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10 Things I Hate in Leadership

By September 10, 2008Business, Church, Leadership

There are some things in leadership that drive me bananas.  Maybe you have your own list, but this is mine.  Here are 10 things I hate (or don’t like very much) in leading or following people: 


1.      Responsibility without authority. If you ask someone to lead something; then let them lead.

2.      Small mindedness. I like big dreams and those that dream them. I’ve never once out-dreamed God. 

3.      Naysayers.  There is always someone who says it can’t be done. 

4.      Laziness.  Not only is it a sin, if it is allowed to fester it can be contagious or disruptive to an organization. 

5.      Settling for the mediocre instead of pushing for the best. (self-explanatory)

6.      Popularity seeking.  Leaders who say what they think people want to hear in order to be liked. 

7.      Power hunger. Leaders who are easily threatened by others. 

8.      Caution out of fear. I prefer a bold faith. 

9.      Bullied management. Some leaders get their way from force.

10.  Passion squelchers. Leaders should energize others to realize their dreams. 

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