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I am in the midst of a life transition of sorts. It was subtle at first, but over the last couple years, as our church has grown in size and our ability to make an impact in the Kingdom has increased, it has become more recognizable.  I am moving from more of a receiver to an investor into other people’s lives.  I am honored to invest in younger men, many who are pastors also. 

I don’t share that to make myself appear important.  The older I get the more I realize I am nothing apart from Christ, but the fact is that people look to me for direction, support and encouragement.  I hesitate to even use the word, because I feel I still have so much to learn, but people actually are looking to me for wisdom.   It is a weird feeling to realize people actually think I have answers. 

I realize I can’t take people where I haven’t been, so I have always been a wisdom seeker.  I have always sought out godly men who are further along in life than I am, but are heading in the direction I want my life to go.  It is honestly getting more difficult to find men older than me who meet that criteria and are willing to invest in others.  So, the question remains.  If I am going to invest in other people, who is going to invest in me? 

Do you agree it is difficult to find those who are willing to invest wisdom in younger people?   What can we do about it?  

Also, do you have a mentor?  Are you willing to mentor someone to help them with the wisdom you have gained?  

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  • Jenni Catron says:

    Great, great post Ron! This is a huge transition. I have always found it difficult to find people (women especially) who were older and wiser AND willing to give me the time or attention. As a result, it has made me passionate to invest in others. I hope that I can encourage and inspire others while I still try to find people to speak into my life.

  • Kevin Diemer says:


    I’m not for sure I can invest in you. Investing in someone would require for me to have something to give to you.

    But I share the same life story of investing as you. When I was in high school, someone invested his time in me, but taking me out to lunch often for conversation, having me over to his house one evening a week for a bible study, and having me over to his house in the mornings once a week for scripture memory. Now, my goal is to simply be someone like him.

    I think you are a great man, and I am hoping to learn from you. I always pray for you, Chad, and the entire church staff daily.

  • Agreed Ron. This is where I had to become intentional in seeking out a mentor who would invest in me. It’s tough to do because we are so busy most days helping others but if we don’t take the time to invest in our personal growth and gain the wisdom of others we will soon find we have no voice with those who are looking for help.