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I’m working on some blog posts, messages, and eventually a book on the impact of fathering. I’m especially interested in addressing the absence of a strong father figure in a person’s life, since I see it as a huge scar in many people’s life.

You can help me with this part of my ministry. Please consider completing my survey on fathering. It’s quick and easy and all responses are anonymous. I understand in advance that just answering questions about your father may be difficult for some, but your responses may help others. Thanks!

Click HERE to access the survey. Feel free to send others here to complete it also.

Also as a part of this post, I would love for you to add your public comments on fathering and the impact it has on your life, either as a father or by your father as a comment on this post. What difference has being a dad made on your life? What influence did your father have on you? Who knows, your comment/story may make it into a book some day!


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  • http://burnsidewriters.com/2011/06/17/you-dont-kn… Interestingly, I posted this just this week at Burnside. I barely knew my dad, and the concept of a father figure is difficult for me to fathom. But God has chosen to father me, if only I will let Him.

  • patriciazell says:

    I took the survey and I want to qualify one of my answers. I can't really go to my dad for wisdom because of his mental state. While he does not have dementia or alzheimer's, he doesn't understand today's world at all nor does he much want to talk about things. He is doing well in his nursing home and I am grateful for that. I keep telling him that I talk about him a lot with my students because who he was and is has greatly influenced who I am.

  • @mattmcmorris says:

    I was blessed to have a father in the ministry. He was a Christian school administrator for the first part of my life and then became a pastor when I was about 9 years old. I can honestly say that one of the reasons I serve in the pastoral ministry is because of his impact on my life. He is real. A man of discipline and integrity. His heart has always been to see His kids love God, love each other and love others. When I became a father a couple of years ago I realized the weight that places on a mans shoulders. Now with two kids, I hope to be half as good a dad as he is to me! I am truly blessed!

  • My father was a weekend dad when I was younger. He never was there for important events and always seemed to disapoint us. Everytime things started getting better and it seemed we were getting closer, he would always manage to disapear. He was an alcoholic and we always had a distant relationship. But I have forgiven him for not being the father I needed.

    I know have two kids of my own and I make sure I am there for them and give them all the love and attention I can give them. My experience with my dad has caused me to strive to be the best possible father I can be. I do not want to commit the same mistakes my dad made.

  • Erin A. says:

    Although my father was not a Christian, he was one of those people that you could model yourself after, especially as a parent. He died three years before I married, but I still considered him one of my largest influences in my life at that time and now almost 15 years into my marriage, I still consider at times how my father would have handled a particular situation, especially as a parent. I have probably glossed over a lot of his negative qualities since his death, but I am still very thankful for the huge impact he had on my life growing up and the example he set for me and my siblings and often wonder how the lives of each member of my family would have been different had he still been alive.

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