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Donald Miller Prayer at Democratic Convention

By August 26, 2008August 29th, 2008Leadership, Uncategorized

The current debate is whether a believer could pray at the Democratic Convention for fear that he/she would be seen as endorsing a party.  Frankly I don’t understand the dilemma and would think we would take any opportunity to advance the message of the Gospel on national television and to a national audience.  Cameron Strang, editor of Relevant Magazine (a great magazine we all read around here) turned down the offer and so Donald Miller, author of “Blue Like Jazz” accepted. 

Anyway, I just saw the prayer today.  I think Donald did a great job.  Do you have an opinion here?  You can watch Donald’s prayer here:

Donald Miller Democratic Convention Prayer

Of course, since some in my church have launched my own campaign for president, I’m really not paying attention to the conventions much this time.  (J/K)  See my earlier post if you are confused.

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