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Funniest Questions I Received as a Church Planter

Here are the funniest questions I received as a church planter:

“When are you going to build a church?” 

I always thought, “Well, that’s what we are doing now meeting in this high school.” (Oh, you mean a building, but, of course, you’d agree the church is not the building, right?  )

“Are you going to keep doing this?” 

For whatever reason, it seemed that some believed a church plant was temporary. (Until a “real church” comes along I guess.)

“What’s your other job?” 

I realize all pastors get this one, but many plants start with bi-vocational pastors. Not all do though and sometimes planting IS our job. Trust me, there’s plenty to do.

“When you get a building will you quit having small groups?” 

This usually came from someone who was accustomed to Sunday school, but it was funny that their tradition led them to believe that a lack of space would be our only reason to do church this way. (Meeting in homes during the week – that’s so first century  )

“How did this thing get started?”

Many times this was an innocent question. I learned, however, mostly because of follow up questions, that sometimes this was a question looking for some inside scoop, a scandal of sorts, a church split – that kind of thing. There’s almost an expectation that a “story” exists with a church plant. In my experience, a church plant is far more about what God is calling someone to than what someone is running from.

Have you been part of a church plant? Have you received these “funniest questions as a church planter”? What others?

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