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Living in a Religious Bubble

By May 24, 2008Leadership

I got to be in the presence of religious “greatness” recently. This pastor is at a prestigious church. If you don’t know that he will tell you. Unfortunately he lives in a bubble; the same kind the Pharisees lived in. I saw him walking around a conference we were both at and he came across as unapproachable and arrogant.

I have learned in life that matters of the heart matter most. Even if one is “right” theologically, if their heart is hard towards other people, then they are still “wrong” when it comes to the truest things of importance to God.

I don’t intend to come across as judgmental. I’m sure had I been able to get to know this pastor we would have shared much in common and even could have been good friends. The fact is, aside from the prestigious church part, that pastor could have been me. It served as a good reminder that the way I treat others is more important than who I “think” I am. I can know theology and insights into church history and traditions, but if I don’t love others as Christ does then I’m not living His desire for my life.

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  • Ron Edmondson says:

    Glad for the grace I’ve been shown and the freedom to express it!

  • Emily Doss says:

    I felt like on tour we lived in a religious bubble. All the people we were around in church venues and that came to the concert were Christians who bought a ticket to see Avalon. One day we went to the mall and I looked at Daniel and said- there are real people here who need love and need Jesus- for some reason it was refreshing to me. (not that hurting people didn’t come to the concert, but I sooo felt like we were in a bubble.)