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Ask These 12 Questions And You’ll Be A Better Leader

By November 26, 2019Church, Leadership

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There are no bad questions”?

In leadership, this might be true.

I have learned in my years of leadership – I only know what I know. And many times I don’t know much. Plus, the people I am trying to lead only know what they know.

Therefore, one of the best skills a leader can develop is the art of asking the right questions.

Here are 12 questions that can make you a better leader:

How can I better help you as your leader?

What is the biggest challenge you have in being successful here?

Do you understand what I’ve asked you to do?

What am I missing these days? What do I need to know that it doesn’t appear I do?

How would you do _______ if you were me?

What is your greatest concern for our team these days?

If we had authority to do anything – and money was no barrier – what would you like to see us do as a team/organization?

Where do you see yourself someday and how can I assist you in getting there?

What are people on the team thinking, but have been afraid to share with me?

What are you currently learning, which can help all of us?

How are you doing in your personal life and is there any way I can help you?

Is there anything you’ve wanted to say to me, but haven’t felt the freedom to do so? (And tell them now is their chance with no retribution.)

You can rephrase these for your context, but I encourage you to ask them – often. But, if you are attempting to lead people, may I suggest you start asking more questions.

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