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7 Ways To Recover After A Major Failure Or Mistake

By September 18, 2009August 10th, 2011Encouragement, Vision

Never recovering after a major personal mistake or failure is what keeps some people from ever accomplishing much in life.  All of us make mistakes, but I am referring to the ones that cause major pain to yourself and those you love.  Even this type of failure does not have to stop you from achieving your dreams and goals. A lot of bouncing back in life depends on your response and attitude after the fall.

Here are a few steps to help you get back on track after you have a major failure in life:

Apologize – If the error was your fault, then be humble enough to admit your mistake and ask forgiveness.  Taking responsibility for your actions is never a bad thing to do.  Spend some time with God and the people you injured seeking their forgiveness.  God will grant it easily, others may not, but your job is not to control their response, but to offer a sincere apology.

Change directions – You can’t expect to recover if you keep repeating the same mistakes.

Build protection/accountability – Don’t be foolish enough to think it won’t happen again. It will unless you protect yourself.  You have damaged your proprioceptors  (Read this post) and depending on the size of the failure you may have to retrain yourself not to let the same mistake happen again.

Forgive yourself – Often the hardest thing to do is to let go of the guilt and move forward, but if God can forgiven you, why can’t you?

Stand strong – You will receive the same temptation again.  You will have further opportunity to repeat the same mistakes. Do not allow circumstances to control your life.  Find the power in Christ, yourself and others who believe in you to stay strong.

Set new goals – Dream again.  Find new areas in which you can succeed.  This may be one of the most important steps.  Don’t skip it,

Don’t look back – Once you have sought and received forgiveness and built safeguards into your life, do not allow the past to control your destiny.  Move forward with victory!

Are you allowing your past to control your future?   Get moving towards a new day today!

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