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10 Reasons Why I Love Military Families In Our Church

By May 25, 2009September 9th, 2011Encouragement

I am honored to live in a military town. All my life I have known soldiers. Some of my best friends and family have been military-related. Our church has a large military population. I have heard people talk about the burden of military families on a church, because every three years they have to be replaced. The family in this picture was in our community group, but left our church for a reassignment. Cheryl and I could not love a family anymore than we love them and we’ve loved staying in touch with them.

I have always felt our church was stronger because of our military families, for as long as they might stay.  Therefore, as we celebrate military families, here are 10 Reasons why I love the military families in our church:

  • They are some of the most dedicated people I know
  • They bring experiences with them from around the world
  • They have great work ethics
  • They are expectant of great things from God
  • They are appreciative of any ministry
  • They make wonderful volunteers
  • They build friendships for life
  • They are sacrificial givers
  • They raise awesome families
  • They are brave soldiers, protecting my right to do what I do

God bless our military and God bless America!

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  • sbordewyk says:

    Thank you for honoring our military families and caring so deeply for them in your community. My son currently serve in the US Air Force and I couldn't be more proud. Happy Memorial Day!

  • David Welch says:

    Thank you Ron. Melanie and I are truly blessed to be a part of what God is doing in Clarksville through Grace Community. Thank you for honoring the troops. It really means alot to know we have support from home. I’m praying for you.

  • Renee Garcia says:

    We’ve been here for 5 years… that’s a long time for a Military family! We’re praying for at LEAST 5 more!

    Renee Garcia’s last blog post..Where we’ve been…

  • Susan Wyatt says:

    I agree with your top 10. From our experience, the exact same is true for us. We are so grateful for their sacrifices.

    Susan WYatt

  • Mark Brooks says:

    Thanks for this tribute. My son served 29 months in Iraq and would be back if he had not gotten out. For us as parents those were some tough times. My son in law is now in and just got back from Iraq for 14 months. My daughter and grandson lived with us through that time. I count them as my hero’s. Few recognize what families go through so thanks for this post.
    Mark Brooks