You Can Be a Mentor

Of someone.

Cheryl and I were discussing the need for mentoring recently. She was talking about getting older women to mentor younger women. I like the concept. I think it’s a great example of Biblical discipleship.

Then Cheryl said something that caught my attention. She said, “Everyone thinks they need a mentor, so they don’t think they can be one.”

I think she’s right. She’s right on both accounts. It seems to be true for men too.

Everyone probably does need a mentor. Mentors help shape our life. I’ve written extensively about the subject. (Find some of those posts HERE.)

Yet, the fact that they do makes people think they can’t be one.

But, everyone can also be a mentor.

You too can be a mentor.

Of someone.

You’ve learned some things in life. You’ve gained some experience. You have some things to share with others. There are others who can learn from you.

In my experience, its often when I start investing in others that I stumble into the help I need from others.

Try it. Find someone to mentor today.

Have you ever been a mentor? Tell me about your experience.

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13 thoughts on “You Can Be a Mentor

  1. I have always yearned for a mentor in my life. In this process, I have decided to be mentor to someone whom I can groom. When I read the book "Mentor Like Jesus" by 'Regi Campbell', I was able to understand how the joy and happiness in mentoring others. To begin with, I have started mentoring with one of my junior staff now. Just a small beginning. However, I look forward to be consistent in my endeavor.

  2. I've never officially been a mentor but I know I have to some of our youth students.

    It's a valuable role that all of us need to be a part of. Not only do you give, you receive. You're pushed to new limits. You gain valuable insights.

    • I suspect you are considered their official mentor even if you never considered yourself in that way.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  3. I'ts wild how those that want to be mentored find you at times that you don't feel "qualified". It's during those mentoring times that I find myself soaking in more of God's Word and more on mentorship as to not let the mentee down.
    Great thoughts!

  4. I'm learning a lot being a mentor. I've been blessed to have a number of them in my life and awoke one day a while back (and encouraged by a current mentor) to be a mentor. Turns out I was already doing it informally but am now involved in a couple of a bit more formal mentoring relationships.

    Your posts, Ron, have been a source for me a number of times in the process – sometimes looking for specific information and, often, getting encouragement myself! Thanks!
    Twitter: bobbalkcom