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7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice from the Circumstances of Life

By April 14, 2015August 8th, 2021Christians, Encouragement, God

Every believer wants to hear from God. We want to distinguish God’s voice from the circumstances of our life.

Why would you attempt to follow God closely if you didn’t want to know His voice or hear what He has to say?

Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” (John 10:27)

That’s especially true in the circumstances of our life. When life is happening — we want to know: Is this God? Is this what He is telling me to do? Is God trying to get my attention?

And, I believe, sometimes life if just happening. It’s not at all that God isn’t interested or in control. He counts hairs on our head and stores our tears in a bottle — He cares. But, sometimes life is life. Things happen. Doors open. Doors close. Jobs are lost. Health changes. The deal on the house we wanted falls through. We don’t get the scholarship we hoped we would. Life happens.

And, yet, I do believe God will use our circumstances to speak to us. He used a burning bush to speak to Moses.

I wish He’d use one to speak to me sometimes. I think I’d pay attention to that.

And, I think that’s part of the problem.

One thing I’ve observed is that we often expect God to speak in the grandiose voice of God. And, sometimes God speaks that way, but many times — at least in my life — God is more subtle than that. Often God speaks through those quiet moments, through other people, and through ordinary life’s circumstances.

In a crowded world of noise and life distractions sometimes it’s hard to understand what God is saying. Isn’t it?

How do we — in the midst of our circumstances — as mixed up and confusing as they can be — figure out what God could be saying to us?

First, I have to say this — it begins and ends in a relationship. If you don’t have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ — start there. (Read Romans 10:9 and if you have questions, email me.)

But, for those who have a relationship already — which is the majority of my readers — how do we hear God’s voice through our circumstances?

Here are 7 ways to distinguish God’s voice through the circumstances of life:

Mirror your circumstances with the truth of God’s Word

God will never contradict Himself. He will never speak to us — even through our circumstances — in a way that will contradict His written word. I hear people at times claim God is telling them to do something that is in violation with what God has already said. That’s never God.

God uses people to confirm His voice

Even in circumstances, in my experience, you can distinguish God’s voice through people He puts in your path. People who attempt to follow God with their life can help us to hear from God.

Every time God has called me to something there have been others to confirm they are hearing the same calling. I’ve often had to cycle through the naysayers to hear them, but they are there. I seek out wisdom of others.

When we went to plant a church — I thought that’s what God was doing — the doors certainly kept opening, but one loud voice of God were the number of people who kept bringing it to my attention unsolicited — including one prophetic pastor (who claimed to not be a prophet) who spoke directly to a 10 year old vision of the plant exactly as God had originally shared it with me. That was my burning bush, but they don’t come along often. Probably only when you’re as stubborn as I am.

Recognize that God operates from a plan

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Rick Warren has sold millions of books telling us that we should live our life with a purpose. God’s purpose.

Looking back over my life, I could never have scripted it, but I see how God has used me according to an overall plan. He’s used my life experiences to shape me for where I am church planting He used my business entrepreneurial experience. In church revitalization, He’s used my business transition experience. God knows how to use a past for His good.

Examine your circumstances in light of God’s overall plan

When trying to hear from God through the circumstances of life, we should not try to make a decision on one event or set of circumstances. Circumstances may or may not be God speaking to us. We should look at our life over a span of months or years.

Jeremiah 29:11 indicates that God has a definite plan to proper us and give us hope, but it would take the people 70 years to get there. (We often miss that part when celebrating that verse.)

When we look at our life over time we will be able to see what God has been doing. When the circumstances of life consistently line up over time with God’s overall plan it is possible that God is trying to speak through those circumstances.

How many times do we have to hear the same thing — or experience the same circumstances — before we recognize and obey the voice of God?

Before God called me into ministry the voices speaking into my life were many. I was available at the time — in between business careers, there were tons of confirmations and signs, and I had to view my life in the context of God’s master plan — of what He had been shaping for years.

Don’t allow circumstances to keep you from hearing or obeying God

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 16:8-9 (NIV) “But I will stay on at Ephesus until Pentecost, because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me.” The common sense thing to do when everyone opposes you would be to leave, but Paul knew the circumstances were not indicative of God’s will for his life.

Sometimes our circumstances may look gloomy, but we haven’t heard the truth of our circumstances until we have heard from God. God has typically spoken to me clearest during my darkest days — when He has my closest attention.

Fear is a great tool of the enemy. The devil can use circumstances also to lead us away from God. This is where the Scripture and other people you trust can help you discern.

Ask God to show you His perspective on the circumstances

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)

As followers of God we will spend our whole life trying to discern the will of God for our life; listening for His voice. If we desire to hear from God through our circumstances we must intently listen for the voice of God.

To distinguish God’s voice is not always easy. When life is coming at us we cannot seem to understand what is going on, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for clarification. We should feel free to ask, “God what did you mean by that?”

Many times I think I know what God is saying, but it’s in the seasons of questioning that I am more intentional to go back to Him for clarification. I’ve even taken days away to intentionally listen during the confusing times.

Remember: God’s primary desire in speaking is for eternal purposes

We limit God to this finite world when we fail to remember He is an infinite God. When we are trying to discern God’s voice through the circumstances of life we should consider how what is happening around us fits into God’s eternal plan to save a lost world from destruction and to mold His children into the image of His Son.

God’s primary activity will be in these areas of our life. I’ve always been able to see how God’s specific plan for me lined up with His desire to invite a world to know Him. If what I sense He is asking me to do would help people know Him or know Him better it is much easier to recognize and affirm the voice of God in my circumstances.

To distinguish God’s voice is critical for the children of God. We need to know God’s will.

Our mission is to learn how to hear His voice. We must listen intently and carefully for His voice through the crowd of noises in the world in which we live. Thankfully God has not given up on us, but is still speaking to His people today.

Are you in a season of trying to hear from God?

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  • Jonathan says:

    You have to quieten your mind to hear God. Fall back from society get away from all the distractions spend some time I'm nature. When you are completely alone for long periods of time that's when God shows up!! You want hear a great voice it's your inner voice it's subtle at first you just have to pay attention but then it gets louder and louder until it's everywhere you turn..synchronicity Will come more frequently it is overwhelming….the things you will notice will put you in awe..

  • Stephen says:

    Thank you Jesus🙏 for my life, i know that am not yet in full of discerning the vioce of my Lord Jesus Christ but one things I believe through the holy Spirit that strength me, is that what God has started in my life, he will accomplish it in my life in the end…. Thank you Jesus 🙏

    Thank you 🙏 more grace

  • pass box says:

    Thank you for sharing this article, but I believe in God's plan,passbox

  • Emmanuel Tweneboah says:

    Mine is in question form : Explain the factors of biblical safeguard of hearing from God. Thank you

  • walter zaharchuk says:

    you havent answered my request about translating from english to german ?

    • Michael Merx says:

      I’m so confused with doing the right thing for my wife who has mental issues like being totally sexually abused by her father.To protect her Mother etc. She dealt with i and was to scared to seek help.How much that has to do with her not living with me or wanting to ,I’m not sure.I ask God whom I love every day what I should do. I want a divorce ,I want her to get help”she doesn’t think she needs any!!! I want to be with her,love her . She wants things I can’t give her.I have seen as much good in her as I have seen evil.I don’t even know why I still love her so much,as much as I don’t ?*;;$? I have become somewhat close to her best friend who has helped me SO much.She thinks she will never change because she never believe s she’s wrong. And that I should get a divorce.However pie ,my wife’s friend is not against me trying to reason with her.I have been married close to 3 yrs.. And she still has an apartment that looks like someone picked it up and shook it and put it back down.She stays with me for short periods and leaves for who knows why .We are separated right now .After 2weeks I decided to text her and make some since with her,I tryed to convince her she needs professional help.She has not texted me back yet. I could probably go by and her and talk to her,but an expert at turning things around!;She is bi- polar and skizaphrena or something. All I know is I love her and want her to behave like a loving Christian wife.She thinks I steal from her, mistreat her and screams and hollars in my face over theost miniscule things.To sum it up myself and her girl friend are mentally abused by her crazy antic’s. Since she never has really lived with me ,I believe God would let me divorce her but I can’t cause I view her as helpless.Pie,her friend thinks I should because she needs to be in a position where she’s forced to get help and help herself. But then I’m afraid she might commit suicide.She has tried in the past before I knew her,plus she’s a past meth addict and alcoholic.But she has been clean of those things when she went to God for help.Ots like satan has control of her again.Total control.And he’s to powerfull for me to fight.I can only pray.

  • Rosa says:

    I believe God exists and I am trying to seek him but I do wonder if God let me go on a trip to my Grandparents out of nowhere for a reason. My Grandpa was in a really bad state and in the hospital and my mom wanted to fly to we’re they lived which was in another state. I asked if I could go because I never been to another state or flew on a airplane before. To be honest I would never think that we would visit our grandparents, it felt unreal because suddenly I was going to visit them. I felt bad for my grandparents and hoped that things would get better but there was times staying over there I complained for dumb things.

  • Rebecca says:

    Thank you for putting this out there. I agree with your opinion and I hope more people would come to agree with this as well.
    Please see my blog,
    Four Signs You are Being Called By God

    Hope this will help, Thank you!

  • Lawrence Keith Amos says:

    Keith God loves you like and wants the best for you. Seek him first he’ll guide to the right mate for you one that will love you unconditionally and be faithfully that let God the Father guide you with his wisdom. Because God is good and will do exceedingly in your life.

  • LL says:


    Do not lose faith- God is right there next to you. We do not always understand his timing and trials but keep your faith. Continue to him, ask him for help and listen for his guidance. God puts special people in our lives to help- follow them. I am also dealing with a loved one in addiction and have been praying for all those who suffer from this horrible disease. I will continue to keep you in my prayers! Don’t give up faith- he has something great planned for you!

    • KRISHNA S MCKEON says:

      In 1997 I had just graduated from college and started a new job. I was 30 years old. I was single with no children. I was living at home with both of my parents and 2 younger siblings. One Saturday, while I was on 3 months probation at work, I asked my mother if she wanted to go to the flea market. I didn’t have to be at work until 4 pm later that day. At the same time we were getting ready a friend of the family stopped by to check in on us. After a while our friend, JR, was about to leave to go visit his son in Brooklyn. I told him I will give him a ride to the train station. At that very point of offering JR a ride I heard a voice on my right side, OUTSIDE of my head that said “DON’T GO”. It was a whisper. I paused for a few seconds then I just ignored it. Once the 3 of us were in the car and we drove only 3 to 4 blocks a van hit my car at a stoplight. My mother was taken to the hospital with a fractured sternum and 2 broken ribs. Once my mother was checked into the hospital I told her I heard a voice that said not to get into the car and I should have listened to that voice. 24 years later that voice haunts me, because God or his angel was warning me not to leave. I am now soon to be 54 years old and I think a lot of that particular day. I cry a lot because my father loved me so much and have always been with me even though I doubted him! I love my father in heaven!

  • Christina says:

    Hello I think u should delete by Mike and any others saying that God is evil because it may lead someone down that road of thought. It may even be the unforgivable sin if done completely intentionally with free consent.. So please..

    (Ppl with involuntary thoughts urges or other ppl in their past lives that spoke in anger or sadness shouldn’t think they have committed it though. Plus I’m not a hundred percent sure what is the unforgivable sin )

    • Chrisdi Williams says:

      I to have a love one who have and drug addiction and I came to realize I have to give my son all to God bec no battle is not mine

    • Shelby says:

      God I need you in desperate times I know your always with me and you are her oh father help me hold on and help me help all your children who need you

  • Excellent post Ron, your blog is amazing and very helpful.

    • Darren says:

      Hi I’m trying to really connect with Jesus as I’m doing things I really don’t want to do and that poem about foot prints in the sand come to mind all the time. You see I’m a practicing catholic but I’m also a heroin addict and sometimes I think why LORD when I WANT TO stop so much and I pray all the time to give me strenth I just keep on doing the same old habit help me please.

      • Darren says:

        Hi I’m trying to really connect with Jesus as I’m doing things I really don’t want to do and that poem about foot prints in the sand come to mind all the time. You see I’m a practicing catholic but I’m also a heroin addict and sometimes I think why LORD when I WANT TO stop so much and I pray all the time to give me strenth I just keep on doing the same old habit help me please.

  • Olga says:

    This year i have been battling something, i have an overwhelming feeling of what i think God is going to do for me but every time i try i fail and wonder what if its all in my head or maybe the devil is trying to trick me by making me think its from God. I really need advice let me start from the beginning. well my whole life since i was 4 or 5 i had problem of stealing money i had that problem til recently and i’m 24 years. It was an almost uncontrollable thing if i want something and i don’t have the money i just take it. but through out the years i knew it was something that i know i wanted to stop but i would find myself thinking of stealing without realising it . I have been to alot of churches and i would repend for a while but then id always get back to it. This year has been a tough year for me i have been trying to get a job but with no real luck and im getting my degree in september but i don’t really have interest in working for anyone to be honest my mind and heart is soley focused on business .I have alot of business ideas but what keeps me stuck is the money. I have tried some but mostly fail. I starting seeking God out because i realy realy wanted my own things and my own money so started my jouney. At first i had a different mentality were i would leav stealing and be like when i need somthing and he dsnt come thru what else can i do but steal because he said he will provide for me but he ddnt. So i would leave stealing pray for somthing i needed or wanted since i dont really have anyone who cares for me or gives me anything im kinda on my own, if i dnt get it i would get angry with God and just steal. i would feel guilty and ask for forgivenes but then still do it again. Recently something happened im not sure what but i don’t have the urge to steal anymore even if i need anything , normally it would be a battle but now its sooo easy i just dont want to do it. I don’t remember a time in my life where i ddnt want to steal honestly so this gives me hope that God is truly working in my life. But im conflicted because this thing that i feel God wants to do for me i have been trying since february and til today its just not working out. I get in my head about what if this feeling is not from God and the devil wants me to focus on it while life passes me by and could be trying something else that could generate money. How does one truly know when God is talking to you? There were too many times that i thot well this is it its going to happen its going to work out this week but it dsn’t and my heart gets broken because im trully trying to be a good christian and i just dont understand. Things in my life right now are not great but i’m trying to hold on to my faith. i dont really know if i should carry on or maybe its just not what God wants for…in the beginning i got close to him because i wanted the blessing and hes favor but now i feel like i NEED him in my life .

  • God does not just know you. He loves you. The love of God is unchanging and unconditional. He loves you during those times when you are at your best. He also loves you during the difficult times when you are at your worst. In life, you may fall a thousand times, but the love of God for you will never falter.

    Whenever you feel as if your life does not go anywhere anymore, it is important that you keep on reminding yourself about the enduring love of God. This is the love that will save you from everything that is causing you so much confusion, trouble, and distress. As God Himself assures you, “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed” (Isaiah 54:10).

    If you want to know what God wants to when life dosen`t make sense, visit my blog here: and hope everyone is enligtened.


  • As people become older, they tend to form more and more questions in their minds – “What do I want to do with my life?”, “What are my long-term goals?”, and “Where is my life heading to?” These questions usually come to mind whenever a person is dealing with a life crisis. They can cause a great amount of anxiety, fear, and stress, especially when one is completely clueless about what the future holds for him or her.

    • Jessica says:

      Last March, when I was suffering from emotional pain in school and the hardships my family had faced, I decided to know God deeper. And lately until I actually experienced God in my life. I faced various struggles as I progress to know the Truth. I started having what I think is the discernment of the Spirit. I just graduated in High school and I’ve been thinking a lot with what God is calling me to do with my life. I already applied to a course and just waiting for the admission until lately in the 2nd week of June when I was thinking about it and suddenly there came unwanted thoughts like voices that kept appearing and like arguing with me. I was so distressed for few days that I couldn’t help but cry to God thinking of this particular course or career (which I never really planned and interest to take) that I kept on resisting. It came to the point that I felt I was already sinning and that I might totally turn away to God If I still choose the course I planned to take. I literally cried for two nights as I prayed to God and begging him to please reset my mind if it’s not from him.

      I researched many Blogs about signs of God’s calling and majority of them saying that God’s calling might be something you want to resist or afraid of.

      I decided to gave up and surrendered to Him. I enrolled online with this totally different course/job I am afraid to take.

      But I still doubt sometimes what if it’s just my own thought or OCD.

  • Rudy says:

    Something happened to me In December 2018 and since then I hear and see God everyday in ways noone else does. Im being torn apart from what he is asking me of me. I dont know where to turn, he says he is there for me no matter what but he really wants to me take a diffferent path and I have a partner and family. Something about me I was baptised catholic but never stepped foot in a church my whole life and I told him I still wont and he is ok with that as he says its not in the church you believe but in him, I wasnt 100% sure there was a god all my life but I knew in my heart there was something bigger than us. Im being so torn apart on what I should do. I really hate this choice he is putting on me. I told him I cant make that choice as I want to keep everyone in my life and that includes him

    • Amy Stowe says:

      Dear Rudy,
      My heart goes out to you and the decision you know you need to make eventually for your eternal destiny! This is ultimately a life or death issue and God wants you to LIVE! It is definitely God calling you, since it is so characteristic of Him to woo you to Him in His gentle, loving, and patient time frame. It’s not out of hate but it comes from the self-sacrificial extreme devotion that He has for you and all the ones He draws into His heavenly fold. This is a place that surpasses in value and worth more than where you are currently, no matter how comfortable you are right now. He doesn’t lead you out of somewhere if He doesn’t have a better situation to replace it with in time. You may even have to struggle a bit, but just like any marathon for your life, the training builds strong spiritual muscles that can make you feel invincible for God that can help take away the sting from your loss. Kingdom pleasures far surpass the earthly you will see, and then you will not suffer the dire consequences for all eternity, so you won’t regret it.
      There are many who have been where you are and have come out, to give you support, so reach out to those organizations for their wisdom and help. Their joy after successfully crossing over that bridge via the cross of Jesus is their message they so sincerely desire to share with you, as one kindred brother or father to another! I pray you find solace in your new life and family in the peace and true love of Christ!

  • happiness says:

    since my mom died,my grandma daughter started taking care of me and she later because she gave me money to keep for,i used it,now she stopped taking care of me and grandpa,the people I helped inside of the money are now crtizing , doing things in corny but they still serve God,but you that have pure heart towards that person is now saying all manner of things,i told God everything but have seen any signs or hear God’s voice..

    • Amy says:

      Dear “happiness,”
      Don’t stop searching for a real home of Christian believers in a welcoming church that will give you the love and support you need! Find one that has a small group of women that can mentor you unconditionally where you can feel at home, where you sense a sisterly and motherly concern. God may use you to be a blessing for someone else, too! You sound like you probably have compassion for others who have gone through something similar. Reach out to others and be blessed! I pray you will find the love and care you need through the mighty arms of Jesus Christ!

  • Mike says:

    God is very evil since he never gave me a wife and family that he gave to so many others. God did say man shouldn’t be alone right? What about a good man like me? Just too many feminists man hating women everywhere nowadays unfortunately that God created. If only God had made women like the good old days when most women at that time were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today altogether, then my chances of finding a good one would have been excellent since women back then were very different. And i know friends that are single too, and feel the very same way. God what in the world did you do to these very pathetic women today?

    • Stephanie White says:

      Mike my heart really goes out to you. I wasn’t even going to read these comments but I’m glad I did. I’ve been going through a tough season. I was married and I had gotten divorced via my choice in 2015. My ex husband was a nice man but I never wanted to truly marry him. I am a good woman who made some bad decisions. However, I don’t want you to lose faith due to you not having the desires of your heart. After all scripture also states the heart is deceitful Jeremiah 17:9. I came to this forum because I had been in a Bad mental/emotional state today. But maybe that’s not the reason God intended. God loves you my friend and you have no idea what he has in store for you.

    • J says:

      maybe God is withholding that desire from you to show you how to respect women as he does… we are told to seek the giver, not the gift, and perhaps he knows that you will not truly appreciate the blessing of a family until you put him first whether single or married. a wife is a precious gift, another human being who has willingly chosen to spend her life with you. that is not a simple thing like a new car or house. if that is really your desire, is for the fullness of God’s love expressed in that relationship (and not simply companionship or someone pretty to look at) then he is surely preparing you for it in this season of waiting. it may feel like he is against you, but he actually may have more for you in the long run than you imagine right now. but to get there, you have to want it his way. the world treats romantic partners as disposable commodities, not as precious individual souls who desire marriage as a way to further glorify God. God treats us in such a way and so should you treat your future wife. perhaps extend your prayers beyond simply ‘a woman’ and pray that God would bring you the right person, and along the way make you worthy of her.

    • Christine says:

      I am a woman. God made me. Sorry to say…I am not pathetic. Calling anyone any sort of name simply because you feel you are in the position to do so does only one thing….show how you really feel. So you feel all women today are pathetic. Why then, would you ask God to give you a “pathetic” woman, knowing this would not make you happy? You know, in your heart of hearts, that the unlikeable qualities a person has nothing to do with their gender.

      • Stephanie Lynn Kidd Birnbaum says:

        pardon my typos. my brain is just fast and my fingers can’t keep up with all I wanted to share.

    • Joseph Brown says:

      HiRon, I’m very much confused, frustrated by struggling to discern God’s voice,l hope U can help me, quite complicated for me as a believer, here’s the story.i’m a married guy of 3 children.good income as a qualified artisan but was completely astray, worldly desires,but a good heart person,and soft l was blessed , the lastborn of 12 children,my father uneducated,but Avery stable wife,in fact sprayer warrior/prophet like women with a calling,but because of bad company,l end up in being unfaithful,alcohol & drugs.(here’s the worst part,or maybe complicated.had the first car in the family, with money,young and gpromising future, throughout all this wrongs God saved me numerous times from death,car accidents, brutal attacks,highjacked,at wrong places, with alcohol& all ungodly things,but because of the handsomeness trying to please all.just after I was so Vitaly attacked,l had a stroke,which left me partially paralyzed on left part, but after l was discharged from hospital,l had this strange encounter,or l don’t Know how to call it,while l was sleeping next to my wife, heavily depressed,and worried,what now.l hurt a clear voice inside me,but first thought it’s my wife,but as wake up,she fast asleep,but also wake up because of me jumping up without knowing what happened that moment, the scripture Mathews 6:33 in my spirit,but the exact words.Luckily in hospital I started reading the Bible,so I knew where the scripture was, after that l reallized l had to change my life.So Sir immagine yourself, someone from the world had to change his life like that,2- 3 months after that incident l got baptized,so, struggling to pray,but l also. know about the life of Paulus,after l studied the bible,but my problem now is,that I’ve memories so many scriptures,that l sometimes get confused about my voice,and the holy spirit’s next time.

      • Bishop Wesley Langat says:

        Thanks Rod
        You’ve always given me hope in Church plant Mission in Kenya

    • Joseph Brown says:

      Hi, Michael I understand we must work throu Jesus,but I’ve invited him so many times,but nothing yet,l might speak under correction now, i’ve read something of Bill ,not sure about surname, where atheists felt same time his presence,he spoke about a man and wife who flown quite a distance from another country to meet them after their son was introduced to Christ,and told his parents,and they was seeking tomeet him too, but some of us must battle before He Jesus manifest himself to us, it’s difficult to understand, but if U read acts 10:34,God doesn’t shows partiality & rom.12; 3 all of us were given certain amount of faith according his will,or depending for how long u’re afollower.explain,I know faith comes by hearing, according Romans 10; 17 ,and hearing by the word of God,I almost read & meditate for 2yrs the Bible,what am l doing wrong.cause Psalm 103,God doesn’t handle us according our sins& inequities .l getting desperate,and frustrated for that connection,but he told me about,or said the words of Mathews 6;33 in my spirit,which I told U in my previous email.l’m stuck now.

    • Jen D says:

      Hi Mike!

      Please know that I speak only out of love and concern. I have a feeling that a woman/women have hurt you deeply and you speak from that hurt. I’m deeply sorry Brother. I pray that you seek and receive healing for whatever has happened in your past. I also pray that you surround yourself with men that speak life and not death. Men that see women, today’s Godly woman as The Lord sees them. The Lord is not withholding from you because He is evil. He is delaying because He wants to transform you and prepare you for what He wills and has planned in your life. To be truly ready as a Godly, whole man for whatever and whomever He brings into your life. He loves you so much Mike and only desires to give you life in abundance, not the death and lies that Satan has you entangled in. Let go and let God and trust Him above all else. He has a hope and a future for you Friend.

    • Stephanie Lynn Kidd Birnbaum says:

      I had all that. or so I thought. and it was all taken from me and I was left for dead more than once by those very things and people I lived everyday for. I dont get it either. the pain of losing all that places the story of Joseph I. front of me ever week since october 2019. it’s pain lile nothing I’ve ever experienced. I feel for you but my faith in god os the only reason I am here today to send you this reply. please dont let the evil take your faith. it’s a gift that you’re angry and not understanding. I struggle every day still. I started using this prayer yesterday. found it by chance and today I’m not in a good place and just keep saying it out loud to myself. it helped me a lot just today. I hope it reaches you. your post helped me. know you helped this one person. you’re more important than you realize.

      An Examen for Times of Anxiety and Depression

      I pause (breathe in and out) and thank you for this day. For the challenges, the emotions, the struggle. For in all this, I grow closer to you.

      I pause (breathe in and out) and ask that in the darkness, I see your light and in my fear, I feel your strength.

      I pause (breathe in and out) and remember that today, As in days before, I have survived. When I ve wanted to run, I ve stayed. When I wanted to hide, I ve faced the day.

      I pause (breathe in and out) and ask for forgiveness for The days I falter and the disease takes over. I ask for compassion and love when I m unable to give those to myself.

      I pause (breathe in and out) and resolve to love myself more tomorrow. And always feel your spirit surround me in safety.

      I pause (breathe in and out) and rest

    • Johnson says:

      I’ve had this feeling of some sort and I don’t know what it is. It feels like god is trying to tell me something, when I was driving yesterday blaring music with my friends my mind went blank. Everything my friends were saying wasn’t processing. But I immediately started talking to god it seemed, in my mind of course. This went on for a whole hour. When I dropped my girlfriend off at her house I said god what are you trying to say to me and then it happened my mind blurred everything out but him. What. Does. This. Mean.

    • Steven says:

      Sorry but life doesn’t just happen. The story of Job, Joseph, and Esther points to a sovereign God that controls everything. He controls the minute by minute workings of our entire Lives. King Xerxes had recently agreed to Hammans plan to kill the Jews. One night it just so happened that after this decree the King couldn’t sleep, they bring a book to read to him to help him fall asleep. They just so happen to get to the part of Mordecai saving the King’s life. He asked what had been done for him. And it just so happened that at the exact moment Haman comes into the court yard. And you know the rest of the story.

      There are no coincidences, chance, or random events in our lives.

      • Amy says:

        Dear Johnson,
        That definitely sounds like the real, true, and living God got your attention in His calm, still voice! The Bible says to be still and hear His voice when He calls. He probably has summoned you to something better and a life so much greater than where you’re at now for some reason. You need to seek it out. Don’t waste too much time before doing so for your life may be in the balance right now. Pick a truly Bible-believing website that can explain Jesus’ message that He has for the whole world. The book of John is a good starting point. It is one of mercy, significance, assuredness, peace, love, and joy! He chooses the people He wants to show His plans to. Draw close to Him and He will direct your ways to prosper, lead and promote you to His higher calling! It is well worth it and extremely essential for your eternal destiny. Don’t miss the boat! Be where He is and get onboard to where He wants to take you. You will never regret this journey to your real life! God bless you!

  • Kayiwa Moses says:

    Thanks for encouraging articles they help me attain spiritual growth.

    • Nikki Thomas says:

      Loved reading this. I’m afraid I missed out on a call from the Holy Spirit because of fear can grip my mind. The article helped.

      • Aaron says:

        Missed a call when you don’t even know if it was a calll or not it’s never clear or obvious at all so you just except them to know what’s yanking there eyes around or the vibe someone is there, you don’t know you can’t just feel it and in our mind we’re like there’s. I way anyone or anything is there so we ignore and keep doing what we was at the time

        • Amy says:

          The Word of God says, “If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you search for Me with your whole heart.” That means that God will honor your true and heartfelt intentions to really want to find Him. He may start to demonstrate this in many ways that only you will recognize as coming from Someone who only has that privy kind of information from the depths of your mind. Let Him be the Lord of your life instead of the other way around, then wait and see! His is the real and only worthwhile means to a satisfying existence. You can trust the One who died for you and then rose to the whole family of believers to prove there really is a heaven. Jesus announced this was so and everyone who has gotten to know this Savior, who’s still alive and well, can proclaim His profound joy, peace of mind, and complete forgiveness of their soul when they finally put their whole trust in Him! I wouldn’t take this calling lightly. It is a life or death issue that you won’t regret! God bless you.

  • Ari says:

    My Dearest Brother Ron,

    When I read this part you wrote below, I knew it was – with absolute certainty and so much so, that I’d bet my own body/temple on it, that it was Him speaking directly to me through you. He wanted to make sure I would read it until the very end. He got my attention alright. Praise God. But when you wrote,
    “Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” (John 10:27)
    That’s especially true in the circumstances of our life. When life is happening — we want to know: Is this God? Is this what He is telling me to do? Is God trying to get my attention?
    And, I believe, sometimes life if just happening. It’s not at all that God isn’t interested or in control. He counts hairs on our head and stores our tears in a bottle — He cares. But, sometimes life is life. Things happen. Doors open. Doors close. Jobs are lost. Health changes.”

    Being a spiritual being in Christ, He repaid me with the two affirmations I always tell people. They are 2 things I affirm to others who are seeking advise from me, or just a listening ear- when they’re going through one of life’s giant storms. Those two things I always tell people are, #1) God cares so much about you and us, so much so, that he knows the exact number of hairs we have on your heads. Every single time a single hair is lost, He makes it a point to keep track of that constant ever-changing number of hairs He has specifically placed on our heads. He keeps track because He cares. And He loves us. Because He is love. Thank you.

    The second thing I always tell those people is:
    #2) Every single tear you have ever shed- and will shed, God (The Holy Spirit) takes and collects them all, storing our soul’s cries into a bottle, which He specifically places on a shelf for us in Heaven. And He remembers them. Every tear. And He remembers every single reason behind every tear we have ever – and will ever shed. Every tear!

    Not one person has ever told me these things in return. Until now. Except you. Crazy. It was the ultimate attention grabber for me, and so I listened intently, trough His use of you and your writing.

    Recently I was laid off from my job, in the company’s new merger, who then decided that eliminating my position altogether, at almost 300 clinics country-wide, was the best business decision. So I am still actively searching for another job for myself and my 2 children – boys 😊. And I struggle daily with physical and mental health issues.

    As I am in this storm, He has now reminded me two times, that He is with me still. But that these seemingly quiet moments of God being silent in my life, He is still with me (us) and that He needs to be silent because He’s behind the scenes working for our benefit, and testing our faith to take our spirits to the next-higher, spiritual level. Thank you.

    God bless you now, and for all eternities to come.

    Thank you, my brother Ron.

    Always is the highest glory an honor to be given to our God The Father, God The Son – Christ Jesus – The Messiah, and God The Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen!

    Love you always,
    *Your sister in Christ*
    – Arianna

    • Ari says:

      I had some typos in there!!!! So sorry!!

    • Pam V Rosales says:

      I am going through a financial storm. On the verge of homelessness this Friday if I don’t come up with the rent money not because I don’t work but contractors not paying my invoices for a month now. However I have realized that I have come closer to God reading scriptures singing him hyms. Ron you mentioned Jeremiah 29:11 and that’s God”s promise I am hanging on to. I read it yesterday and today you make reference to it Praise God.

      I am a Christian I believe Jesus Christ died on that cross for me and you. Eventho I talk to God during the day and always pray at night I have stopped going to church and with not going to church I haven’t been thitthing. Which my heart hears God’s voice as the root of my financial problems. Am I being punished of course not it just goes to show that if we don’t trust and follow what he says we create our own bad circumstances.

      In Christ,


  • John says:

    God’s voice? Really? I beg, scream, plead with God and all I get is more disappointment, suffering, frustration and anger. I feel your love God… So when you truly love someone, you should turn your back on them, allow them to suffer no matter how much they beg you for love. You should not show them any love but tell them to have faith and trust in me… Is it me or does that just sound absolutely ludicrous?

    • Juliet says:

      Great Sermon for me. This is exactly what I needed. Am in the midst of spiritual dryness and God seems silent. But your message has encouraged me. God bless you

    • Olympia says:

      John, be patient. Our Lord Jesus he is never in a hurry. Trust in His perfect timing . Don’t give up! Early mornings are the time to find the Lord. Read daily scripture,like Our Daily Bread…..or Jesus Calling. Don’t forget to ask for help to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We have two mothers,one on earth and one in heaven. May your prayers get answered,in Jesus and Mary.

    • Kellie Kelly says:

      I’m so sorry that you feel that our God has turned his back on you. He has never left you nor forsaken you. He tells you to cast your worries onto Him for reasons you may not fully understand nor appreciate. Yes the Lord, our God, wants us to suffer not but He wishes you to give Him your worries because they’re not yours to carry. These are not our battles but His. For one to burden themselves with anger, shame, feelings of wrongdoing brought about by those who may deceive or trespass against us is to unnecessarily carry the battles that are to be fought by God, not us. Those are sins against God and brought forth by the wrongdoer and it so shall remain their battle, not ours. God doesn’t want us to hold onto what happens TO US because no matter their intentions/outcome, we’re only supposed to experience them, not own them. All to often people are hurting themselves by holding onto something that is not ours to own or keep. They’re no problems that are too great for our Lord, thy God, to carry. If you find yourself begging the Lord our God for help and you find yourself still fighting these battles one must step back and look at the situation honestly and ask, was this brought on by my will or His? Any time you use free will in your life one must understand that God may not intervene where free will was used so you must figure out if the outcome of your decision to use your free will has brought about the struggles that you feel He’s left you to manage on your own. Understand you may feel alone, but I promise you are not. You must fight the battles you bring on through free will while clothed in the Armour of God; the shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, Buckler of Truth, the Gospel Sandals of Peace and the Sword of the Spirit. Peace be unto you all the days of your life and may you learn to feel the Love of our God that He give so freely.

      • Kee says:

        Thank you for this… I hope it reached the gentleman you meant it for directly but I feel the good Lord meant it for me. 🙂

    • Lmbryrdfire Tapp. says:

      That sounds terrible and I haven’t heard anyone yell or scream about anything so idk what you mean by that Maybe I can’t hear good idk, turn back on them just a little while make sure they keep wanting and make sure it wasn’t just a spark. If it’s a real fire there usually hard to put out and I’m feeling a hot fire that’s very hard to put out and did I mention it’s hard to put out it’s next to a strawberry field across from rose garden and it won’t go out just a roaring fire like it’s on a kerosene plant or something and won’t go out it’s like level nine fire at the kerosene factory lol it’s been burning since a crab feast at my friends farm and I can’t get it to go out do y’all have any fire trucks I didn’t even know one could burn that long must be a endless amount of fuel at that factory because it’s been a few years or so and I just don’t know how to deal with the flame it’s so hot my body gets really warm when I get near it and the headlights on the last fire truck was too bright for my eyes so I waited till for it to run out of water but now then I couldn’t find the fire truck when I came back but I don’t think that fires going out unless they burry that factory or something must be gimme fuel gimmme fire gime what I desire cowboy. I can’t control what my heart desires and that’s wired To my body parts ha. Someone said my fire stinks but whenever I went out planning on seeing a fire truck I was always clean n ready maybe had camo seat covers in my truck heard that was a turn off but idc i like camo. Maybe fire truck was at other side of fire and I didn’t see it thru all the smoke. I guess theirs that one fire that only gets bigger or maybe it just looks big from the road because I haven’t seen it in person in a long time. If I smell the smoke or see it again I’ll find out if it’s still burning I always lose it somehow it’s a wandering firetruck. Hopefully not a elusion trap or something. Sooo yea have faith and trust definitely always cuz that fire has been going for years off of just faith and trust. I wanna see that fire again soon

      • Lmbryrdfire says:

        I meant it’s not going out unless I get super old and buried lol not burry the factory

  • Anthony E. says:

    That is very imformative article.God speaks to us everyday but most of us are dead in spirit so the devil sweeps us away anytime we hear God’s voice. I believe it is time to be vigilant. Satan is a liar and always whisper lies into our ears. Knowing the difference in these voices will also help us to listen to God.

    • John says:

      I get so tired of the satan excuses. Where is God when we are raped, beaten, abused? Why would God continue to let that happen to us? Why do we pray, beg, plead and God does nothing? So we just aren’t hearing God’s voice? WOW….. God just doesn’t care about alot of us know matter what we do. That’s a fact.

      • Amaud says:

        Watch your mouth John… Read your bible from Genesis… He created you…. Come on man you sound like Thomas… Have Faith…. Whatever happen in your life happen for a reason…Look at Job he was a righteous man after God own heart.. God allowed the devil to do things to see how much you love him…I tell everybody when you accept God.. You belong to Him…. It don’t matter if you do stray away… 23 Psalms say His rod and staff comfort you… Put you back in line…

      • White says:

        God sees all that stuff and judges us in the end, he always forgives and forget but puts the spirits where they belong before it’s all said and done? If anyone is ever in need of SOA assistances email [email protected]

      • Amy says:

        Dear John,
        God will not let all the bad done to someone else go unpunished, but often He is patient to wait until the very end of time to do so. Why? Because as much as you may not want it to, God waits for even the worst of sinners like that the time to turn away from doing bad and seek repentance. That goes for us, too, which is what we need and want the same! Sometimes God can turn a tragic event into a breakthrough for us so we can now receive not only His comfort but eternal salvation from the pit of hell as well. John, I see that you have the God-given virtue of a sense of justice, as well as knowing right from wrong. This is evidence of God’s existence in the world. We must do our wimpy best at trusting what He is doing, and will continue to do from now until the end of the world. Then there will be a restored earth free of sin, and heaven will come down to join us! We don’t have to wait til then to get to know deeply His divine and truly compassionate self. Blessed, mighty, and all-loving is the Lord! We don’t always know why He shields some from certain earthly pains but many have come to know Him as a healer and restorer of our broken lives and have lived to proclaim it wholeheartedly! Find His peace, seek forgiveness and to forgive others, and you won’t regret it.

    • Patricia C says:

      No…..that can’t be true. God does absolutely care about us. When there is so much good to behold in our lives; perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. I, personally, have lost dear loved ones; my loving daughter, my Mom, my Sister, and my Brother. Yet, I refuse to lose Faith, as that’s all that’s left with the absence of them. I hold dearly the Family I have, and hope, pray, that when the day comes for me, my Faith will not be lost.

  • Doroh Mike says:

    I came in contact with your message today. And I longed to hear more so that I can find the will of God for me in all areas of life. Your teaching gives me inspirations and more insight about God.

  • Tonya Boyd says:

    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Tonya Boyd… I am so confused about this dream I had regarding something I have been praying for; for nine years. I had a dream and in the dream a voice stated several statements. One in particular “Tonya don’t worry about it, it’s not your time”.. Ironically the events that occurred in my dream actually are currently happening. I am so confused… please help me…

  • Eman says:

    This is hopefull article BUT the problem still remains – even if there still are some people who actually seek God the lack of direct communication that can not be misuderstood and faked still exist. Long story short – if person does not have CLEAR instructions from REAL source thry can not be blamed for not achieving success doing that because that is not how partnership work IRL. There has to be contact. Just like when 2 people meet they need to be able to understand each other to get valid communication.

  • Eman says:

    Hi. You also forget something. Devil is educated on how God does his business SO he can FAKE the signs to appear as if they are from God or as coincidences. There is saying “Devil is in the details”. This is why there has to be irrefutable|undebunkable direct connection communication otherwise it can go BOTH ways and humans being limited can be easily tricked, manipulated, deceived. Especially now in Hollywood era. We simply can’t know who to trust anymorr so the only way for us to live is use fail-safe option – trust none, not even yourself!

  • London Hill says:

    I am lost.

  • TAB says:

    I have wanted to be a nurse since I was the whole age of 6 years old, the thought of helping save someones life has always been my dream! I am now 33 years old married with 2 kids an about 2 years ago I told my husband I wanted to go to nursing school I have always felt this was God’s calling for my life. I was enrolled in a 5 semester RN program, working part-time, taking care of my family and studying my tail off when I got to the 4th semester I could not pass a mandatory drug calculations test you only get 3 chances to make 100% or you have to withdraw from the program after my 3rd attempt I was unsuccessful so my nursing instructor said take to semester off an practice practice practice your math problems so thats what I did, I did 20-30 questions a day for almost 3 months. The next semester came around an I was back ready to make my 100 an finish nursing school an start for forever journey when I was again unsuccessful on the 3rd test so I was made to drop the program completely without another chance at that college. I was devastated well I still am because the longing to be a nurse still hasn’t gone away. That was 5 months ago an I am still praying and asking God every single day for him to reveal to me his plan an guess what I have heard NOTHING! I am in a season of needing to hear from God. I have never had God go silent on me before until now, I dont know what this means. I love God, I am a christian, go to church every week ,I pray, I serve to Lord, so why wouldn’t he speak to me?? I am lonely without my relationship with him , I am trying so very hard to stay in my faith but at times its very hard. I truly with all my heart just want to do Gods will in my life so if being a nurse isnt it I need clarification from him as to what is it I am supposed to be doing? Please join me for praying for me!

    • LAC says:

      Oh, honey. I know I’m so late in comementing on this but I’m going thru a very similar situation right now with a class i need to take before applying to medical school. I pray God has since revealed Himself to you. I’m praying for you as a sister in Christ and hope you’ll do the same for me .

    • Aleisha says:

      Not sure how long ago you posted this, but I am a nurse and would be happy to help you with the nursing math.

  • Rax says:

    Our worship pastors recently announced they are moving to a different state to start a church, they extended an invitation to all church members that felt God was calling them to go start a church with them.
    My husband and I felt we needed to pray about this and we have for the past month. However, we haven’t heard from God that we should relocate and help build this church. I keep thinking about what Isaiah 6:8 says. We are willing to go wherever he sends us but so far we haven’t heard anything and although we want to go and serve we want to make sure this is God’s will for our lives as we would have to find our own place to live and also get jobs.
    It’s been a bit confusing because we want to go and do His work and be a part of this but we don’t want to do it out of excitement or emotions.
    Reading this has helped me tremendously and I thank you for sharing it with us and for allowing God to work in your life and give wisdom to others.


  • Kathy Marie says:

    Sincerely, thank-you for this write-up/article. God gave me a vision – lying me down onto a pillow when I had just sat up from my nights sleep. He audibly spoke to me in a deep powerful voice once I sat back up…saying “I CAN DO ANYTHING” – I am asking Him for added patience for what He has led me to & learning all the different spiritual principles with this is so powerful & I am now writing a book. Something I was told in college 30 yrs ago. Your writing reminded that the visions & my pastors confirmation of what God is doing is all apart of the plan…as He said He could do anything! “PTL!” God Bless Your Work.

  • La Tanya Carr- Oyesile says:

    Hello, I had a period in my life when I was going through a spiritual dryness and I would seek some kind of guidance from fellow church members, I knew something was wrong because that fire I had when I received Christ is my life seems like it just went dim… which lead me back to doing sinful things, I knew that I was doing evil but yet and still I would ask for forgiveness, I also could remember the Lord would give me dreams and visions, but everything just quieted down for awhile, So now i’m at the point in my life where I surrendered back to God i’m reading my bible again praying constantly without ceasing and I feel the fire coming back….. I just want to stay in constant communication with God…

  • NEREYA says:

    What a blessing to be refreshed about God’s promises. We have been learning about the Holy Spirit at Church and this really truly confirms that He is God. I pray that in the midst of all my daily tasks, I will use the teachings shared to hear and follow God’s voice.

    God bless you for your ministry.

  • I agree that God can use others to provide confirmation from Him. Sometimes we just need to ask for wise Godly counsel so that what we believe we are hearing from God IS Him really speaking to us.

  • Roy says:

    I am so blessed to hear how I need to listen to God I know now for shore thanks pray for me I’m having ever kind of problem you can think.of but I will be hold on to God my name is no Roy Blanton I’ll be praying for you and


  • Akan says:

    I thank God for your words of encouragement, I ve really been through period of silence where every think seems against me, its such an unbearable period. That’s why I peep thro internet and I came by your piece; He must intervene either by increased grace or outright miracle to heal us.Thanks a lot please do pray for us too.

  • Simi says:

    God always answers me,right from childhood. no matter what I ask,I get it somehow. my dad fell really I’ll,and slept. I fell ill first around 2nd/3rd of this month too,2 days after I left the hospital, he fell I’ll too. I left 2 drips untouched,plus the one I was receiving, half. only to return home and find out he also left two untouched. we had similar diagnosis, but I told the nurses and doctor that I’ve had enough of the sickness and I was ready to go home. I returned from school the next week worried, coz I couldn’t reach him on phone, only to hear he slept. I was shattered,I cried,but the next day,something gave me courage,I started praying. last Sunday service,I was touched to read some passages which I did,lots of things came to me,and I wrote down,I did all I was asked. a soul.,watch and pray. 3.pray and make peace with family members and aunties. I did all,yet haven’t seen result. I’m still waiting and hoping its all a dream

  • watson wangai says:

    Hello…my name is watson from kenya.used to be born again but i backslided.have been fearing the worst for three years,the devil has been tormenting me with fears of Being sick hiv.i honestly have faith in God n i believe he can do the impossible ,i feel like he been trying to talk to me that he can heal me i have like this crazy faith he is still doing miracles to this day n even dreamt that he want to heal many through me and just few days ago i had a dream that i went for vct test and i was negative but fear n doubt still shrouds ma can i truly know its Him cause i still keep hearing some negative voices “like what if i go and actually find am positive”. ” no watson you are positive”, “why would God heal me” .i truly need God intervention in my life cause i feel like am losing going to confess i have not been walking right with God for i strugle with sex.may God help me.
    God bless you all

  • Reem Girgis says:

    Prayer request for salvation

    hi Father.

    please pray a lot for these three persons Leo Sue and Ziv.

    Focus on Ziv in Particular as he is Jewish and Became atheist.

    these three are atheists. may the Lord touch their hearts and reveal himself to them so they come to him.

    please leave their names on the altar.

    with thanks and appreciation

    R. G. Sydney

  • someone says:

    I don't know if God is talking to me… I think He is but maybe it's just my own thoughts popping up in my head telling me what I want to hear. how do I know if God is speaking to me? my relationship with Him has really improved in the last few months. what i think God says to me, isn't against His word, I mean. it's good things. but how do I know it's God and not just my own thoughts?

  • John says:

    Apart from someone's sins, are there other reasons God would decide not to speak to His child/ren for a whlie?

  • Johne3 says:

    Thanks for the sensible critique. Me &amp my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. cbdefkbcdega

  • Clift avant says:


  • Adrienne United says:

    I’m not God but listen to your heart. He’s there and if you try hard enough you’ll hear His Voice of reason and comfort. Maybe staying in Egypt wasn’t the best thing because honoring our wives with love and support (not just financially) is Scripture. The Lord expects husbands and wives to be mutually loved, honored and respected. Maybe you should’ve sent her flowers or why don’t you just tell her how you feel. Listening and communicating with God would’ve certainly helped you speak to her. Love God, yourself and fellow man my friend.

  • Nipuni says:

    When at a crossroad in life how do you decide which is the path God wants you to take? Especially when situations are not a clear textbook case where you can simply refer to the Bible and know for yourself that this is or is not from God.

  • Catherine Gordon says:

    Thank u for encouraging me amidst my trials . I am in the worst valley of my life.

  • Sandra says:

    This has been very helpful to me. God bless this Ministry! My older son has turned away from God. I continue to prayer for his return. But I still go through some times when I want to know if God is hearing me. I had suffered abuse in my childhood as well as early adulthood. But I always believe that the hand of God has kept me from destruction. But now for my children to go through hardships?

  • Michelle says:

    Hello, I have been seeking Godly wisdom for sometime and have gathered a lot of insight from reading posts and responses here. My relationship with God with strengthened after my Father passed away in 2009, I was drawn into a deeper faith and understanding of God as our heavenly Father and my life began to change. I prayed and trusted God with everything, From the closing of a business to ending an abusive controlling relationship( I believe I heard God say if you leave I will take care of you and he did.) I encountered may challenges however I still trusted. Going back to my business.. I had a very close and loving relationship with all of my clients and I shared my faith with them was probably one of the best times of my life I truly felt like I was serving the Lord.

    Moving to my current situation, after moving out of state to take time to heal I began praying and earnestly seeking God's guidance for a Christian husband, someone from my past entered my life again I'd had feelings for him in the past and those feelings quickly resurfaced and I thought this was God answering my prayers. He is also a Christian and seems to be a caring man. I continued to pray about things however I know that I'd already made up in my mind and heart that he was the man God had sent me. We live in different cities and after sometime of communicating with him I began to put my feelings for him before my love for God.. looking back I can admit that. Moving forward things didn't work out for us ( he wanted intimacy too soon I felt and things took a wrong turn and I wasn't able to save the relationship) and I tried…even relocating because I was so sure he was my husband. Through all of this I believe God gave me a message to Surrender… I honestly didn't know what that meant and I started researching what it means to Surrender to God. I am so accustom to controlling my life…in surrendering now I am just confused some days on what God's plan is for my life verses my dreams. I continue to pray daily however some days I am sad and feel lost…the close relationship I once had with God feels distant . He did show me why I'd never fully surrendered my life to him, he showed me my past and my childhood and how I'd pretty much raised myself and that's why I trusted myself over him. I am working on surrendering while still trying to believe God is a God of the impossible. Working to strengthen my faith again…
    Thanks for taking time to read.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Praying for you! 

    • Jimmy says:

      Touching story, much appreciated and congrats and thanks on the honesty! Great job! God is working in your life- think about and be thankful for that and how amazing that is- I know how easy it is to get distracted by things – but how great is it when we remember and enjoy the fact that we have everything we need-Christ!

  • Yura Wright says:

    I have learned so much this morning. I needed to read The 7 Thoughts on Hearing God and all the other topics I read today. This was sent to my email and I am so grateful that I took the time to read it in its entirety. What a blessing I received. Than you for sharing this was has truly been inspirational. To God be the Glory!!!!

  • Marie says:

    Hi, I wanted to reply to you and tell you, that I went through a bad child hood, with abuse, that lead me to make a lot of bad choices, and kept me feeling angry, bitter, and mad. But God showed me, after several years, that he was there with me during all those bad times as a kid, that he cried with me, that he hurt when I was hurt. And I know it sounds unbelievable, but his love healed me, and when I really listen to him, and follow what he says, I am calm, filled with peace and happy. He loves you with a love that you can never fathom. Stay strong and God bless

  • Noble says:

    I’m not commenting to disrespect God, the Arthur of this post, or anyone. The truth is that I’m a believer in God. I’m even currently the youth director of my church. My problem is that every, and I mean every time that I’ve claimed to hear from God, it’s come back to bite me HARD.

    I almost lost my wife and kids in a time in my life where I thought I was doing or being lead to do God’s will. I was made a complete fool and embarrassed another. And again now. I’ve been prophesied to by 2great men/Bishops (one a prophet) who we’re both guest speakers from out of state two different occasions who almost gave identical prophesies to me during service and both with deadlines of when it was going to happen. At the time I rejoiced because it was confirmation to both me and my wife of what God had already showed us in visions. Well over a year later past their given deadline, nothing has changed. Matter fact our situation has even gotten worse, direly worse.

    I’ve lost the respect of my wife because how can she trust that what I’m so called hearing from God is true when EVERY time I thought I was, it’s lead us to failure? So our marriage is on the brinks, and I don’t blame her one bit. I don’t even trust myself. God could sit next to me in plain sight right now while I’m typing this and talk to me, but I’ve been played so many times that I wouldn’t believe it.

    I don’t understand. God knows my heart and how much I desire to do true kingdom work, but yet I keep falling like this and it not only cost me but my wife, and my children who are totally innocent in this and totally dependent on me.

    So I read this to find help. Find what am I doing wrong. And unfortunately( and I don’t mean this maliciously) I just found what I’ve read so many times before. I’m not a new Christian so it’s not like I just don’t know anything. I’ve totally submitted to him, I make time to just hear from him, I make it my goal to continue to go to a higher level in my relationship with him, and so on and so on.

    But yet and still, the same results. It has me questioning God. It has me wondering “is this the kind of God that I serve?”. And so much more but yet here I am with all these different emotions, and I’m the appointed Youth Pastor that has to lead them in the direction that I’m not even sure of anymore.

    He said he’d never leave me nor forsake me, but my life has shown otherwise. The bible says “though he slay me, yet will I trust him.”. I know God is real because I’ve had experiences in my life when I was younger that say so. But,… I don’t even know what else to say. Please, someone out there just sincerely pray for me and my family.

    • Hututu Ralte says:

      Surely I will pray for you brother. I don’t know the words that you need to hear right now but please know that I will pray for you and your family.
      And please remember always GOD LOVES YOU

    • Steph says:

      Be encouraged my brother. Remember, it’s about God’s timing and His will. Things come about to test our faith. God, wants to know are you still going to trust me when you can’t trace me. Usually during our difficult times He’s preparing and strengthen us. God is not a man that He should lie or His word return void. Also, remember in Habakkah when the Lord said “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will surely speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it…” The blessings is in the pressing. It’s not about you, but our Father. I’m praying for you. God knows and loves you.

    • Ms. Polk says:

      Often times the enemy will have us feel as if we are the only ones who are facing hard tests and trials. I know Oh too well how you must feel. Just last night I had to say Lord why am I going through so much when I try so hard to live right. Nonetheless, in 1 Peter 5:10 it says…But the God of all Grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

      After I read this scripture and dissected and studied each word this really helped me quite a bit.

      Tho he slay me, yet will I trust in him. May the Lord keep you in perfect peace as your mind is stayed on him. Don’t waiver, stand strong like the tree planted by the water

  • Me says:

    Hi! I’m so glad I found this. Here’s my situation. I grew up in a violent home. My mother loved me but was an alcoholic and my father(stepfather) hated me. Or at least that’s how it felt. I spent so much time in fear and solitude. So as an adult I can’t function correctly. There’s this part of me that wants to cling to God, and wants to feel Gods love and this aching for his love and approval. Then there’s this other part of me that wants to fit in with the world. To have a nice home (my home is barely livable right now), and to follow my dreams, travel, explore. And then I have this really wild side.. Like I want to do crazy things, like party and model and drink or just be crazy. The sad truth is that I’m not doing anything. I hide in my home. I’m miserable, depressed, and I’m getting older and older. My mind is like a 16 year olds and I’m almost 40. When I have turned to God I feel isolated and lonely. I know this is a little or a lot off topic I just am stuck. No joy, no improvement, no goals, no motivation,no hope! Im a pretty crappie mom. I lack discipline, organization and any form of authority and structure. All that I lack also makes me s pretty bad wife also . I just can’t get myself together . All I know is that I’m miserable. The world doesn’t seem to want me and I think God is so distant. I try to go to church hoping maybe I’ll be invited to things or people will talk to me. But I feel like they don’t understand my lack of spiritual growth. Honestly I don’t understand it either. People say like they feel different when they come to know God. Peace and Hope and Joy. All I ever feel is shame and fear. And what I don’t understand us God says he loved us even as sinners.. I don’t feel his love. Is it me, am I that unloveable?

    • Josh says:

      Our stories are extraordinarily similar. I’m 33 and from a broken home. Ive gotten over it to a point where I can function with a career but emotionally feel 17. Sometimes I get stuck wondering whether or not there was a divine purpose in regards to what we’ve went through. Could it be God speaking or just random horrible, entropic chaotic acts without focus or purpose. Email me if you want to talk.

      • Josh says:

        Our stories are extraordinarily similar. I’m 33 and from a broken home. Ive gotten over it to a point where I can function with a career but emotionally feel 17. Sometimes I get stuck wondering whether or not there was a divine purpose in regards to what we’ve went through. Could it be God speaking or just random horrible, entropic chaotic acts without focus or purpose. Email me if you want to talk. [email protected]

      • Marie says:

        Hi, I read your comment, and wanted to say, I to came from a bad background, and abusive child hood. After many years of bad chouces, anger, and blame, I’ve come to realize, when I was a little child, and scared, hurt, and crying, God was there with me. He showed me that he cried with me, he was there, and hurt that I was hurt. I hope and pray God shows you, and others like us, that he was there with you during the bad times, and loves you with a love that you can not even fathom. Stay strong, and God bless.

    • Maria paul says:

      Well I do believe that u are a man of God and what ur experienced is a time out from God he does this to us to test our maturity to stand on ur own two feet and so far u have done exceptionally well , you need to focus on how u can bring people into gods light ur wife loves u . But u are not god she needs to put more trust in god and not u , since our love ones look to us for inspiration and guidance we need to look to god for that same comfort but not always will he be the life jacket we so desire we need to learn how to swim on our own . God is saying to u that he loves you enough to make wise decisions with out him showing u a sign u are no longer a baby eagle u can now fly on our own and keep shining the past failures are just stepping stones to ur success do not give up but press on ur miracle is moments away one love my brother . Cindy Paul.

    • Olivia says:

      I saw your post. I too suffered with depression. I have been healed of it but it took 3 years. I want to tell you that when you’re depressed, you can’t think clearly, you hate yourself so u think that nobody could possibly love you. Depression makes everything you do harder and worse. Try to remember that is the depression and not you. Focus on God no matter how much it hurts. No matter how much you feel like he doesn’t hear you. Keep your focus on him and think positive. Those things helped me.

    • Evangelist Darlene says:

      Hello me says, I was touch by your realness and complete honesty to were you are in life and how you are feeling. The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all things will be added unto you. Study your Bible pray before you read and ask God’s guidance in what He wants you to study, pray for understand of what you are reading. Keep a notebook write down questions you may have. With technology being the way it is you can get answers to any questions and scripture to back it up. Write the answer and scripture in your notebook. You can even write out your prayer to God this will help you to commune with Him daily. Just take life one day at a time but it’s better when you are walking with Jesus. God knows what you are going through but Hd wants us to talk to Him. Let God know you are lacking understand of Him, wisdom, joy, love, and peace. Pray that God will send true believing Christians to come into your life to help you. When we are seeking God He will honor our request. You seem to have the heart to really want to serve God. I will keep you lifted up in my prayers that God will show you the plans He has for your life which will give you all you are seeking. Allow your life to line up with God’s word and plans for your life as the reading material shared. Stay focus on God.

  • Ava says:

    I have a dilemma. I have been helping a friend with her son. My friend is mentally ill and doesn't speak English well. Her son has failed 7 terms in high school with no one doing anything about it. When her son told me he was failing I stepped in and started to help him. I did this as a gift. In the meantime I've been my friends caregiver due to her mental illness. I have been spending more and more time helping her son without getting paid. She told me to put down her hours when helping him so I can get paid. I called her case worker and she said that I can only get paid for helipng my friend and not her son for payment. I feel like God is telling me not to put down her hours for helping her son. I know God says to follow and obey our government. I know I already know the answer to this. What do you think?

    • Melinda says:

      You need to keep helping him!!! God is telling you to help!!!thst poor guy!!

      • Me says:

        It seems as though you know the answer. I hope you are helping him still. Be glad God is using you. You are not only helping this boy but perhaps others will see how your doing it out of kindness and love.. And that light your shining might be the spark to someone you might not even meet to turn to God.

    • Joyce says:

      I always hear a voice reply me after when I have spoken either bad or good it’s from God.

    • Evangelist Darlene says:

      Helping her son is ministry. God will reward you for having the heart to want to help. God’s reward is better than what this world offer. Stay in prayer about what plans God have for you helping out this family.
      I will be praying for you.

  • Rogers says:


  • Rachel says:

    I don’t understand that in times where I need him to speak to me and guide me I just get myself trying to tell me otherwise. Let’s do an example, so if you know where something is and you just are to frustrated to find it yourself you ask God for help and you think he answers but your not sure if it was your inner self telling you what to do instead of God. So it’s like your brain is telling you what to do. Telling you where to go.

  • laurie says:

    I also understand there is a waiting time AND sometimes God is waiting on us too. I know read believe and speak the word understanding that adverse circumstances do not necessarily mean God is not answering. He needs time to change my heart, circumstsnces and others hearts
    I just dont want to be in presumption all these years. God is everything to me, Savior, Lord, my healer, all sufficient one etc. Scriptures given to me in my journey is jer 29:11-14, Joel 2:25, mark 10:8,9, isaiah 55:6-11, isaiah 54:4-10 and so many more.

  • laurie says:

    Hello. I am born again since 1980. I have repented years ago for divorcing my christian husband. He lives in a different state now for over 25 yrs, remarried an unsaved woman and now separated for 3 yrs from her (may be divorced by now idk). For years and years i have believed and had scriptures regarding restoration of my marriage. To explain generally how it feels…”its like the love we have for our children, its just there and never goes away. Like a gold chord connecting and running from god (heaven) thru me, thru my husband, thru my children. Is that God or just presumption, vain imagination or wishful thinking? I dont make myself think of it, its just always “there”. Pls respond
    Its been 27 yrs.
    ove h

  • Mechiko Harris says:

    This article has help me just from reading it and especially being backed with God’s scripture. Looking forward for more.


    Thank You

  • Shawn Harger says:

    I feel god has abandoned me,The doctor gave me a sleeping pill for 4 yrs and I started having strange symptoms like my left side going numb stuck and leg turning in went to ER and the ask why I was taking this medication and they found out it was for sleep im disabled from this now and My husband left me ,lost my job,lost my home my car and I don’t understand why he has abandoned me.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I can't answer while all this has happened to you but I can promise you God has not abandoned you. I certainly understand how you could feel that way but emotions are not necessarily reality. I suggest you read Psalm 22 which is also a foreshadowing of Christ on the cross. Jesus was abandoned on the cross so we would never be abandoned. We live in a very messed up fallen world. We cry out to God knowing this world is not our home. Someday God will right every wrong. Praying for you.

    • Eli Rivera says:

      Hi everyone who reads this.
      By reading all the comments here, I think God has sopoken.
      Shawn, I think that god speaks to us, but we just don’t want yo do what He tells us.
      I see many exposing their problems -even I though I could finally get an answer.
      But now I think I have to tell you this:
      I don’t know simce when you know God, but if you couldnt sleep its because a though in your mind, you musted have trusted god, leave your anxiety before god as Peter says with no pill.
      And there is the responsability that every each have on make the right decisions, remembering our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we must take care of it. Those pills can not be taken for so long withuot damage in your body. That could make your issue even worst. May be you should see another doctor.
      Well, what I mean is that God can speak yo us, but if we don’t obey, why do we wanna know anyway?
      We must give steps forward, one at a time, wisely (according yo the word of God). He will keep speaking to us as we obey.

      If I’m wrong please let me know, Pastor Ron.

      The lord of ununderstandable peace is with all my brothers and sisters in
      Jesuschrist over all the world. Amen

    • Evangelist Darlene says:

      God has not abandoned you. Sometimes we go through circumstances to see how strong we are and if we will continue to lean and depend on God. Continue to reach out to Him. God has a blessing coming your way, hold on continue to believe God’s word He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. God is still with you. This is your silent period as the article explain but we must stand still and listen for God’s direction and guidance. I will keep you lifted up in prayer.

  • Krystal says:

    Hi my name it Krystal, I am 24 and a firm believer in my lord.

    Last night I could not sleep, I was being pulled to my tv to watch “the bible” series . I know it’s because I can’t comprehend my bible when I read it. So I was watching it until 230 this morning, when I finally could not stay awake any longer. But then when I went to bed, I could not sleep. I kept waking up.

    Then this morning as I was working, one word, ‘ Mordecai ‘ came to my mind. And I know it’s God talking to me, but I can’t figure out what he is trying to tell me. I looked it up, and the meaning is The name Mordecai is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mordecai is: Warrior. Follower/worshipper of Marduk (Babylonian deity).

    But i still do not understand what this has to do with me. Maybe I am rushing it, and I need to slow down, and wait for it to be reviled to me, or maybe I’m not understanding something my lord wants me to get.

    Are there any other meanings of the name? Is Mordecai mentioned anywhere else in the bible other than the book of Esther??

    • Seb says:

      Hi April,

      God will meet you where you are at. I, also, often know God is speaking to me through something but at that time it isn’t clear and is just a puzzle piece. God gives many puzzle pieces and just at the perfect time He, all of a sudden, puts all the pieces together to make a beautiful picture. It will amaze you, you wait and see!

  • Jousha says:

    Am in a so difficult situation and i try to here the voice of God, and my challenges become strong day to day n am so confused ' cuz am a son God n Abra mic seed so n i always ask my self is there any thing i missed? till no voice n i become….

    • Sandi says:

      Jousha, unfortunately challenges are apart of life and if we face them with a clear mind we will learn from them. You may not hear from God during these hard times Jousha but he is with you and sees your struggles. God allows us to learn lessons the hard way because he loves us and knows that this is the only way we really learn. Continue to talk to God about your struggles and don’t lose your faith in him.
      It took55 years, many of them filled with tremendous suffering, admitting that my way was not always the best way before God literally spoke to me. When God spoke to me it was undeniable. God speaks to people differently, some feel him in their heart, some hear his voice while most people realize that God speaks to them through circumstances and through people in there lives. Sometimes God even uses strangers to relay his message:) God loves you Jousha so stay strong …. God Bless You

  • Chin says:

    Hi I have been saved for years now but I’m struggling to hear the voice of God.I pray and fast often BT nothing is happening.I need help.Thanks

  • Joseph Rains says:

    Hi! My name is Joseph. Im almost 37. Within the last few months of my life things have drastically changed. I got online to see if I could figure out if many other people are currently changing their lives because they feel they’re trying to be contacted by God. For the last 20 or so years I had lived a very selfish, drug fueled existence. In the last 5 years I met a woman and had a baby boy. In the last few months I’ve changed my ways almost completely. In a deep depression (from a drug comedown), I slammed my head into the wall a few times because I wanted to hurt myself. I truly, in my heart, believe this was my cry out for help. To God. 1 week after that happened in started reading the bible and praying daily. I also started attending church which I hadn’t done since I was in my young teen years. I also switched jobs, which inadvertently put a pastor and a few other church goers in my company every weekday. I talk to them regularly about God. I also believe God has sent me several subtle signs that he is there. I now have no doubt that he hears our prayers and answers them. He proved this to me when one of our cars died a week ago. My family counts on 2 cars and we had no idea what we were going to do. I started praying for help finding a car that was good for us and that we could afford. And that it happen soon. 2 days after finding the car we liked, it was in our possesion. We had only been looking for 3 days total before we had a new car. Insurance is cheaper on the new car. And the car payment is under what we set as a cap for our finances. The day after we got our car something crazy happened. A tow truck was turning a corner in front of our house and the car that was on it rolled off. The really crazy part, it missed my car that was parked out front by about 15 feet. If that car would have rolled off 10 seconds later, it would’ve landed directly on top of my car. Not our new car, but my older one. These 2 things showed me all I need to know. These weren’t the only signs I had received. They were the most significant though. I am becoming convinced that God got me to change my ways now. Before it’s too late. Just thought I’d share. That was really long, lol. Sorry about that. God bless 🙂

  • D says:

    I’m having a hard time.Have been jobless for awhile and have been deeply discouraged and so so sad. I’ve cried many times,I used to be in the Navy got to travel the world and see many things and had a good job,circumstances changed and I got out initially I was doing well had two jobs was going to ITT and life seemed fine.I fell into the trap of worldly desires and last alcohol and drugs.ive since stopped the fornication the drugs and alcohol and pray daily read scriptures and hope that God shows me a way out or way to pull myself out of this mire I’m in. The world is getting worse and it’s never been harder than now to make it in America but at the age of 27 I pray and believes the best is to come I just feel so lost bills like many have,debts like many have and I know one day I will be able to pay everything I owe I’m just so scared and I know my fear is doubt in God’s abilities I need help lord I need help I see the errors of my youth and couldn’t imagine doing the things I used to do just so confused unsure and scared of what to do or how to do in a way that honors gods word.God bless the world.

    • Cecily says:

      You are in the palm of God’s hand and every word you say to Him is heard, so hang on in there and don’t despair! Through these difficulties you have grown closer to Him. Nothing is beyond the capabilities of the All-powerful Father who created and maintains the Universe in motion and every heartbeat of mankind — power beyond what even the best of our human intelligence can imagine! Trust Him. Life has peaks and troughs. You will be happy again and you will appreciate it all the more because you have experienced the opposite. God bless.

  • Lily says:

    I am offered early childhood education course but I'm still not quite sure if I should accept it or apply for other courses.I have prayed about it and is waiting to hear God's voice but I can't really hear so I dont know how I will know if its the course he wants me to take.Please pray for me thanks:)

  • Tracy says:

    Hello My Name is Tracy….. I Am 42 Years Old And I am Having A Hard time dealing with life…….I was introduced to a new job through a good friend of mine…but I have been getting the run around with the head person that's in charge of the department that I should be working in… I am confused…. I don't know if god is saying no… because it seems that way….. I am not the type to give up easy, but I can't see clear……I am just having some many issues at once,even in my relationship….. everything is out of order…….I need help

    • Adrienne United says:

      I wouldn’t worry whether or not God is on your side. He’s put His trusty in you so don’t give up on trusting His plans for you. As for your job, tell whoever’s giving you the runaround with confidence directly what you’d expect from them. Become a valued employee showing you’ve earned the job they gave you. Never let an employer intimate you. That’s how they’ll take advantage of you. God is always with you ever when you can’t feel, hear or see his work. Hope both improve for you. Never lose faith and God bless you and yours.

  • I have been walking with God for right years I know their is a purpose for my life. I know I am call to minister the gospel but am having an issue with detaining the word of God.

  • teresa says:


    I have a question what if you married in the world u were both unbelievers or really didn’t follow christ God’s way for our life, but then you get saved jesus does say long suffering patience truth and love, but he also says do not be unequally yoked, I been listening to the voice of God or at least trying to and having the holy spirit guide me into all truth it’s been two years I have been trying to make things work in my marriage but as I read you blog, it’s like God’s brings these situations to me that are unhealthy in the relationship so what if it’s not God’s plan for me to continue to be in the marriage and when I talk to people from church they say we’ll God wouldn’t say get a divorce, I know God didn’t intend for it to be how it is I know man created divorce it wasn’t like that in the begining but we have it for maybe situations once we see we want to live a clean life holy for God and God’s word say touch no unclean thing, God way of marriage the man being the leader following christ and loving the wife like christ love the church and the wife being submissive to that, but that’s not going on so if it’s not of God its of the evil one, we don’t fight against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places so what so how do I know for sure that the holy spirit isn’t trying to tell me to get a divorce because God is with me and has a plan it’s just like people say as if the holy spirit wouldn’t tell me to do that and I sure know it’s not my idea because it’s uncomfortable so I know it has to be what God wants who am I to say no I’m going to stay in this marriage and I’m going to continue going through what I’m going through and it’s not peace and jesus gives peace do u have any advise on this thank you God bless

    • ronedmondson says:

      You can't confuse two Biblical truths. He said don't be unequally yoked – but that was advice before marriage. Then we have lots of advice for being married to an unbeliever. Read 1 Corinthians 7. And, Jesus' teaching on divorce. Your best plan is to pray for your spouse daily. God wants to save them too. Praying for you.

    • Lanie says:

      1 Peter 3. You can do it! Bless you.

  • Adan says:

    God bless, I will pray for you.

  • Torrey says:

    After reading i still feel confused! I am a 16 year old and I love God with everything but I want to be on fire for God! I want to choose his path! However, I don't know what that is for me! I have had many struggles and am still struggling but I can't understand it!

    • ronedmondson says:

      Torrey, I love your heart so much. I think you've found God's path – to love Him and long to know Him more. For you to be at this place as a 16 year old is amazing. I'm 52 and sometimes have to wonder God's plan. You will seldom have all the answers – if you did – you'd quit having to run daily to your Father, God – which is ultimately what He wants from you. Keep asking, keep trusting, keep seeking. You are indeed doing the Father's will and as you do, He will guide you as He desires – and you'll know it. But, don't expect Him to show you very far down the road. It's a daily trust He's seeking.

  • Joe says:

    God is a myth I have tried in vein for years to belive in a higher power to have all my prays ignored and if he is real he is a cunt. he ignores me and turns my life to shit so fuck God and his whole bulshit book that makes no sense. I hope other people have a better experience with him but I gave give up

    • Jessica says:

      I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, and I’m always willing to understand the Lord’s and hear what His will is to be done through me but right now I’ve came across people that i feel that they may have no hope. If we are God’s people is it possible that devil may have his own and those people DON’T even know it? They search for love and hope but they seem to override it by the “poor me spirit” my friend calls it. Which i agree with her that it is demonic. we all have hurts habits and hangup. The Lord has blessed me with my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Why is that blessing seem impossible for some it’s like they won’t accept the Lord’s love and Grace. Are they truly seeking the Lord. Will others that hate God always be on the Devils side like puppets always seeking love and hope but never actually finding it? Is it possible that some are just not chosen to be Gods children?

      • teresa says:

        Why would u give up, the things bad in your life will work out for your good but that’s what satan wants for u to give up because he knows jesus God has a great plan for your life and real peace and love if u open your heart God bless you and God didn’t say it would be easy nothing is easy we work hard for things in this life, that will perish so why do we give up on God even though u may give up he doesn’t give up on you and he will still be there with open arms when u are ready to trust him he gives us that choice he doesn’t force us to love and follow him it’s not for his benefit it’s for our benefit that we recognize how much we need God we are nothing without him

    • mary says:

      Don’t give up, God may be building you up for something bigger. Everything has an opposite. Ex: If you never knew hate, how could you know love.

      • Adrienne United says:

        I’m pretty sure people can be taught hate without realizing they’re negatively. Hate can be let go as soon as you’re hip to it. Like ripping off a bandaid. I’m sure we all know and feel love. Blinded by hatred makes us forget how to love and be loved. So, I agree if you haven’t experienced hate you probably don’t realize the precious gift that is love.

    • Adrienne United says:

      Why don’t you start reading about the positive deeds God does in the better times of your life. It’s easier to see His power when happy and easier still to seek His advice during times of parallel. Don’t give up because tribes are tough. Good is here and had always been. Start with the poem entitled”Foot prints.” I’ve always found out helpful and comforting. Hope you’re able to see things in a better light. Never give up!

    • Adrienne United says:

      So God is a woman whom you’re not happy with. Harsh words on a biblical site. Think about why you came here or what you hoped to find. Maybe God and the Lord Jesus Christ is what you need. Believing is Faith in God and that’s Love. A higher power we can hand our troubles to especially in the worst of times will bring you comfort and understanding. He or She I guess enables us to open hearts finding love dissolving anger. Let your higher power do the heavy lifting for awhile. Spiritual living is freedom to experience happiness.

  • Mark says:

    Nice try. I've tried for years to live for him, but He just doesn't listen to my prayers. The bar has been set too high for me. After not supplying my needs and desires for years, and then throwing me to the demons, I'm done. I hope everyone has better luck than I did.

    • Michelle says:

      Dear Mark, I felt( in the past) the way you do now. Our Father has never been about “luck”, nor does he operate through us in that. Our Father is way above such things. What you are experiencing is our Father calling on you to not only change your mind about how you see him in your life,but to let him in so that he can change your life. You see, when Jesus asked the man” Will thou be made whole?”, he is saying that you have to be willing( whole heartedly) to seek him,and to live him. Live within the plan that he has for each of us. Those plans include things that seem great to us and not so great. To allow us to learn to praise and worship him through all of it and grow strong in spirit because of all of it. Every circumstance molds us, so that we can live above the petty circumstances of this world. And help someone else along the way as we Minster to them about the experiences we’ve had. To help them,like Jesus helped us and many others. You are going to have to be willing to get up and touch the hem of his garment. Only then will he know that you truly care to know him and seek him out. You can overcome All things through Christ Jesus. Pray everyday Mark. Let your request be known and then act on those prayers through Faith. Get up, shake yourself off. Trust in the Lord again. May Father bless you richly. He will : )

      • linda says:

        Michelle thank you so much for taking your time to speak to Mark even as I was reading your post it makes me trust God more I’ve only been saved for an year and this is one race that I plan on staying in the devil wants people like Mark and myself to have that doubt and give up The devil comes to steal kill and destroy that is his job So please continue to reach out to us Not just Mark but a lot of people thank you so much Linda

    • Adrienne United says:

      Did you ask God for forgiveness or pray with a true heart. I’d think about what we do as individuals when we don’t get what we want. A relationship with God is the same as any other. Easy to blame the other but we have to put in the work He needs to see results. Maybe you should pray louder and don’t stop. Giving up on communication amongst other things kills relationships. I often ask myself where I went wrong and it feels better taking responsibility instead of blaming. Knowing ones mistakes means they’re fixable and won’t happen again. Good loves you. I seriously recommend connecting to your higher power.

  • andre says:

    Hey there ,I’m from Germany . I grow up in a good family, all are believer’s ,saved by Jesus. I’m so hungry and tired being blocked by noises. I’m known by millions of people over her . I’ve slept with a woman that told me later she has HIV . never had a nerv racking like that . I still have to go and get my self tested ,soon. Everyone knows because she told someone else that is involved in my social network. I think it’s really private . I hope I’ll have a family one day ,u know. To all that sleep around. U’ll know by than what it means to wait for the right one . How do I stay strong ,in faith even though it could be … Or not be…. . God ,father give me wisdom ,refresh my thoughts. I’m bothered , need to be free !

    Thanks to for sharing … If some has a prayer or a scripture for my hard ,mind, soul . I’ll be glad to take it .

  • Alanis says:

    Hi, I’m eleven and I’m confused. I love God and pray to him but I don’t seem to get an answer out of him,why? When he talks to you does it actually mean you literally hear his voice?

    • Cecily says:

      No dear, you will not hear an actual ” God ” voice, but rest assured, your prayers are most definitely heard and welcomed by Him. He speaks to you through good people in your life — people who help and guide you — perhaps even occasional people like me now! (I am a semi-retired lady teacher, so don’t be anxious –) God gets his message through in good things that we hear and read and different circumstances that come into our lives. Another thing– He answers always in your very best interests. If He knows something would not be a good plan for you at this moment. He may appear to be answering ” No ” to something you are craving for. Be patient and you will see how His plan for you unfolds. You are amazing! Keep praying.

  • andrew procopis says:

    Hi, im a backsliding christian for a while now,every time i go to sin i hear a voice in my head saying dont do it , come back to me.i think its god calling me back to him , what do you think?

    • ronedmondson says:

      God is always calling people to Him

    • Adrienne United says:

      As a Christian you know what and can clearly feel what sin is. Although you’ve slipped to and from trusting God there’s evidence to the contrary. He is in your heart and He’s always been. Trust your judgement. Obliviously you know the path to follow.

  • Craig says:

    Been having really bad anxiety for a while like I was gonna die soon. It became something I worried about a lot Im not a real religious person although I do believe in God and have some knowledge on the subject. Anyway I have ask God to help with my anxiety and worrying and the other day in Walmart eating in their subway I seen a guy I knew but haven’t seen In a while and really never knew he was so into church or God. We got to talking and he ask me to come out to his truck he wanted to show me something. I said ok and he ask if he could read the bible to me so I said yes. He read several scriptures about being saved and not fearing death and having eternal life and how we need to live our lives better bc we never know when that moment will be. He also said he used to worry that something was gonna happen to him years ago until he turned it over to God. I felt like this was a sign bc I never said anything about my problem. I’m wondering now is this a sign that I need to stop fearing and live my life which I think and hope or was it saying you need to get your life straight bc something bad is about to happen. It has releived and also scared me. He said he reads this to a lot of people from time to time bc he feels like he needs to spread the word.

    • Kayecee says:

      Im having an axiety also, just like you.. i relate. I also want a wisdom a word from god,,

  • andrew procopis says:

    Hi, ive been back sliding for a while now, but every day i hear a voice saying come back what your doing is wrong,

    Would that voice like thing be god calling me back ?

    • Adan says:

      Yea turn back, that’s his voice

    • Adrienne United says:

      I agree God works in mysterious ways. If you got the message to change your life then I’d take the advice. As far as worrying about future events of doom and gloom it’s wasting your mental power to do what He has planned. Only God knows what’s happened and what’s to come. Stay strong and explore your Faith.

  • Dean Smith says:

    Hello. I've have been wishing to speak to god but in the past I regrettably said some bad things about him. It was before I became a true Christian. Does this mean I'm not saved? Can I still speak to him.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Well I have some good news. God wants to talk to you also. The Bible is very clear that nothing in us promotes God's activity in our life. It's all grace. God sent Jesus to the cross for all the things you've done wrong. He paid your price. He gives you access to God by faith in Him.  Read Epesians 2:1-10 Then start talking. God is listening and waiting. Start with telling Him how wonderful He is, then tell Him what you've done wrong. Ask forgiveness. Then keep talking. You'll have His full attention 

    • Adrienne United says:

      God is always listening to His children. If you’re feeling guilty about unkind remarks than tell your friend directly how much you regret slandering them. You should still turn to God even if you’re unable to make amends with them. God is love and His forgiveness saves our troubled hearts.

  • Rebecca says:

    My grandfather who is 81 recently had open heart surgery on Sep.8.15. He is a diabetic, also he has dementia so recovery has not been easy. Our family, is not the best. Lots of greed and selfishness. My grandfathers wife has battled cancer for the last 7 years. Me myself I lived 70 miles away from them. When I saw him at the hospital I was overwhelmed to be with him. This great great feeling not to leave his side. He got out of the hospital oct.12.15. Something kept pulling me to him and out of no where I had this feeling this thought that wouldn’t go away. It was to quit my job and move in with them and my three kids and take care of both of them. So I left my apartment put all our stuff in storage, changed my 3 kids school and now I am my grandpaws nurse and his complete care giver. He would not be here right now after getting out of the hospital if it wasn’t for me. So I’m asking and trying to understand, was that thought, that feeling I had deep down in my gut, was that God talking to me. Was that god directing my path and leading me? I want to know and believe it was. Help me understand this please

    • ronedmondson says:

      I don't know if I can answer whether or not God is speaking to you. I am certainly not a prophet. I would say, however, it seems like you're being used of God and it seems like something God would do. I wonder if he you should not try so hard to figure out the exact plan God has and simply trust him day by day. He is not the author of confusion. But sometimes he wants us to trust him in what we know to do today and he will give us father instructions when we are ready.  

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you for getting back to me. As a response to what you said I do feel as if God uses me to do good things. This isn’t the first time. 2years ago I took time off from work, due to an apartment fire a block away from my house. 4 families were displaced. I single handly ran a donation drive for all 4 famlies. Not for money but for clothes furniture, toiletries, tv’s, kitchen stuff. I stored everything for the famlies until they got another roof over their head, which took a while to do. I did all that because this deep feeling to do something. I was on the local radio, in the news paper and everything. People was dropping stuff off under my car port, for months. I helped 4 famlies complete strangers. All because I felt like I had to. I was told by this thought in my head step by step what I had to do to help them and everything. I know then that was God leading me to them and telling me what I needed to do. For this time with my grandparents I feel and know that was God speaking to me and guiding m to be with my grandparents. My papaws been out a couple weeks now and his dementia has gotten ten times worse since his surgery. My . Grandmother who is 80 has been so sick from chemo she can’t get out of bed half the time. His doctor has told me if it wasn’t for me my grandfather would have died with in days of getting home just from his diabetes alone and not being able to walk on his own. My job is to keep him alive until God decides it is time for him to come home.

  • shaneka says:

    I had a dream that was out of body. I was up in the air with someone(im assuming) bc they responded to me when i asked a wuestion about what i was seeing my husband and i dining in the dream. It was completely dark and my husband and i were sitting down on something, maybe a couch. I dnt know what we were looking at or who we were listening to bc it was complete darkness in front of us. I DID hear us say, “woooooooow” together or at the same time. My husband appeared sadly “wowing” and i was shockingly ,wowing”. So i asked(me who was up in the air), “what are we saying “wow to” and LOUDLY AND CLEARLY IN MY LEFT EAR. I heard, “Rodrica’s having a miscarriage”. Then i woke up from my dream. I have researched for quite some time now and only two ppl heard of my dream but dont believe. Rodrica is my husbands mistress and now babymomma. I had bn praying on this situation since i was aware of the affair my husband was having and from a few months after finding out about the affair, she becomes pregnant. I habe spoken with her and my husband enough to feel i knew what to pray for and a miscarriage would actually be best for everyone involved. Im not sure if it was my own mind or whatever playing games with me or not. I found scripture in the book of Hosea and seen where miscarrying wombs cn be allowed or permitted to take place ny God Himself. Then theres another one from David and Bathsheba. Im okay with the baby being born if my husband and she cn be trusted to know that we are working on our marriage and thw adultery needs to no longer happen. Even still my husband wants to move out of the state away from her(since he has repented)for healing and to run from the fact that the other woman may try to keep him from his child, but he understands that this would be a consequence he would have to accept due to his adultery and then getting the woman pregnant. This miscarriage would help all parties bc the other woman wanted no more kids and esp one by a married man with no job or any type of income. We didnt need another one bc of our finances and we had just gave birth to one(whom was told to my husband that we were going to have) right when the other woman became pregnant. So i cn even see how this would help the other woman in her faith with the Lord bc she let my husbands lies and her lust for him get her life out of whack even with losing her job and still being homeless. She has left the city to live with her mom who has custody of her two oldest children since their birth and my husband came back home a month before she moved. My husband lately and this other woman have been wishing thia never happened and my husband is looking for a sign to help him know if coming home was the right thing to do bc we have had a rough 11 year marriage and he feels guilty for the lies and entrapment he caused the other woman. Even tho she found out that he was married and pursued him even the more and she got a voice from the Lord that told her if she kept messing with my husband she would get pregnant and she ignored it. Mind you this other woman was not saved when she met my husband. He helped her to get saved and then allowed the devil to enter him to lead her to destruction. All parties are where they need to be but i am curious about this dream bc it would help all as well as all would really want that now and im just wondering would God speak such to me in a dream like that or was that my conscious speaking. After i heard the words,”Rodrica’s having a miscarriage”, i instantly woke up and bn praying about it simce as to what it meant. Ive bn getting or receiving things that line up with it being God who spoke to me but im just wondering again bc the other woman is 9 months plus pregnant already. And i hope that i didnt speak falsely to my husband and his mother about God speaking to me in a dream. Which they dnt belive came from God anyways but again, would God speak something as such? Thank you very much and i wait on ur answer.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I'm afraid I am not a dream interpreter. 

    • Adrienne United says:

      Dementia is a tough thing for families to whiteness and experience together. If he’s hospitalized needing full time care and everyone wants him home God will lay the path before you. I’m sorry your grandfather is ill and feel the pain your family experiences. Trust in God and He’ll reveal a solution somehow. Don’t forget to pay attention to the signs for their subtly opportune missing the answers you seek.

    • Adrienne United says:

      I believe God speaks to us always if we’re listening we hear Him. I’m sure your dream makes sense but Im unable to follow it clearly. Besides I’m not God or can advise on His behalf. If your girlfriend is overdue them I’d expect a baby any second. Maybe dreaming of miscarriage is just your fear of becoming a father again. I believe the Lord guides us and you should take comfort in knowing it’ll work out. Just don’t give up on God or your new family. Congratulations.

  • Gabrielle says:

    I have a question. I was at my mother’s grave planting flowers on mothers day when my car died at the grave site, in that moment I heard a very clear voice say ” this is the last day of your life” I knew it meant an emotional death, since that day my life changed so dramatically for the absolute worse, help me to understand that that voice was not of God and that voice has no control over my life. Thank you and God bless.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I do not know how to do that honestly. I think you have to continue to apply truth to your life on a daily basis until the “voice” disappears. I'm not sure there's a formula for that. You may want to sit with a strong Christian friend and talk it through with them. 

      • Gabrielle says:

        Thank you for your reply, just didn’t want to think that God would want to take the joy out of your life.

  • leticia ubaldo says:

    Please Send me a Free Book
    thank you very much God Bless!

  • Effie Benjamin says:

    May God continue to bless you. This information was awesome and very valuable. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  • Tania iskander says:

    My daughter escaped from home and travelled to the USA after a boy she loved and wanted to marry….I cant live with this …..she betrayed all our live and care….God communicatec with me telling me she will return…….help me with prayers…I am from egypt

  • Berni says:

    Why keep stressing on sin? Has not Jesus nailed them to a cross? We, instead, need to stress on thanking God and prayers/ meditation. The Buddhists came with gifts to Jesus’ birth to pay thanks, not to ask for forgiveness as they already had it. Thanks.

  • Sheila washington says:

    Thank you for these powerful words of encouragement thank you.very much.could you write something to me on a day to day basis.i believe in the lord and very much know that sometimes im distracted with so much.i know my circumstances that god spoke in it because i was on drugs for a very long time and one day i couldnt get anymore drugs from the drug man .i cried on my knees and ask god to help me and the next day i went to jail.i did 18 months i prayed while i was in jail and i ask god if he give me another chance to be free i will live for him ..i got out. In 2000 and never looked back at that lifestyle again today i can honestly say im drug free i have 16 years clean from drugs and the horrors of the lifestyle that could cost me my life 3 times so god was telling me in those circumstances that i was on the wrong path and i needed to be on the path he has for me ..i am in church. And in chior ministry but it feel like im not getting fed in bible study but pastor told me give it 6 months to see if bible study would be better,,i use to go to a pentecostal church and this is a methodist church very diffrent from my fist church ..i love the feeding program .they gave me the coordinator position feeding the homeless i love it and i feel that is where god want me .but the bible study ..thanks for listening

    • ronedmondson says:

      Praying for you. 

      • Maisha Davison says:

        Hi I had been dealing with this guy 2 years he was my boss we became intimate first months was ok I notice a lot about him the way he handles his life kids family work I feel he was seeing another women I was sleep 😴 his phone 📱 pocket dial me then I heard him speaking to women from his house we use to hang out a lot some reason I started to reject him I felt he was deceitful he lies to me about seeing another women god 2 time allowed me to here a women’s presents With him he lies denies it I’m very thankful god prevail the truth I’m hurt 😢 but I understand gods will for me how do I handle lies deceit from human I loved cared for in my heart that isn’t complete for me

  • pamela says:

    God came to me at time knew was gonna die from shooting pains he said to me u taught me something about people thought all came sinners was gonna end earth but u just saved all on earth and figured new way to go bout fixing the people to get out time of spiritual dutys u also played god on earth people have hurt u done u wrong and thiefs came stealing and yet u still let em in ur home and u heal and brung up thier spirits in seconds to the top when they had low down feeling helped give were needed and u died from the hurt they all done so u done everything like me so i give u relive as u but gods spirit in u asked me to get baptised write book from time he came to me on all seen and showed and tell priest they are teaching wrong and all are brainwashed by the wrongs and most info to earth bout god is false. I give u the rest of live left of wealth happiness and good luck mediate pray and what u want just go towards it and it will be at hands. Spent my whole life being wronged by the people dhs and courts and police for no good prove reason never had proof of anything they pinned me for mostly and going threw it again took my kids on allegations no prove all lies cant be heard guilty to them even have proof god gave me they still wont hear me god says cant fight them without me just wait til my arrival to earth and all will know truth and the sins will be punished my spirit. Also delivered the devil to god to be tortured for two thousand hundred years than he is to be killed no more hell i will be reconized to all and in the books for what god reveals and im failing task set to do but not understanding em so not doing what need for things that have already been set also informed me we are on last task than god comes he gave me secret info and insight on new future and what society is being punished for doing on earth etc please need guidance to understand what i need go do in human life for him and get my kids back from the corupted evil ones on earth amen

    • Dean Smith says:

      Do you mean the bible is false?

      • ronedmondson says:

        How would the Bible be false. I don't understand. The Bible teaches that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The Bible would be false if you couldn't be forgiven by God. That's the whole reason Jesus came. 

      • Dean Smith says:

        Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause you any worry!

        • ronedmondson says:

          No worry for me. I just don't want you to ever think the Bible claims you can't be forgiven. In fact, I think that's the whole purpose of the book – to convince you of God's love for you, His plan to offer you eternal forgiveness. In Jesus Christ.

        • Dean Smith says:

          Ok thank you so much

  • Amy says:

    I have had a very trying year. I have prayed everyday to repair a broken relationship. To no avail. Sometimes, my faith gets week. However throughout the year I have a similar thought that I have not acted upon. Is this reoccurring thought God speaking to me? How do I know?

    • ronedmondson says:

      Does it honor God and His word? Does it help others? Does it make sense — in a big picture perspective — of what God has already done in your life? Is this what He's been preparing for you? Would you give Him all the glory? Not sure I can answer your question but maybe more questions will help I always say if you're gut is being built by Jesus you can trust your gut. 

      • Amy says:

        The thought is that I straighten up my act, that things will start getting better

        • Amy says:

          That maybe my prayers aren't going unheard. My faith is weak. I have been told it is just my ego wanting to reconcile with this man. But if that is true, why is the love I hold for him still so strong? Why would the Lord put me through so much agony?

    • Dustin says:

      Stop praying for God to repair your relationship. Instead pray that God’s will be done. Pray that God will come guide you on the path he wants you to take.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you. My question was really more about hearing God though.

        • ronedmondson says:

          I wish there was an easy answer. Jesus said my sheep know my voice. There is no quick solution. It's like building any relationship. It takes time and commitment. But God does want you to be hear. So, as you keep listening eventually He will speak. 

    • Berni says:

      You can’t miss God’s voice. He’ll keep talking until you listen and obey. Sometimes, it seems He’s contradicting Himself. It’s OK. We’re not supposed to u.stand God’s ways, let alone judge Him. He’s forever our solid rock. Learn to pay thanks and obey.

  • chris says:

    prase ,Jesus I am preaching on the door to door and street for 7 years but I feel in my heart burning to set up atent preaching in my city ,but even one of my learder stopped me . iwould like to know what is really Gods desire in this situation.

  • Michael meyers says:

    I have to go to court on the 31 for trial should I take 6 yr if I Lois get 20 I am scarred of all that is going on with the world don’t want to leve my family I can’t help them

  • Tansy says:

    What do you do when God tell you clearly what he wants but in involves another person who doesn't agree? This has left me in limbo and questioning if i have ever heard God in my life. My pastor agrees what I heard was right. Others have backed it up. Will God just go around it and find another way or do I have to live in uncertainty indefinitely?

    • ronedmondson says:

      You go with what you know and others confirm. Be sure of it, but not everyone even agreed with Jesus.

    • Berni says:

      That important person’s disagreement is part of God’s message. You’ll u.stand in time.

  • kandi ashburn says:

    Dear Pastor,

    I am dealing with such a heavyheart.My husband,now x husband and I have been split apart since last Augist,We eere trying to patch things up he was staying in another part of the state with bia sisyer and her family. During that time

    we were trying to mend our relationship.He was trying to renuildy yrust in him again when I find out yhat he had been seeing this other girl and got her pregnant. The ,other of the child cannot ave any co.tat with this baby nor any of her other children and the baby actually was born premsture but since then they have given custody toy X. He does not have a.ywhete to raise the baby because his sister who he is presently with doesmt want to be botheted with a newborn and really the only o.e that has thete own place is me. I have a very syable life. Because of all the hurt and ,isyrust my husband has csused me I still feel that God needs me to be available to him and his son and to open ,y home to him and not leabe hi, I still jave some type of feelings for him but there is absoluyely no yr

    trust. Can you please pray for me my xhusbands name is Eddie,

    Tha.k ou,,

  • Ginou says:

    I am so confused at this point. I need a break. I have been through so much from failed relationships, failed careers, or lack of financial supports to pursue my dreams, no support system what so ever. I kept praying as if I was just making noise in a forest where no one can hear me. I am 35 year- old woman who lives alone, unmarried, not in any relationship and no children. I am currently studying to better myself; as things were going great for a while but my loans are currently not going through. I feel like my prayers are getting weaker and weaker although I do every day. I seek His words for comfort but still feel empty inside. I don't know clearly what the devil is trying to do but I believe that he has been and is currently fighting me with everything that I am doing. Please help me pray because I need strength to carry on.

  • Joe says:

    In the bible, it is mentioned many times that He will be with you, but how do we not know that He was not just talking to Joshua, Peter, etc. We read the words as though they apply to ALL christians, but what even indicates that? It seems that He is just talking to those in the bible. If it is about all christians, then if we blow horns around the city of Jericho, walls should come down…bad example, but hoping you see where I’m struggling with that…The Lords supper, eat drink my body and blood…how do we know that was not just for the 12 that were there? etc,etc…

    • Anonymous says:

      I struggle with this exact same thought! I am in a difficult season, and many well intentioned people have quoted bible “promises” to me that got them through hard times. I have asked the same question many times, how can I apply this to me when God was speaking directly to a different person? I’d like to, but when so much time of claiming these promises goes by without the realization of them you just start to wonder if you’ve just got to let go of hope in some areas instead.

      • Berni says:

        Stop telling God what He’s supposed to do. We’re not supposed to know God’s ways. Most of all, stop judging God using Bible.

  • Michael says:

    Such a great post, and a needed one too! Thankful for this today!

    I'm 3 hours from you – one of these days, I'd love to talk with you about being a bi-vocational pastor in a small rural town, serving a church of 50 people. I'd buy the coffee! 🙂

    Thanks again for all you do to help our Leadership!

  • Kies says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been going through something for the last 6 months that I’d like to share with you. I’m thinking perhaps The Lord has spoken to me through this situation, but I’m not too certain. This is a long story. The beginning is just some background info.

    I have a very special park that I used to like to go to that’s about 2 hours away from my hometown. I don’t go often because it’s far, but it’s certainly worth the trip. It’s a place I go to just to soak in the beautiful landscape and views and spend some time with myself. Sometimes I’d go and read the Word. Sometimes I’d go and listen to music and rent a bike. It’s a lovely and peaceful place. Last Spring I’d go there and say “one day I’d like to come here with someone special. We’ll sit and look at the water and eat ice cream”. I said a quick prayer about it and went on my way. I’d continue to go back with the same hope in my heart that one day, someone special will take me here…hopefully.

    Around that same time, I was in the process of transferring from one school to another. I said to a friend of mine, “if I go to “college A” I’ll probably end up marrying a Pastor. If I go to “College B”, I’ll probably end up marrying a doctor”. The second school isn’t really known for their medical program, it was just a random thing I said. At least, I thought it was random. This school is more so known for it’s Film and Business programs.

    In a conversation I had with another colleague I said, “you know, I just want to meet someone as soon as I start school. I hope I do. Maybe by the time school is over, we’ll get engaged or something”.

    This was throughout April and August.

    Earlier in the summer a friend from work suggested I try online dating. I scoffed at the idea, thinking it was corny and desperate to say the least. I tried it out and actually met one guy. We went out on one date but I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I was disappointed but thought we could at least be friends. Apparently, that option wasn’t on the table. Around that time, a friend from church recommended I join a dating app she’d been using. Still a little skeptical, I figured what’s the use, I hadn’t been meeting guys otherwise. I’d been praying for years that I’d meet someone but nothing ever panned out and the doors would closed in ways that were quite clear. I’d just let God do His thing after a while.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was in the process of transferring to another school. I got into all the schools I applied to, and ended up choosing the aforementioned “College B”, a prestigious school in the city that offered me a scholarship.

    Late August hopped around and school was about to start. I got a message from a young man on the dating app that my friend suggested. I didn’t think he was all that attractive but after taking a good look at him, I sensed that he was a gentle and warm person. He asked if we could meet to chat. I figured, why not and agreed to meet.

    We met my second week of classes. We’re from the same state but different town. And guess what he’s studying to be? A doctor! In fact, he’s just months away from his degree. Our first date was nice, but at the end he asked if I’ve ever been to the park I mentioned earlier. My eyes lit up! I said I had, but I’ve never been there at night, I’m sure it’s beautiful, and to that he said, “how about I just take you there!”

    We went and had a good time. We even ate ice cream. Yet, after that he left to go back to school in another state. Ever since he’s been gone, I’ve been pretty sad. We’re not a couple, but I’ve been wrought with worry and paranoia.

    It seems like the worry, paranoia and doubt started as soon as he left. My thoughts raced throughout my mind. My friends understood at first but when they saw the toll it was taking on me they, and many others, told me to let him and the whole idea of him, go. I wasn’t open to doing that. My friends didn’t seem to understand how significant this situation was to me. My mother, a fellow believer, would tell me to pray about it but I was too steeped in worry, doubt and skepticism that prayer didn’t seem like much of an option either. All I could do was judge him and complain about him not texting me enough.

    One day, I had to deliver something to my professors. All of my professors had been fond by this time so I left the letters with their receptionists. One receptionist struck up a conversation with me. She shared that she’s a believer. During the conversation that was completely unrelated to my situation, and looked at me intently and said “you can judge people and what they give you. If you ask a millionaire for money and they only give you $20, don’t judge them for not giving you more. You never know what they need that other money for. You just be thankful and serve The Lord as He’ll have you to serve”. I knew that was a Word from The Lord but didn’t really expect it to be confirmed. The very next day I texted the guy to ask how his week has been, still holding a very judgmental attitude towards him in my heart. He took some hours to respond (which was typical considering the nature of his work) but finally did saying that his week had been busy and his relative passed away. He was at the funeral as he sent me that text. Guess God really wanted me to see that I shouldn’t be judging him so critically.

    Not too long after that, my mother suggested I place the situation in The Lord’s hands. I was reluctant but I did. All throughout that time many of my friends were telling me to let him go because he wasn’t reaching out to me and didn’t try to hang out with me over the holidays. I was sad and frustrated and all sorts of emotional and doubtful. I was worried about the all the time that had been passing by and I didn’t have a chance to see him. After praying about it for sometime, strange things started to happen.

    One night I woke up at 2 in the morning and heard quite clearly, “God controls the time”. I figured it was my sleep paralysis and went back to sleep. The following day, as I was writing in my journal about God’s character, trying to calm myself down from worrying about the time, I clearly heard something that stopped me in my tracks, “why are you worried about the time? Last he was here you spent 2 days with him. How much more will I bless you?”. I was shocked! But I didn’t hold on to that for much longer because I started to get consumed with worrying and fear and doubt again. That Saturday, I awoke at 2 in the morning again. Immediate as I awoke I heard, “Be still and know that I am God”. I said, “okay Holy Spirit”, and was led to write a looonngg poem about being still before The Lord. Afterward I fell asleep. When I woke up, I checked my email and found an email my cousin sent me. She rarely emails me. The email was a devotional from a famous Pastor’s website that spoke about being still before The Lord as He speaks to us. That day, I ended up having a horribly emotional day. I cried nonstop as I felt like I was under so much pressure of doubt and worry fearing that God wasn’t really talking to me, my mind was just playing tricks on me.

    I hadn’t been still, nor did I consider how in fact God was controlling the time, until I ended up in the hospital for a week. I left the hospital and, after much thought and strong suggestion of the staff at my school, I was placed on medical leave. Now, with an extreme amount of time on my hands, no school, no job, no treatment program, my friends all scattered about, no schoolwork. I have nothing but time to be still before The Lord. I can’t say that I have been still however. In fact, I’ve still been consumed with doubt and skepticism thinking that it can’t be possible that The Lord is speaking to me so clearly.

    Recently I asked the young man what his honest opinion was of something I told him that he didn’t respond to. He was kind in his response, and basically said he’d like to keep in touch with me but wasn’t looking for more than that right now because he’s got a lot going on and things are unsettled for him right now. I figured that was the answer I needed to hear, but still felt it was a mystery. A week after that my brother, who rarely emails me, sent me something that basically said we often question why we have to go through so much. Our situations may seem pretty bad on their own, but when God puts it together, we see that He works things together for our good. I took that as another message The Lord wanted to convey to me. Though I’m still skeptical, I do believe that God has been speaking to me. I’m just afraid to trust Him because I don’t want to be led in a weird direction. I’m still asking God to make things clear to me and show me what He means about the things He has spoken. I feel like things have been rather clear, but I’m still afraid that maybe it hasn’t been Him because I don’t know… I’ve asked if it wasn’t His will for me if He would show me that clearly or close the door as He has done in other situations. He’s always let me know if some guy was wrong for me. But, that hasn’t happened with this and I’ve asked so many times. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too doubtful. What do you think?????

    • Kies says:

      The receptionist said you CANT judge people..

      Just wanted to clear that up.

    • Berni says:

      What a great story. I think you’re lucky to have such a mom and meeting your soulmate. But he needs time and are you willing to pay the cost of being married to your soulmate? You need to publish your story.

  • Logan says:

    I’m seventeen years old and around November I identified myself as bisexual. I went through a terrible breakup with my girlfriend because of this and it has left me to different things. I tried weed for the first time and smoked it occasionally. I recently did tonight, but tonight was different. God talked to me. And throughout this night more things are coincidental now that he talked to me and is making me realize to have stronger faith. After tonight I’m changing my life around and living for God.
    John 16:13 – Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

    Hebrews 4:12 – For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  • Mika says:

    I’m in my third year of college & I catch myself second guessing myself about my major which is Health Care Management. I did want to go to school for Radiologic Science but I met someone who had a Master’s in Health Administration and I immediately did some research and wanted what she had. I would even catch myself liking and wanting things that other people had. How do I stand fast and focus on what God has for me.

  • uju tafarki says:

    am confused ! cos am always hearing a voice inside me , i mean my heart or mind and always having a chat wen praying or asking GOD for something so i dnt knw if its GOD or jus my imaginations.

  • rico says:

    Hi Good day to all. i just want to share my story that God actually talk with me but I ignore it.

    It was the middle of sept. And Im in singapore that time for work then my Gf sent msg. In Fb that there is a better work in the Philippines and once I get back we can immediately start. My brother and family didnt want my gf to be my wife in the future, and Im not sure what to pray that time.

    So what I pray to God is I ask him if it is good to accept the job shes offering or to decline on it along with that would be an end to out relationship.

    After a month a call center company offered me a job, and yes I really like it. So I do havr two option now. I really dont like the job that my gf offered coz I dont like to work with here coz we see each other everytime and that means we can have s*x everytime and I dont want her to be pregnant.

    So time comes when I go back to Philippines, my mom told me not to accept the job that my gf offered coz its to far from our home. And the call center job is better. But I refuse to listen.

    I accept the job that my gf offered coz she cried when I said no at first.

    Right now I regret everything. My gf is pregnant. The job that we had didnt give us a nice salary. We starve sometimes and now I realize that those warnings from my mom, a job offering from a nice company is Gods way of saying dont take that Job. Because it is not good for you.

    Sometimes the answer was there but we refuse bcoz we dont listen to Gods will.

  • Debora says:

    Thank you, I truly believe in what you wrote.

  • I didn’t,t try to get close to until my wife died in 2009 then I started reading the bible I am a slow reader and it is hard for me to understand but i keep on reading i cant rememerwhat I read but I am still reading i want to be with god so much how do I know when he is talking to me I pray every day and night I read a daily verse every day I am oldand trying to get as close to god as i can please can you help me. Joe

    • Lisha says:

      God hears you N understand you thats all that matters he know your heart N know that your desperate for his love that he is desperate to give he is there all the time the more u speak out n reach out to him the more he will come closer to you N the more things will b clearer n easy for you to understand N im sorry for your lost i lost my dad a year ago n it still feels like yesterday

  • Godson says:

    pl at times i will feel a sound in my ear and at times it will be a sudden shake on my body and it will settle in my heart as a load. Is this God trying to speak to me because i do hear from God before now. pl help.

  • Godson says:

    pl at times i will feel a sound in my ear and at times it will a sudden shake on my body and it will settle in my heart as a load. Is this God trying to speak to because i do hear from God before now. pl help.

  • evangelist Nacole Roberson says:

    i have been going through tough times this but God is able to do exceedingly above all things

  • Renee says:

    Someone tell me I’m not wrong

    For the past year now I’ve been finding myself in trouble more than I have in my entire life. I graduated high school with my diploma and applied for my nearest university. I was denied for missing 1 point on my scopes. I decided to stay home and go to school at a local community college. I hated it but I valu education but I had the feeling this is not where I needed to be. My mother is out of a job and can’t leav to find one because my father is ill. My younger brother is growing up steadil and only has my son to be seen as his brother. I started working for an assistant living facility for 2 years. I couldn’t pay for college by grants so I had to pay out of pocket and with not much money to provide for my child. I’d pray and press on but I later then had a car accident. All the money I spent over a year saving was gone instantly. I prayed again and heard a voice say “Go” I worship an all knowing God but I didn’t believe it was him at the time. I blamed I was stressed. But I kept hearing from many people in my life asking why I refused to move if I hated my situation so much. why am I trying to fix a mess and just making it worse? I grew depressed I couldn’t afford school anymore I narel could supply for my family. My parents don’t believe in me. But I believd God was telling me I needed to move. I went to church and two women prophesied God was telling some to go and let him guide the way. I known then, but I had no plan or help I had nothing. I made one mistake one night for the holidays by dropping off my elderly client back home to the facility. It wouldn’t be opening officially until later that evening and I had my brother and son I had to take home. I left no more than 30 mins and I pulled up to police at my job. They had to report to DCF I left my client unattended/neglected despite my efforts to explain. I feel terrible I feel worthless I FEEL LIKE ALL MY EFFORTS TO HELP EVERYONE ARE POINTLESS. I made a mistake that could shut down the faculty and have my client on the streets. I feel like I’m a terrible child who’s parents are ashamed of. I feel like a terribl mother because all my efforts to supply for my child have been in vain. I feel defeated. I’m considering joining the air force. Something I’ve never imagined. It would pay for my education and help finance my son and family. I need God and I believe he’s been trying test my faith. I have no other options. Please some just tell me I’m not wrong

    • Unanamious says:

      Dont feel bad about the police incident because our laws and stuff are extremly liberal now. Just calm down and listen to God. And also test God on giving to the church… its the only thing in the Bible that God says you can test him at… he will give it back to you then some.

    • Aud says:

      I truly hope things have been better for you! Just always remember God is a good god and he loves you more than you can imagine. Press into the word and I hope you will find your path. He has a plan for you, dear sister

  • Shallom says:

    Hello everyone, please am in a big state of confusion and i need your help. I am a nigerian, i graduated from secondary school(high school) recently and since then it has been so difficult for me to get into the university. I want to be a medical doctor and God has blessed me with a retentive memory and i do well in academics but the problem is ever since i finished my high school i try to secure admission into the university but its not working even when i pass the exams the school i apply for wont offer me admission. this would be my third year at home and i’m tired, i just bought a new form recently and i want to apply again but this time i fasted and prayed for God to reveal to me which university i should apply. i prayed and cried to him to show me but i have not seen anything so far. All my family members said i should apply for a university down here called university of abuja but my mind is telling to apply for a university called university of nigeria nsukka, am afraid because if i follow my mind and it fails my parent will be disappointed in me and blame me for acting on my own. Pls i need your advice and prayers, pls help me.

    • terri says:

      Hi Joe, i will pray for you. The thing that helps me most is to wake up and ask God to put me where he wants me today. Then say the Lords Prayer. I am not saying that is what to do just telling you what works for me. God will bless you if you seek him every day. There is no wrong way. That is what i think. God Bless You Always

    • terri says:

      Hi Shallom! I will pray for you. God Bless You.

  • sherry says:

    God and angels did speak to me and i don't know how to comprehended it. I wan to talk to someone some how this day was a blessing and hell for me and my family… i want to understand wht and why it happened to me… or do i leave it alone… wht do i do

  • Lilly says:

    Hello. Like one of the previous posters, I am also struggling with the idea that God may be asking me to move to a different college. I am pretty upset by the thought of this because I really do like the school I'm at now and the program I'm in, and I'm stressing about it pretty badly. I was gone for a year because of money issues and now that I am back, if only part time because I'm making up missing credits, it seems like it will be taken away from me again. The voice in my head is telling me that God will be angry if I don't transfer, and is saying that I better "hurry up and apply", and has me feeling very guilty for not wanting it to leave…..all the while there is the doubt in the back of my mind asking if I'm sure this is God speaking to me……I know that just because I don't want to do something, it doesn't mean that it isn't God wanting me to and He will not say yes to everything I want. But if I am being called to move, why am I struggling so hard against this, and how will I know if God is confirming my suspicions to me without the filter of my own unwillingness?

    • ronedmondson says:

      I'd call in a few friends and ask them to pray with you for 30 days, with an open mind, hoping to hear from God. Come back on in 30 days and pray there is a clear voice. 

    • firework says:

      I have had a fair amount of experience with discerning internal voices and would like to tell you God would not threaten being angry over a choice of school. There are other ways He would guide you if you didn’t listen. He is gentle yet strong and always loving toward you when He speaks ti guide you. Just picture the perfect Father and it is Him. The best measure is by using the Bible to make sure the message matches His messages in the Bible. Anything to knock you down and make you feel worthless is NOT of God. Yes He wants you humble but He also wants you to love yourself. In the Bible it says, referring to messages, hold on to what is good and I quite agree. May God bless you friend 🙂

  • Roy says:

    Follow your heart not your mind.

  • Julie says:

    I try so hard to know what his plans are for me it’s been six years … See ever since I was thirteen I wanted to be a singer but I thought it was just a gimmick so I waited it out but I still want to be a singer now almost six years later but on the other hand I’ve always liked to draw ever since I was young. So I don’t know which one to choose also I don’t live in America so opportunities aren’t there but I still dream of being a singer so what should I do how do I know which is my ambition which is gods ? Help me please it’s been almost six years I can’t take it anymore

    • Dane says:

      Dear Julie, (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV) he Will answer, You just Got to decide which is more important to you, Becoming a singer or Hearing from GOD…..I can promise you…If you Seek him, all Great things will be added unto you.. have you asked? Because if you did ask …then it shall be given…But you have to believe even in dark times that GOD will see you through… ( without Complaining ) and when you least Expect it….You will be rewarded

      A guy who wanted to be a Singer for many Years
      And (Couldn't Sing)
      and Now Does it As aProfession Everyday
      (my Email is [email protected])

  • Pam says:

    I am currently going through a divorce that I feel the need to stand for restoration. The Bible says that God will answer all prayers that line up with his will. I can find nowhere in scripture where I should give up regardless of my spouse’s desires to end the marriage.

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you for this post. I have difficulty balancing my life and keeping focus on what god is saying to me.

  • shareka says:

    I have turned away from evil about 3yrs ago. Although, I had left all the people that was not to go with me into this new chapter in my life, I was still doing things my way. About a few months ago I gave up and stop doing things my way. For the past 2 months or so I have been experienceing strange events and it all seems to be connecting. I got a feeling to look for for father, I found him. But then he starting telling me of some help my family was needing. Crazy as it my sound I ran into a guy at work who buys the product in which my family is having the issue with. I really think God what’s me to help them. I have not been in contact with them in 20+ yrs. Does god work this way? I feel a little crazy

  • Jim says:

    I a strong in my faith, or at least I believe I am. Why then does it feel like the harder I try to provide peace and security for my wife and children that we are financially struggling? I try to hear Him through my trials but yet I am human and feel I am not understanding or worse forsaken. Am I not hearing the right message or even more scary not understanding?

    • ronedmondson says:

      I'm praying for you brother. It's so incredibly difficult to make sense of our trials sometimes. I went through a long season of that almost a year when God called me into ministry. But the wait was worth it. The resolve you must have on this side of gods answer is that you will trust him until he provides it. That's faith. Praying for you. 

    • Robert says:

      Hello Jim, I have done the same thing endlessly. I have found that I cannot provide peace and security for my family that it is something only God can and does provide. I have sought after what to do within my life and looked to the bible for guidance. God says to be a servant and listne and obey and not to worry that it will be on him. This way you should not worry and try to understand how you are to support your family that God will provide, it is a stubborn sense of pride that we say we will support our family, but it is faith in God that he will support you and your family.

  • mark says:

    I wish it were easier knowing that these signs are from god. I was told that the devil also uses "signs" making us believe its from god. How do you decided which is which? I am waiting for a sign or word or something from god right now whether or not to move? Im confused. I'm looking for signs but nothing yet.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I filter them through my experiences, other voices, the situations in my life, and my own personal walk with God. It's not foolproof, because His ways are not our ways, but it's like discovering any relationship, the more I know Him the easier I know their voice.

  • Greg says:

    I was called to "unite the churches." I died on August 6th 2013.. I'm so thankful God forgave me of my sins because I was not a true Christian. He let the will of thousands to be done, and brought me back to life. Our story has been told on Fox News and it was a true miracle. My body was dead, there was no hope for me, my brain was also allegedly dead. I have come back to preach the Good News and unite the churches as I was instructed. The successfulness of my mission has been amazing. I never thought of it as an impossible task because i knew God wouldn't ask me to do anything I wasn't capable of doing. Slowly but surely the Catholic church is changing… please keep an open mind about this. I have seen many revelations and have brought it to a local level to many churches. It may take 100 years, but I know its in God's plan till the very end. I do not get upset when people do not believe me, although its something I usually do not announce. I use the creative ways that God has told me to use to preach the Good News, and to never judge or discount anyone, no matter what. God Bless You All.

  • Bex says:

    I have been trying to hear God's voice concerning whether the man I want to be with will be my husband. I know full well that God gives everyone free will and I accept that. What I do not get is when His Word says that God will give you the desires of your heart and that if we desire something we should ask, seek, and knock. Because I have not received this relationship I have been asking for and wanted clarity from God, I prayed that He would show me a sign. I know the Bible says the wicked man seeks a sign, but God also showed numerous signs to Gideon. I asked God to show me if this man is for me, then to show me a yellow rose and that same NIGHT I saw a yellow rose! Can I ask for a sign? I have been doing this for years! I try to force myself to accept that His answer is "no" and that I have to move on, and when I get to this point…a yellow rose will show up. It's in art, in pictures, in words, but it's there.

    Is this God saying "yes but wait for my timing" or is He saying "no" and I am just seeing this sign because I'm subconsciously searching for it even though I am carrying on with my daily activities without actively seeking out roses?

    • Greg says:

      The answer to your question could be so long or so short. When you meet the man your supposed to be with, you will know it if you are acting as a holy person, I can promise you that. If you are having many doubts, those doubts have been created by a reason. Also, do not let old belief system get in the way of listening to your modern day holy heart.

      God Bless You

    • Crod says:

      I know exactly what you are or were experiencing. Your scenario is like mine only I see hearts , the number 24, and a certain type of car. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy and I just look for them but, its a bit difficult to ignore them when I'm about to get ran over by that certain car or when I see a giant heart shaped hot air balloon. I know God has answered a lot of my other prayers but, this specific one just doesn't seem to be answered. People have told me that God will tell me directly which only makes me go a bit more insane.

      The only thing I have concluded and gives me comfort is knowing that time will tell (I'm a very impatient person). If that someone whom we're praying for really is our significant other than it's going to take time for God to mold them into the person they are suppose to be for us. In the mean time God might be saying just be patient it'll come. In the meantime I know he's walking right next to you (us). Because he obviously knows how much heartache this causes us. So there is nothing left to do except pray persistently and walk with God one day at a time.

      • jais says:

        I too hope that you are correct…..god knows the inside out of us….

        he do places certain desires in our heart if we have chose to walk in his will…so if still we have a longing for person….
        god will bring that person at the right time….just remain in prayer n be assured that we wont be missing the blessings he has placed in our life…amen!!!

  • Zibo says:

    I have never been good into listening into Gods voice. It is hard for me but I do want to try and believe with all my heart. Currently I am studying to be a Digital Artist it is not the most stable career which does worry me. I have great passion for art but at the same time have doubts about the path I am taking. I love the college I am currently in the people are very interesting, open and nice but I can't help to think that god intended to have me do something else with my life. It doesn't help that most of my family were against my choice but I had this huge pull in my gut that I should do it. I can't see myself doing anything else but…what if I fail? What if this career is a joke like they said? Please help….

    • ronedmondson says:

      I don't know that I can help from here, but I think you keep doing what you know to do unless God makes it very clear otherwise. Proverbs 16:9 says “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.” Don't worry about naysayers. God allows you to make decisions for yourself based on the experiences and passions He has placed within you. Don't feel He's a micro manager.

      • Arthur T Seekie says:

        well, I just came across your story and I was moved by the power of God to add some scripture insights to your concern. The book of Psalm 119:105 teaches us that the word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. this means we can guide our decision making by the counsel of the word of God. with that being said, let us look at the story of the ten virgins according to Matthew 25:1-13. 5 virgins were wise & the other 5 were foolish. according to the text, the 5 wise virgins took extra oil for their lamps on their journey to meet the bridegroom while the foolish 5 virgins never took extra oil along the journey. as they were almost getting to the bridegroom destination their lamps went out but the 5 wise virgins refilled their lamps and continue the journey. sadly, the 5 foolish virgins ran out of oil & were begging the 5 wise virgins for extra oil to help them refill their lamps. see, there is a meaningful lesson to learn in this parable. while we endeavor to pursue dreams in life we must have a backup plan that will bridge the gap between certainty and uncertainty. taking extra oil along was the wisest thing to do. even though the wise virgin trusted God's faithfulness to keep their lamp burning but cultivating the right attitude to produce a level of faith that pleases God was very critical to their success on the journey. in short, being a digital artist is one big journey fill with future possibilities as our post-industrial world will soon be dominated by digitalization. it can be scary not knowing whether Artificial intelligence will soon take over human jobs. thus, having extra oil on your journey would mean acquiring another marketable skill that will serve as back up in your short term goal while you scale your way up the ladder to your bigger goal for the digital world. hope this perspective helps out. God bless you!

  • Etta says:

    Amazing so true, awesome teaching, thanks it helps me to knopw the truth.

  • Emmy says:

    I am so torn right now. I was in nursing program & I didn’t do too well so I got kicked out. I am at a new school & met with an advisor who told me that the chance of me getting in the new nursing program is small. Now I find myself asking if that’s God telling me to do something else. All I want is to be a nurse. I don’t believe that God will bring me this far just to leave me now but I have doubts as to what he wants me to do. Please help.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I can never answer for someone what God is telling them to do. If you feel God led you to this place, He will make a way. Only you can answer that. I know God is mostly concerned with your character…even more than He is where you go to school or what career you have. But I also know God wants to bless you. I would press into your prayer time. If you don't sense God releasing you, and you still want to be a nurse, keep going.  “You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength”

      • Emmy says:

        Thank you because I do believe that. I also know He didn’t promise us an easy life but He did promise that He will never leave us. God bless you & thank you again.

        • Jordan says:

          Emmy, I'm so glad you've asked this! Nursing is an admirable profession, and one that not only does much good, but can provide you a great platform to shine the Light upon others! I have no doubt that you genuinely want to be a nurse, and that you feel that God has given you the heart for the task.

          With that said, you made the statement, "I didn't do too well so I got kicked out" of your initial nursing program. I think that's a very important statement, but first, while I firmly believe that God can help guide us in a good direction, I do not believe that every decision we make is within God's will (clearly, as sin exists and we choose it every day), nor do I believe that we only have one option available to us, and if we choose wrongly, we are outside of God's will (i.e. – you want to be a nurse or a Kindergarten teacher, both options are available, which do you choose?). Nursing, while a good profession and one that I'm sure you feel lead to be in, will require much work. If you truly "didn't do too well" and so "got kicked out", and now are having difficulty getting into the second nursing program, I wouldn't be so quick as to say, "God is closing this door. What do I do?" Without passing judgment on your potential, perhaps the reason the door is closing is because you "didn't do too well", and not because God doesn't want you to be a nurse.

          Look at it this way: If God gives me the gifts to be an incredible preacher/pastor, as in I exude charisma, am well spoken, have an excellent memory, and have a passion for the well being of people in general, what good does it do me if I never step foot in a church or read the Bible? Would I not be squandering the gifts? Didn't God equip me to be a pastor? Absolutely. He sure did. But without discipline, those gifts can be wasted.

          Let's look at it in Scripture, where God has revealed His character to us.

          Luke 19:11-27 gives us Jesus' amazing Parable of the Minas, otherwise known as the Parable of Money Usage (this verse is in no way, shape, or form about money, just to be clear). I would encourage you to read it so that you can be a good Berean (Acts 17:11) and see for yourself. The gist of it is this: Jesus has given people spiritual and natural talents, or giftings, and we are to use those giftings in the very best way to glorify Him. We are commanded to do so. Why am I bringing this up? Because in my hypothetical illustration of God gifting me to be a pastor/preacher, I asked what would happen if I never cultivated those gifts, to which the answer would be, I would be a lousy pastor, if I ever got the job at all.

          How does this apply to you? Simple. If you want to be a nurse, you have to work at it. If you are not able to pass the exams or complete the academic side of your training (if this is the case, you didn't specify why you "didn't do too well"), then I would say perhaps nursing is not where you are best equipped to ply your gifts.

          But I can promise you this: God has given you gifts, and He meant for you to use them in a way that best glorifies Him. Ask God to show you what those gifts are and how best they can be put to use, then seek out Godly counsel and get input from a mature, trusted Christian. There's plenty of hope ahead, so keep trusting in Him.

          • ronedmondson says:

            Great reply Jordan. Thanks for taking time to do this.

          • Jordan says:

            Absolutely, Ron. I can't even remember how I found myself on this particular page this morning, but for whatever reason (providence, naturally) I hope that some good came of it to the glory of God.

            On a totally unrelated topic, I was browsing your website, and I saw your page, "7 Way Wives Hurt Their Husbands…", and I realized that a Facebook friend of mine posted that exact article yesterday afternoon. Small world, yeah? God bless, Ron. Keep up the good work.

          • ronedmondson says:


          • Emmy says:

            Hi Jordan,

            Thank you so much and wonderful advise. I didn't do too well because I procrastinated and waited until 2-3 days before exams to study and the passing grade was a C+ and I was getting C's. For one exam, I started to study 2 weeks before by going to the library instead of studying in my bedroom with the TV and guess what Jordan, I had a B+. So, if I commit to a studying schedule, I know I can pass each exam with at least a B. So, I have been praying God for guidance and for a 2nd chance. I talk to Him while I am driving, at the Y and at work. My pastor is amazing, although I have not discuss that issue with her yet but I will. Again thank you Jordan.

  • abs35473 says:

    I feel as though God may be leading me to a different college. However, I can't tell if this is just based on my own human emotions…the connections I feel to this place and the people around it. I just started a club at my current college and it is going well, but will need continued direction. I just got comfortable at my current college…I know that sometimes that is when God really tests us by pulling us out of our comfort level, but I don't want to make a mistake by leaving…it's very hard for me to become comfortable in places. I would regret leaving the club at such a rocky stage too…as well as leaving my family, which is close to my current college, and all of my friends. Also, I have been trying to work out changing colleges and it has been extremely difficult. I have been praying hard for guidance, but I…am having a hard time finding it. What am I supposed to do?

    • ronedmondson says:

      First of all, there's no way I can answer what God is trying to tell you. You'll have to discern that with Him. It would be unfair for anyone to tell you that. You have a personal relationship with God.That said, I can say this. You may be putting more pressure on yourself than is warranted. What if God is more concerned about something else, than He is about which college you choose? What if He would allow you to go wherever you want? That doesn't mean it will be easy necessarily, but when it comes to applying, etc, those are things of man. God can intercede, but often doesn't. What if God said, Abby, go wherever you want to go, but wherever you go, I want your whole heart. I want you to surrender everything to me.That seems to be the message God shares with His people more than any other message. Read Proverbs 16:9.Praying for you as you discern His voice.

  • Linda says:

    I am glad God lead me to the post. I am having a difficult time hearing God in a life situation. I belong to a church that I have always loved. my husband does not care for the church so he doe not go. I have been asking God if I should find another church so we can worship God together. I'm very torn. I feel the presence of God every time I walk into my church. I believe my pastor is truly anointed but I also want to see my husband find salvation. I have prayed about this but not sure if it is God or thee circumstances talking.

  • Linda says:

    Am glad i came across this.i have difficulty in differentiating God’s voice from my life circumstance.i have been praying over my choice of a Life partner for 3yrs in a 3yr realtionship with one particular man i Love so much, whose treatment towards me drew me closer to God.3 different brethrens(i was told they are Men of God)have confirmed him to be the one while Another man of God said he is not.i have prayed over it and usually hear this quiet voice telling me to hold on,don’t let go.though somethings about us are improving as i pray,bt some major things are still lacking and i dont know what to listen to and what to believe anymore.i need a true confirmation from God to know the wisest thing to do because age is no longer on my side. pls help me out,am going crazy.

    • Sheila says:

      For me, when I can Be Still and not worry about so much confirmations from humans, I feel I am on Gods path.
      I cannot help wonder why this partner was put into your life. Maybe a little faith and surrender to Gods plan will bring your peace. Surrender to God and to your partner and quit worrying about your decisions…let God be in charge of your path. Pray to him every day that he will show you the way…then go about your business and let him be in control….just have faith and keep praying…….just what works for me….God bless and keep you in his care.

  • chad says:

    It is very true i used to be depressed and even almost committed suicide but i got over it on my own now that i am older and i look back i realize god put me through that to strengthen me now i am never depressed and when i am feeling sad i can get over it really fast because of god.

  • Princess April says:

    I've always known how to hear God but now I get confused if it really comes from God because I don't see anything happening right now. What should i do? Should I wait until God moves?

    • ronedmondson says:

      You should move on what you already know to do and wait on those that you don't. The Bible is clear on many things we can be doing (love our neighbor, feed the poor, etc.). Plus, God has given you a mind and freedom to dream and explore. If it's not sinful, you don't sense God saying no, you can probably move forward with where you are feeling drawn to go.

    • Sukai says:

      Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

  • Stephen says:

    I am a Catholic hermit and you speak very close to my heart. I worked in theater all of my life, I am 53, and throughout my life there was a continuous emptiness. At age 49 I began to feel the a definite call to solitude and the the life of a hermit. That does not mean I live in a cave, it means that I live in greater solitude and pray night and day for the salvation of the whole world. You use of the scripture is what I call Lectio Divina, a close, careful, and prayerful reading of the scriptures in order to hear what God wants me to learn and do. Great post. 🙂

  • A. Amos Love says:


    Thought this site might be a benefit to those desireing to “Hear His Voice.”

    Just click on the rectangle with “His Voice.”

    And you’ll find (4) four pages of only scriptures about “Hearing His Voice.”

    A free PDF download. Free to use. Free to give away.

    You can read these scriptures over and over again until you believe them.
    You can read them over and over again until you believe God.

    If God can create everything by speaking it into existance…

    Then speaking to “His Children,” “His Sheep,” would be easy…

    Out of heaven he made you to “hear His voice,”
    that “He might instruct you.”
    Deuteronomy 4:36

  • @bbow73 says:

    the written word is okay, but the living word is superior.
    The Bible is not the full revelation of God, Jesus is.
    With that in mind, hearing God's voice is a simple matter, read the gospels.
    good luck heeding his voice.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I love that first line…I do believe the written is living, but it's great to see and hear the voice of Jesus!

    • John C. James says:

      You have positively affected my life today by this your post. I wish every Christian would have this kind of understanding about the Bible, Jesus and God the Father. It will go along way helping us not to be misled by those who use the Bible (without the Spirit of Jeus Christ and God the Father) to deceive the world. When anybody has Jesus, those false prophets will hardly have their ways into his/her life.

      God bless you for these words of wisdom.


  • Jon says:

    For me it started with taking my eyes off Him, although I didn't know it at the time. My life got crazy and depressing and hard and I kept wondering where He was; why this much "suffering". When in reality it was my own doing. I think that we sometimes lose sight that perhaps He isn't silent, it's that we refuse to listen because we don't see that we've wandered far from the path.

    All of this has resulted in problems in my marriage. He has been merciful and faithful and has brought me back to where I need to be and I am so grateful, but now my wife's heart has been hardened against me and I deal with this. So I spend a lot of my time listening for Him; wanting to do the right thing always and not fall away again and to be the man my wife deserves.

    Sometimes it is very very silent and this focuses my prayers. But I do long for that word that I am going in the right direction. And I can see in scripture where I am, but since my wife has free will she can choose to not follow along and that is hard. Occasionally I get a "wink" from God. They are nice, but too few and far between. Still it gives me hope for a complete restoration of my marriage. And I can see clearly in my life in other ways where His hand is at work and I am so grateful for the help and direction that He gives.

    I do have to say, though, that there are times I really just wish He would come and sit beside me and tell me yes you are doing right, or no, you're missing the mark…sigh.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I agree Jon…there are many times like that for me.

    • hurting heart says:

      Jon I was wondering how your situation turned out ,I am currently in the same and for some reason I was led to this site and your story caught my eye mayb its him talking to me.

      • Lost says:

        I was wondering the same thing. I am and have been in a dark and difficult place for years- then my world gets totally rocked when my spouse said he doesn't know if he wants to stay with me. I thought I was doing everything right.

        • Jane says:

          I dont think your spouse ever has the right to say that he doesnt want to be with you. God does not like divorce, and does not encourage it at all. Many couples out there suffer through alot – but their faith in the Lord has also strengthened and allowed their relationship to be recovered . It's not easy, because we are still in living in the flesh, we will always argue and battle and fight against each other. But you and your spouse need to pray together. In the flesh we can do nothing, not even the best couples can be completely at peace. But when we are connected to our spirit (by prayer), then Christ comes in and just over supplies the right thing to each of us. Marriage is a picture of Christ as the Husband with his Bride, the Church. This is our goal and destiny, you and your spouse need to get this fundamental truth INGRAINED into you. It is absolutely essential, then you will be in the same page.

    • Lisacious says:

      I love your comment!! Hang in there, my brother…all will be well. 🙂 I feel sometimes, also, that God is very silent concerning my circumstances. But I just continue to have faith and patience knowing and believing that "He's working it our for my good."

  • Robert says:

    This was a great post. A truly wonderful one. Thank you.

  • Mark

    "I’ve always been able to see how God’s specific plan for me lined up with His desire to invite a world to know Him."

    Thanks, I often forget that it's not about me.