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Why Do Christians Still Sin?

Last Sunday, in our LIES series at Grace Community Church, I addressed the lie that Christians stop sinning when we become followers of Christ. It’s also why we have been called hypocrites by some. Every believer knows, however, that they still battle sin, but it’s often confusing as to why. I addressed this issue in this message:

Did you watch the message? Have you ever thought of Christians as hypocritical?

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  • Thanks for addressing this. As Christians we beat ourselves up with “No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.” – 1 John 3:6. But as we look at the full chapter we see that John, in his inspired wisdom, is helping us to see sin as a tool of growth in the Lord by showing where there are areas needing healing. Before he looks at sin, he reminds us of the great love of God our Father. In the middle, he reminds us of the great expression of love of God the Son. And at the end, he reminds us of the gentle reminders of love from God the Spirit. Bathed in love, John can have us look at sin without the discouragement of condemnation. Thanks for helping remove the condemnation many Christians carry around.

  • Jon says:

    I think that's easy to answer. We're human and fallen. Being a Christian does not mean we are perfect, just that we're saved. We should have a higher calling and more resistance to sin than non-Christians. But I think that Satan know that and works harder on us; the non-Christian is already in his camp in many ways. We have access to God in prayer and through the intercession of Christ, but i know that many times I am remiss in taking advantage of that. And, as I noted above, we're not perfect creatures; we're only human. We might have a leg up over someone who isn't Christian, but we see the same commercials and go to the same meetings and talk to the same people and have many of the same desires for acceptance and love and being "regular" people as does anyone else.

  • Lenin says:

    Hey Pastor, thank you for this message… It's one of those necessary to always keep handy

  • Many times. Christians fail to walk the talk. True, there are many hypocritical in their behavior. (I say this even though I work for a Christian NGO).