What Should Tiger Woods Say At His Press Conference?

By February 18, 2010Culture


The most talked about press conference ever occurs tomorrow.  Tiger Woods will face a select group of media.  Every sports report I saw today was focused on what Tiger will or will not say.  Some were kind, some were not, but all want to know what he has on his mind.  I believe grace is available to Tiger, just as it is to all of us, which I wrote about HERE and HERE.

Tiger is a celebrity and a role model, so I understand the media attention. At the same time, Tiger is a private citizen and ultimately he’s accountable to God and his family, not me or others. Still, if Tiger were calling me tonight for advice, or if I could somehow get word to him, this is what I would have him say:

  • I’m sorry
  • I was wrong
  • It was my fault
  • I’m getting help…I can’t do this alone
  • Please extend grace to me and my family and hold me accountable
  • I’m moving forward

He shouldn’t have to answer details about his personal life that at this point will not change the situation. Hopefully Tiger will repent, restore, and return to the game of golf.  Don’t we all love a good story of restoration?

Are you listening Tiger? Tiger, if you are, you may want to read THIS POST or THIS POST also.

What do you think Tiger should say?

Do you hope he returns to the game of golf?

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