Creating a Leadership Legacy


The best example of a person’s leadership is what happens when the leader isn’t leading.

What happens after the leader is gone?

What happens when the leader is absent?

What happens without the leader doing or saying anything?

How does the leader’s influence impact the organization years beyond the leader?

Your reputation and legacy as a leader lasts long after you’ve left the building.

Do they model some of your actions? Do they realize your value to the organization? Do they miss your presence? Does the organization continue to grow and remain healthy? Did you prepare them for your absence? Did you leave them in good hands?

The way you lead now will answer those questions then.

Here’s a sobering question to consider:

What kind of leadership legacy are you leaving?

Now make it even more sobering. Ask some people you lead that same question…about you…and see how they answer.

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6 thoughts on “Creating a Leadership Legacy

  1. I hope I'm leaving a legacy of young people who are rising up to take on the mantle. It's tough to really know the fruits of your labor in youth ministry as we rarely see the true fruits until years or even decades later.

  2. I know if I am called to God1st, and I am His servant leader, then I will leave a "living legacy"! Another question from a Kingdom Perspective might be: What is the "imprint" I leave on their heart? My Image or Jesus'? Have I pointed them to Christ, so they don't need me, they need HIM? Now that is a legacy! The Face Of A Christ Follower Reflecting Jesus, Fully Facing HIM!

  3. Brings Mark 4:26-29 to mind. Planting and watering the right way will yield a reproducing crop of Kingdom leaders and disciple makers. There's no success without successors.