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College President’s Firing a Good Leadership Reminder

“What I do in my private time is of no one’s concern but mine.”  I’ve heard that line all my life.  I wonder if that statement is less true, however, for those who are in leadership positions, especially those who desire to lead people towards some sense of a better life, who work with students or children, or who are representatives of other people in their leadership.  In a day in which authenticity is such an admired character trait, it is important that leaders not be one person on the job and another when off duty. 

Did you see the story of the college president who resigned for helping “keg up” someone of the age he was supposed to be leading? 


I certainly don’t want to kick a man when he’s down; although with $400,000 he has a pretty good cushion to rebuild his career.  I do think his story though serves as a reminder to those of us in leadership positions that what we do in our private time does matter.  For that reminder I’m thankful. 

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