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What to Do When Your Head is About to Explode with Ideas

By May 11, 2022Leadership

What should you do when your head is about to explode with ideas?

This is a quick post for creatives. I have in mind the big idea people like me. 

If you are like me then you have days – even seasons – where you have more ideas than you can process – certainly more ideas than you or your team can handle – you need a system.

What do you do when your head is about to explode with ideas? 

Here are a few suggestions: 

Take a walk. Or it could be to hop on your bike or an elliptical. The key is to step away from all of it for a little while. Personally, I prefer walking because I can record new ideas as they come to me – because they certainly will. 

Write them down. Put them somewhere where you can reflect on them later and not forget them. As great is an idea may be, if you have multiple ideas bouncing around in your head some of them will escape. It is also freeing to your mind to release them in this way. 

Invite in other creatives. You need help processing the ideas you have. Careful note here – it is also important to have a detail person nearby to help you record all the new ideas that will be generated.

Empower your team. This might be the most important one. Make sure the people around you feel the freedom to tell you when something is a dumb idea, or your team simply can’t do anymore. 

Hope this is helpful. I’ve got to run. I just got a new idea.

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