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Technology and the Shaping/Ruining of Life as We Know It.

Obviously the world is changing at rapid pace. The technological age has made the world faster, smaller, thinner, bolder, sexier, and more complex.  We have more options, but with those advances come more challenges.  This morning our server was down and one would have thought the sky had fallen. Last week I left my Blackberry at my office when I ran out to a meeting.  I was miserable, unproductive and moody at that meeting. (Sorry guys.)  Our worlds often center around technology.  What would we do without it?  It helps us do our work so much more efficiently, yet it’s also sometimes a stumbling block to real success in the areas of our life that matter to God (and hopefully us) most.

Our family minister, Michael Bayne, shared a story with me today that quickly put things into perspective.  Apparently his 2 year old daughter finds it funny to hide his Mp3 player.  He freaks on her, because he loves his music, but she thinks it’s funny.  Instantly I smelled a rat in this picture.  Could his 2 year old be crying out “Pick me, Pick me” over this piece of technology?  Granted, Michael Bayne is one of the most attentive, loving, great dads I know, but sometimes a 2 year old can be used to teach us some valuable lessons. 

So, here’s a question for us all…

Is your technology more important than the personal, God-given, relationships you have?     If you had to give up one or the other for a night, which would it be?  (Be honest.) 

Now having answers those questions (with correct answers obviously because we couldn’t admit otherwise, could we?), the next question is rather clear:

Is that answer reflected in the way you are currently living your life? 


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