etc.

It makes sense. In fact, I am probably much harder to buy for than it is for me to find something Cheryl might like. 

Just as every woman is unique, so is every man. Therefore, these are general suggestions of gift ideas for men, but I hope they help steer your own thoughts. 

7 gift ideas for men: 

Guilt-free time to do what he enjoys.

Granted, he might do this anyway, but this gift eliminates any guilt he may feel when he does. Perhaps give him a coupon book of hours or days he can use throughout the year. You’ll clear the calendar and handle his responsibilities, so he can do what he loves to do. 

(Disclosure: I know from counseling that many women feel their husbands take advantage of their time away from the family. I’m not advocating that either. You will have to use discretion on whether this is an appropriate gift in your context.)

More of what he loves.

Most men have an attraction to some item – some “gadget”. I have known guys who love tools and others who love flashlights. Give them another one of those and they are happy. I have some friends who like writing pens. It could even be a Bible. If they have multiple of something – whatever it is – it is likely they would welcome having more. If you are unsure on this one, go with a pocketknife. For most men a pocketknife is always a welcome gift. You’re usually safe here. 

Organized time with friends.

The older I get the more I value genuine relationships I have with men in my life. Some of these date back to high school and college. Some are more recent relationships. Organizing a gathering of a few close or “ole” friends would be a welcomed gift for many men. 

Something he wouldn’t buy for himself.

Many men have something they would love, but they have placed their financial priorities elsewhere. They simply wouldn’t spend the money to buy it. If you can figure this out – and afford it – this would make an ideal Christmas gift. 


Whether it’s to a sporting event, a concert, or play (based on their preference) give him tickets to somewhere with someone with whom he would enjoy spending time. Of course, it will be even better is if this someone is you. (It might be with one of his children too.) 

Donate in his name.

If you simply can’t think of something, give a gift that invests in others. Make a donation to his favorite charity on his behalf. Most men would feel very honored in this way. 


This might be the best idea I have to share. I believe a man’s greatest need is respect. Every man wants to feel they have added value to the world. You give a lasting gift when you choose to honor him personally. 

Some examples of this gift. It could be a frame of sayings he frequently is heard saying. (this would show him you’re listening.) This could also be individual tributes that you gather from people about him. It could be a listing of traits you admire about him arranged in a creative way.

It could be something that encourages him daily. My grandmother once gave me a study Bible with a letter written to me in the inside cover. I treasure that gift. My mom gave me a frame in high school with a quote she saw that reminded her of me. She made a cross stitched plaque that says, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I still love that gift. 

Those are a few suggestions. If you don’t see one you think will work for your man, hopefully something here will trigger a thought of something that will. 

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