5 Reasons This Pastor Attends Church While on Vacation

Pastor and ministry leader, as you consider your vacation this year, I want to encourage you to find a church wherever you are and visit.

I understand why you may not. Church is your “job”. You’re on vacation. It’s a break from “work” by definition.

One of the first things Cheryl and I do when we go out of town is look for a place to attend church on Sunday. We’ve had some incredible experiences attending other churches and its one of our favorite parts about vacation.

I know many pastors who look forward to some weeks they don’t have to attend church. I have often been asked if we are legalistic because we don’t take a vacation from church while on vacation. Do we feel we “must” attend church in vacation? Is it because I’m a pastor?

Absolutely not. We feel no obligation. It’s what we want to do.

Here are 5 reasons this pastor attends church on vacation:

We love church.

Church is the best part of our week. We don’t view church as an obligation. It is a privilege. We believe the church is God’s plan to make disciples. It’s our community. It’s where we find our best friends in life. It is a large part of what fuels us for the week ahead. Why would we take a vacation from this important part of our life?

We get to worship without distraction.

Honestly, Sunday can be a very distracting day for Cheryl and me. We are both busy with ministry obligations. On vacation we are freed to worship.

We get to sit together.

Cheryl is beside me during the worship portion of the service, but she has never stood beside me while I preach – even as many times as I’ve asked her to. 🙂 Actually, we did dance together on stage in one service. (Another story) On vacation we enjoy being together for an entire service.

We learn from others.

I love sitting under the teaching of other pastors. Cheryl never admits to anyone preaching better than me, but she seems to take plenty of notes when we are out of town. 🙂 We also always go home with new ideas and renewed energy from attending other churches.

We get to encourage another pastor.

We know how much we love visitors. On vacation, we get to attend another church, pray for the pastor, and many times meet and pray for the pastor and pastor’s spouse. Those have been awesome experiences over the years.

Please understand. I’m not saying you have to attend church when you’re on vacation. I am far from being legalistic. I’ve often been referred to as more of a rebel, but don’t dismiss this advice too quickly. It could be one of the greater parts of your vacation. (And if you’re ever in Lexington for vacation, come see us. Did you read my post about vacationing here?)

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18 thoughts on “5 Reasons This Pastor Attends Church While on Vacation

  1. It’s so wonderful to visit other churches on vacation. One year we went to Disney in Florida and visited Orlando Baptist Church. I believe I was so relaxed, and the sermon was so awesome, it inspired me to map out a curriculum unit based on the text. Then another year, we scheduled a 3 day road trip so that we’d be able to visit Passion City’s 6pm service in Atlanta. The door holders were delighted to see the NY-kers in the house. I love visiting churches on vacation- I can listen to teaching- something most teachers Absolutely love doing!

  2. If you ever vacation in the upstate of SC, I can make an excellent recommendation for you. And this is a great spot to vacation. 🙂

    • I'm typically in SC once or twice a year got conferences or working with churches. Great state.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  3. My pastor, Daniel Montgomery in Louisville, has pointed out that his family does the same thing but adds one more reason: his children. He said they didn't want to teach their kids that church was a job or an obligation that you got to abdicate when you were on vacation, but rather a joy that you get to participate in every week.

  4. I am not legalistic when it comes to attending church, but I do like to go elsewhere. Not only do I get to experience the ones above you mentioned Ron, but it also is nice to experience worship in other churches. I can never turn off the "pastor dial" in me so I am always wanting to learn. We will be gone for the next two Sundays and plan to attend two different churches during that time.