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How Do I Get My Wife to Love Me Again?

By March 1, 2014November 13th, 2016Encouragement, Marriage

The title is deceiving. I admit that. You can’t “get” anyone to love you. How that occurs is a mystery. (And, we’ll end this post in mystery.)

But, I wanted you to find and read the post if you need the help.

In working with marriages in distress I’ve discovered most men have injured the women in their life emotionally, at least at some level. To understand how this can happen one needs to first understand one of the ways men and women are usually different. Most men are predominantly thinking beings – they receive and process experiences in life in a predominately rational and logical way. If someone says something which offends a man he will accept or dismiss it based on whether it is true.

Most women are different. Women are usually more in tune with their emotions. They are often more relationally aware. When life happens to them their dominant reaction is often to respond emotionally first. When someone hurts a woman’s feelings, for example, even though the information they receive may be false, it takes them longer to work through the feelings associated with the emotional injury.

(Of course both of these two paragraphs are general statements, but they ring true for most men and women.) I would contend though – every woman’s heart is injured to a certain extent. (And, fairly, probably every man’s.) Sometimes this injury occurs gradually over time. Sometimes it comes suddenly through serious breaches in the marriage trust.

The heart, speaking in terms of the seat of our emotions, was created much like other parts of the body. When a finger is broken the body is designed to instantly start to heal and protect itself from further injury. When a person takes a swing at you your natural reaction is to put your hands up in defense.

The same is true of the heart. When a person’s heart is injured, it goes into a self-protective mode to keep it from further injury. Over time, after years of injury, the heart becomes almost calloused, refusing to allow anyone to injure the heart again. A woman who has had years of emotional injury doesn’t have much heart left to give to anyone, but especially to the one who has done the injury. She has closed off her heart to keep from being hurt anymore.

Most men enjoy trying to “fix” problems, but men cannot fix their wife’s emotions. Emotions are not repaired as easily as one could fix a leaking faucet or program a computer. So what is a man to do if he feels his wife’s heart is injured? How do you heal a broken heart?

Of course, Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. He can come in, erase all the pain, and make the heart brand new. Most of the time, however, at least in my experience, He lets us wrestle with life’s heartache while we learn to better love one another.

The following steps are designed for a man to help heal his wife’s heart. This post developed when a pastor came to me with a horrible story of his wife’s sexual abuse as a child. Even today she struggles to trust any man, including her husband. I gave him this advice.

Here are 9 suggestions for winning back the heart of your wife:

Seek God

Whatever draws you closer to God is a good thing — and will make you a better man, regardless of what happens with your marriage. When you are attempting to rekindle your wife’s love, use this time to develop and strengthen your relationship with God. It starts, as all relationships with God begin, through a recognition of who Christ is and your belief in Him. Start there and grow.

Practice patience.

The first thing men need to do is to recognize restoring a broken heart will not happen overnight. Emotions heal very slowly. Steps should begin to restore an injured heart or to rebuild the marriage, but men should not expect too much too soon.

Love your wife

This is by far their greatest need. Most wives have their love need unmet. The standard for our love is perfection, since a man is to love his wife as Christ loves the church. As imperfect men we will actually never love our wife enough. The wife knows, however, when the husband’s attention is somewhere else. Many men sacrifice their marriage for their careers or other interests. A wife’s love need is new every day. A wife needs to know that she is second only to God in her husband’s affections.

I have found for my love for my Cheryl to grow I need Christ’s help. I pray for this often.

Romance her

Every woman has a certain need for romance. Many wives had a fairy tale idea of marriage when they were growing up. They realize early in marriage this isn’t reality, but their need for occasional romance remains. Most men rarely know how to do this. A man should be genuine, but should recognize and value the uniqueness of his wife and find ways to give her romance.

I gave my wife a “romantic” trip to New York City for Christmas one year. We were going to dance, walk through Central Park, and just enjoy each other. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned it, but I earned huge points in the romance category with my wife.

Value words

When a man comes home and says “This house is a mess”, being a mostly factual being, that’s probably all he meant. He looked around, made a physical observation, and stated a factual conclusion. The wife, however, probably did not receive the information that way. The wife most likely heard lots of negative information, such as, “You have done nothing all day”, or maybe even, “I don’t like you.” This sounds impossible to most guy’s rational minds, but with emotions receiving information anything could be heard, whether it was the intended response or not. Men need to learn how to be gentle with their wives and the words they use.

One question I ask men, “Would you let another man talk to your wife the way you talk to her?”

Communicate on her terms

Many women communicate best heart to heart – not head to head. A man should allow his wife to see his heart. He should be willing to be vulnerable with her. Men may need to ask their wives to help them learn how to say things to her. Men cannot talk to their wives as they would their guy friends. Women require understanding, compassion, openness and honesty in communication.

Give constant assurance

Trust is an important need for a woman in relationships. The wife needs to know that her husband is going to be faithful. Men should not take offense, for example, when their wife asks details about their schedule or the activities of their day. The wife desires to be a partner in her husband’s life and these details help her provide trust and security in the relationship. A man should also tell his wife frequently he loves her and is committed to her. She needs this consistent assurance.

Learn to Live by Truth

Ultimately life cannot be lived strictly by emotions. We need truth. Emotions are often unreliable. A woman who feels unloved may be very much loved by her family, but she fails to feel that truth because of years of emotional abuse. Men should gently, but consistently speak truth in love, reminding his wife of her worth, her beauty, and her place in his life. Over time – truth, when given with love, can help heal damaged emotions.

Keep doing it!

The heart is damaged over years and years of injury. Sadly many women have deep and tragic heart wounds, but much of this injury will have been unintentionally delivered and small in terms of the magnitude of the incident. Years of emotional injury builds up in the heart until the heart becomes closed. The erasing of the pain will happen just as it was developed – a little bit at a time. The husband cannot try this for a week and then stop. Protecting a woman’s heart must become a lifestyle.


Recently I was talking with a man whose wife is experience deep depression. As I talked with this man it became apparent that, though probably unknowingly, he had been damaging his wife’s heart for years. He cannot seem to understand why his wife is so emotional; “Everything seems to upset her”, he said. The man told me he had tried to help her through her problems and everything they had going against them he could “fix” if she would let him. I am not sure I could have ever convinced this man his attempts at “repair” were probably one of the chief causes of his wife’s broken heart.

Most men tell me they don’t know how to be who their wife needs them to be or wants them to be. I believe if we want to win back the heart of our wife we may need to learn how. It’s never too late to begin!

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  • Charlie says:

    My wife and I have been separated for 2 months. We have been married 1 year. I love and miss her. I have done great harm with my offensive language. I’m in NY she is in FL, but wants to move to NY. I am truly sorry and have changed my life. Also, I suspect she may have cheated. Any suggestions?

  • Michael Mathuba says:

    It’s been 8 months since my wife have left me i need her back in life again what can i do to get her back please help me.

  • Paul says:

    Hello name is Paul and my wife wants a divorce but I really don't. She says she's not in love with me anymore. This has been two months and going nowhere but down. We still live in the same house sleep in separate rooms have two kids together and spend alot of time together. We are best friends and she thinks that's all we are. I don't! I have been doing the very best I can to win her back and it don't seem to be working. I love her with all my heart and want nothing more than to keep our family together I need help. I'm so sad I've been crying for two months without a days break. We've been together 11 years, any tips people? Please help.

  • Gary says:

    I'm in the same boat. My wife told me on Sunday, she loves me but not in love with me. I have not listened to her. I have failed there! I have never toucch her, yelled or anything, I'm kinda laid back. Please keep me in your prayers!

  • JJGuest says:

    2.5years ago I started a fling with a Filipino I met on a porn website- I also sent her money for 2.5 years to help her out – I went to see her 2 times while I was traveling in Asia – but I continued to chat with her daily about 5-15 times a day – even while my wife laid in bed next to me – I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, about the same time my wife found out about my affair if you want to call it that – she found out most of the details by having all my internet activity searched – my wife says her heart has been destroyed -Every time she sees an Asian she looks at me with disappointment and anger- I feel guilty but I want to repair what I have done – My wife thinks that the only reason this porn fling has stopped is because I have cancer – she cries but tries to put up a good face in front of our kids, – What can I do to let her know how much I care for her and that I want to heal our marriage?

  • Sylvester Rosario says:

    My wife of 10 years left me she tells me she does not love me anymore she wants to be friends for the sake of our children. I hurt her i screwed up amd been trying every day to show her i am not that man anymore. I asked that she gives me a chance to show her im not that man anymore. She refuses to work it out shes talking to other men now going out and its killing me. I’m dying insid im in so much pain. I sold my gun beacuse i thought of using it on myself. Sometimes the thought of death is all to comforting. I been cutting myself also and i drink every night. I love my beautiful wife so much and she does not love me anymore.its hard so hard for me all i want is my wife back im lost without her.

  • Jason Jacobs says:

    Watched the videos on marriage sermon. I was once saved in Christian but only for a short whIle. I have damaged my wife my marriage and my family and am trying hard to repair it to save us. I know I need Christ to make it work but I’ve hurt her and hurt him. How do I get them both back, my wife is my church she my place of worship and salvation as the church is to Christ. I have hurt her turned her against me and I’m lost without her. God can fix it but I gotta fix it with him 1st but I’m scared.

    • Jason says:

      Don’t be scared jesus is wanting you to come back to him and he is desperately wanting you to ask for his help

  • Paul says:

    Hi. My wife found out about my infidelity in April. It had been going on for about 6-7 months. I was unhappy with life and made some horrible choices. My wife and I have been trying (while living together) to repair and rebuild. We have been seeing a counselor regularly. We have been on two vacations-one alone and one with our children. Things have been well at many points throughout. At the midway point of the vacation with family she decided I wasn’t transparent enough and that her thoughts about the details of my affair were more than she could endure and her anger built. When we returned home she said she couldn’t continue this roller coaster. She would never forgive me but for the sake of the kids we needed to learn how to coexist. I feel I’ve lost her because of what I know about her. We’ve been together for 10 years. Any advice? I don’t want to discuss this with anyone, but I’m desperate to know what to do here.

  • Phillip says:

    Hi, my wife and I separated about a month ago and she has said to me that she has absolutely no more feelings or love for me, but I am still convinced that she is my true love and I will admit that I’m guilty of most of the suggestions above, unfortunately our children are the ones that are suffering they seem depressed and distant. We talk every night and the conversations are getting better. Do you perhaps any advice for me to change the way that she is feeling at the moment.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I suggest a short, fast read book called “How to Save Your Marriage Alone” by Ed WheattAnd, of course, lots of prayer.

  • Jonathan says:

    Is jonathan .why if I do show her love and all do is not in off for her

  • Kristine says:

    I am the wife.
    I found this link on our computer internet history.
    I am sure you can guess why I am looking.
    Reading a note like this is outside help.
    If your wife is like me, she is telling you what she needs.
    LISTEN to your wife.
    DO what she says she needs
    she is the one that can help you more than any book or article.
    You can read and search and try all this outside help after your Listen and Do, NOT B4
    Get out of your head deciding what she needs.
    OPEN your heart and give her YOU, the scared, sorry, imperfect YOU.
    Give her what she needs by figuring out her "Love Language" and doing those things for HER. You cannot heal her your way, you can only heal her HER way.
    Listen to her, Do the things that make her feel better.

  • Fidel says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very happy that we’re all here supporting each other. A lot of times people don’t understand how we men get affected when our relationships fail. I am going through hell right now and my heart hurts so much some days I feel like I am taking my last breathe. My fiancée and I have been together 7 years. Two of those years we spent away from each other cuz she was back in her country after school before we finally reunited again. She is the most wonderful person I have ever met and the best thing that ever happened to me. Unfortunately I messed up so many times during the period we were away from each other that she never forgave me even though she said she did. After our engagement a year ago, we started fighting cuz her family didn’t want her to marry me because of my race. Her Mum visited us last December and I had to leave the house for her Mum to come in. I was so depressed and drank so much during that time. After her Mum I asked her to come up with a plan about how we were going to move forward. After a month she still wasn’t saying anything and I got so mad and started neglecting and ignoring her at home. I was always in and out of the house and away from the city in search of work because I knew at that point that I was fucked if she left me. I lost my job right before our engagement and was barely struggling to pull my weight at home at this point. She was always jealous when I was talking to other girls on the phone and I got pissed off and told her off. Two days later she decided it was over and that she was done with me. I begged her and said I was sorry and she said she had forgiven me and asked me to move back home. Unfortunately I had just gotten a 6 week contract to work out of the city. She said it was ok and that I should go to work. While at work I tried to be there for her and show her attention and day in day out. Instead she told me she was still mad at me and that she hadn’t forgiven me. When I came back we spent the wknd together and made up before I left again for work. I begged her that we should heal together, start counselling and I came out with a plan of how we should move ahead. She never replied to my proposals except that she said she would think about them. I came back home when the contract was over and she wanted me out of the house immediately. She didn’t even want me to sleep on the couch till I found where to go. She said she was happier and had found peace without me and she wasn’t gonna give that up for nothing. I begged her friends who had always pretended they cared to help me talk to her but they refused. So I packed up in shame, crying and with all the guilt of having fucked up and left the house. She said it couldn’t be fixed and that I should move on and she didn’t wanna give me any hope that we would ever be together again. I know I really hurt her and it was my fuck ups that let us to that point so am living with all the guilt in the world. She was special and the love of my life u fortunately her family was racists and it really drove me into a dark place that I wasn’t able to treat her like she deserved. While together we were happy and travelled the world and have so many memories together. Problem is she knew everyone in my family and all my friends but she always hide me from her family. i respected her culture and was willing to forgive her Mum even though she treated me like garbage. I am so confused because I know she is stuck in the middle and doesn’t know if am worth the trouble. My whole life was built around her and now I feel empty, hopeless and helpless. I can’t even enjoy the lil things I used to love. I realize now more than ever that nothing matters in life if I am without her. For the first time in my life I thought of suicide but then I love her and I can’t even hurt myself cuz I know she will have to live with it.
    Right now I am seeing a psychologist and getting the medical help that I need to start a new life. I am also applying to study this fall that way I can start something new in my life. This separation has been a turning point in the sense that it has helped me realize how lost I was and how much I needed to work on myself to become a better person. I gave up social media and so many friends to keep her happy and now she left me and I am lonely. I will keep working on my social skills and learn to enjoy life again if it’s even possible.
    In a week we are seeing the psychologist together and I am afraid it’s gonna be another rejection but I have to face the challenge and continue to heal. Hopefully one day she realizes how much I loved her and that I was willing to do anything to make our relationship work despite my fuck ups in the beginning. I was younger and confused and didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do in life and how to handle situations. She is 27 and I am 33. She was orthodox and me Catholic. We were so different but complemented each other.

    I hope all the guys with broken hearts find meaningful healing and a way to improve on themselves.

  • Gussy says:

    I am a 52 year old man whose wife is openly having an affair she admitted this to me six weeks ago we have two children 12 + 7 my youngest is autistic I still love her very much and I forgive her because I know it was my actions that drove her to this she had given me warnings that went right over my head I have never cheated on her but I did openly neglect her she has gone out with this man openly and in front of me the last couple of weeks after I’ve tried to say that I would like to repair our marriage I have changed my ways I have become more caring and I have given her her space but I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall right now am I being stupid by taking this punishment is there any hope for us

  • dilip says:

    Sir suggest me how to tackle my pain…..I married a adi tribal girl…now its five years running now days she neglect me and hate me like a dog…..I m also doing many mistake now I m know without her I m nothing I miss her every second criying for her….I m alone…..

  • John says:

    Why is it always what the guy can do better for the woman?

    • Donovan says:

      To answer that, u got to try think like a woman. All a woman wants it to be loved and appreciated (these 2 things include every facet of what they want as they are interlinked). I asked that same question in my mind when it was or still might be over. If you show those 2 things every day you will receive it all back rent fold. The man should be the initiator because what you get back from the smallest things is an insurmountable amount of love. Unfortunately.atelier most men only realise that when things are almost over or finished.

  • David says:

    I recently went through a downward patch with my wife. We separated after 3months being married. We had been together 12 years prior and have 3 beautiful children. She came out with the famous saying I love you but not in love with you. The main reason was that I emotionally abandoned her and I wasn't pulling my weight at home although there were a lot of things wrong with our marriage, the way we spoke to each other, critisising each other, fighting over free time etc we both hold really good jobs as accountants although I lost my way a little through pushing on with my career. Basically my wife went cold turkey and wanted me out of our home, I stayed for a month trying to make her see sense and made promises to change my ways. My family, her family and friends tried to make her see the bigger picture but she had decided that she wanted to be on her own. I asked her to go to marriage counselling, she did but was still adamant our marriage was over. Everything I did at the time seemed to push her further away. So after 5/6months I started to accept that our marriage was over. I started to file for divorce, disconnect from her completely and started to build my life without her. Slowly but surely she started to miss me until after about 9/10months she tried to get in touch with me. I have read articles about how to win your wife's heart back and have received some great advice which I have taken on board, but what worked for me in my case was this. 1. Heal emotionally and find yourself, what makes you happy? Is the marriage for you? 2. Let her know you love her unconditionally. 3. Man up and let her know if she doesn't want to be with you, you will start to move on. 4. Train your mind to be without her. 5. If she really loves you she will reach out to you, when she does reassess number 1. If you are both on the same page about rebuilding your marriage – work on the things that went wrong. Me and my wife have reunited and are much stronger than before, it was hard to initially develop the same feelings I had for her, but I was patient and it seems to be coming back. We aim to meet each other's needs, spend quality time together alone and are constantly communicating. I keep it in mind that she should be treated the way she was when I first met her, with respect and love, strive to make her happy. Everyone has flaws, however these can only be worked on if there is a willingness to change – otherwise accept them. If you have kids do not argue over how the should be raised,stick together when guiding them through life. Work on your sex life – my wife doesn't have the same sex drive as me but she is getting there especially when all the other things are going right. It is one of the key ingredients to keeping the relationship alive, it's strengthens the bond and when your wife accepts it she will agree that effort is required in this department. Hope this helps anyone going through a difficult time at present. At the end of the day do what makes you happy – life's short!

    • Jason says:

      Mate that’s a great read I’m going through pretty much the exact same thing at the moment. I have 3 beautiful kids. I’m trying to be strong and make it work but she has a very similar mentality to your wife i really hope it all works out. I hope you are both doing really well.

    • Tom says:

      Hi David, could you please tell me if you moved out of the house or stayed and do your own thing?

    • Matt says:

      Thank you

  • Terry says:

    I need some help with my marriage is there anything I can call or contact

  • craig says:

    Hi my wife says she’s not happy wants to break up and don’t love me even though she says I’m a amazing guy I cook for her show her love romance n spoil her . She deleted me from her social sites dnt put pics up of us or me n us together plz help me I lovher and want her to love me again

  • michael david says:

    i and my fiance had a serious fight that lead to our breakup, and few days friends talked to her, she accepted to continue with the relationship, but now she no longer have feeling for me emotional, she said she dont have any feeling to have sex with me as well. what will i do to make feel that first to love back.

  • Tom says:

    I need help!!! My wife left a month ago and I wanna win her back !!! I didn’t cheat on her !! But I did hurt her !!! Plz help !!!!

  • louis says:

    Great Blog.But what can i do to win her back from her "new" lover? We are still married and isupport her financially even though she only lives with me a couple days a week.She says she loves me "but" in a different way. Because iam 25yrs her senior does she see me as a parent,friend or sibling ? And not a husband? There has been no sexual relations for some time,you might say it has been a "sexless" marriage. Thank You

  • JPS says:


    i am 30 and my wife is 24 now and we have been married for 2 years and we have a 9 months old son. We live in a country where sex before marriage is totally not accepted.

    we met 4.5 years ago and started dating. Like any other couples we flirted, we kissed and even some physical action. Three months later while hiking in the woods we got physical and i accidentally made her lose her virginity with my finger. We never planned this to happen. I was totally scared and didn’t know what to do. She was like “it’s OK don’t worry don’t let this affect our relation even if things don’t work out don’t let it affect your decision if you are not happy with me” she said this every time i tried to talk to her about what happened and what she wants me to do.

    after that everything was great and we got engaged for a year before marriage. Since we got married we had ups and downs like any other married couple and she always says that i don’t talk much when i come home from work and don’t take care of her so much. And yes i am not a talkative person and over simplify things and maybe take her for granted.

    two weeks ago she came to me crying and told me that she was not happy anymore because she tried to fix things so many times and every time she talks to me i get better and things get great for 2 months and then i get back to the way i was before.and she said a friend took care of her and gave her attention more than i did when she needed someone to talk to when hurt of my neglect while i should be the one doing this because i am her husband and not the other guy.

    she said she pretended to be so strong all the time even when she lost her virginity and she said she only married me for that reason because she was young and afraid if her parents found out and didn’t know what else to do. And she never told me that before because she didn’t want to hurt me but she couldn’t anymore.

    since we met she always told me that she doesn’t believe in love and she believes in actions and happiness. Things were great and she was so happy to be with me and i treated her right and she even said that in a certain period i made her love me because of the way i treated her and now she doesn’t want to give affection and doesn’t want affection in return anymore. She will keep taking care of the house and me and cook for me and take care of our son and everything else just like before but of course no sexual or emotional life and our son will be her only interest and she wants me not to ask for anything more than that. And she is still my wife only because it was a decision she took.

    i am so deeply in love with her and would do anything to fix our marriage but she said that i can’t fix anything anymore. And she doesn’t want me to fix anything and she will not love me again whatever I would do or change because i will get back to the same way we are now and she will get hurt again. Now she stopped talking to me the way we did before unless it was something about our son and she says that she doesn’t want me to get her involved in anything concerning my own life and not to interfere in her own life as when i ask her how is she doing or anything about her she says “dont worry about me just take care of yourself”.
    she still decorate the house and buy new stuff for the house,and ask me my opinion before she does.
    when i come home from work she asks me if i had lunch and if i want to eat,if i say i didnt have lunch she asks me what i want to eat and if i say i will just prepare any sandwich (considering she is tired being all day with our son and taking care of the house and daily chores) she just get angry and says “you act like a little child,this is not enough food to give you energy i will prepare what i want.”

    now i understand she is hurt and i changed a lot recently and i know my mistakes.but i just didnt know better before and now i learned the hard way.but i need another chance from her to show her that i really changed and i understand my flaws .i told her that but she said (in sarcasm) “heh yeah its too early to understand”

    please help me with some advice what should i do to gain her trust again and soften her heart?

    • ronedmondson says:

      I don't know if anyone can tell you a list of things to do which will make someone love you. Only God can “make” someone do something. And, He doesn't make us love Him. He allows it to be a choice. My advice is to pray — of course — that's your most powerful tool. And, then, if counseling is something done in your country, I would certainly seek that. So many times we see love as an emotion more than a choice. Your wife said she wasn't “happy”. That's an emotion and it's many times based on circumstances, not even truth. She's recently had a child, her world has changed greatly, and she apparently still deals with some guilt about the premarital experience. I don't know if those are louder realities to her right now and clouding out how she feels towards you. All that should be fleshed out with someone — such as a Christian counselor. I wouldn't give up, but I wouldn't beg either. I'd be as patient as I know how to be, be very loving and kind without being demanding. I'd consider anything in me which could be pushing her further away. I'd stay close to Jesus. Finally, I'd consider writing her a well thought out letter expressing your feelings and desire to make the marriage work. Letters can sometimes say things she can't hear when you talk because of all the emotions.  Praying for you.

    • Wynn says:

      I am in the same predicament with my wife and her heart is no longer there. It shocks me to see how many men and women are affected by this. I came across this article looking for answers as well.

  • Isaiah says:

    Thank you for this. To be honest, I'm doing all of that as a routine that I discovered myself… however it's good to see it written down by someone else.

    I didn't 'build' these ideas, I just 'do' them, because it seems the right thing to do. Given that I AM a Church guy, and I've prayed heavily on this issue, I dare say that the Lord is working heavily in my heart to get me to 'do the right thing'.

    I live in hope and prayer that through this my marriage will be saved.

    God Bless.

  • 7081 says:

    After reading these entries nice to know that I am not alone. We are 20+ years married with two teenagers. We are about as different as night and day – all facts vs all emotions. There has never been any physical abuse. I knew we had struggles but we worked thru them, forgave each other and moved on. Earlier this year, she let me know she could not do it this time. Like some of you, I have not been the spiritual leader that she had hoped for and some of my words, while not intended so, have been hurtful. She knows I love her but she has no desire for connecting on any of the six types – emotional, intellectual, social, recreational, spiritual or sexual. We'll usually sit together for dinner one night and she's a great cook. We've been thru several counseling sessions which exposed a lot of the pain. The good thing out of this is that I have had to rely more on Christ as he has been all I've had thru much of this. I am, by nature, a patient person which helps but this is really tough. Nice to hear that it takes a while to heal. I think I've done a good job of the "suggestions" above with the exception of "romance". I like doing it but think she would shoot that idea down right now. In addition, need to keep working on making a better me. Besides getting more into the Word, anybody got suggestions? Thanks for letting me in. Look forward to hearing some success stories.

  • Mike says:

    I have made some terrable choices and now I am paying the price ,my wife of 14 years who I love dearly has left me and taken our daughter with her .
    I know she wont keep my daughter away from me but it still hurts really bad,all my wife will tell me is that i must heal myself and learn to love myself before i can love her.she has been seeing a life coach and started going to native version healing circle events,i dont even know what that means.I am so lost can anyone give me some good advice I do not want to loose my family.

  • Juan says:

    . Ive lacked in some areas throughout our marriage but this was the first time I ever did this. She said she cannot get it out of her head and she has no feelings for me and that scares her. I am scared…I love this woman more than anything. The kicker is I was a Youth pastor and she was the youth pastors wife. We loved Youth we were always together. Actually her ex left her and my ex left me so it was almost a perfect fit for us. We knew what that pain was. I cannot express the pain I have in my heart for her and for our children right now. I would never commit suicide over this but that s what it feels like in my heart right now. I just want this woman to love me a gain. I cannot believe I lost my mind like that. PLEASE HELP

  • Juan says:

    Thank you for these insightful words. My wife and I have been married for 7 years this past May. We have 4 kids, 6,4,2, and 3 months old. We have always had a good relationship and I will admit I lacked in a lot of areas. She is and has been an amazing mother and wife. Unfortunately it all came to a head a couple of days ago. We were arguing about how to raise our children basically and it became heated. I went into the room she was in and kept yelling at her while standing over her. I am 6'4" she is 5'4". She immediately lost love for me at that exact second. She said she saw Satan in my eyes and I should of never done that especially in front of my children

  • carl says:

    Hello Miss Jacky thanks your help,will sure contact him for help

  • mr kenneth says:

    My wife and I had a wonderful 22 years of marriage with 4 kids. It so happened that a girl tempted me by text and by no means I was able to entertain her text until then that we exchanged text. It lasted fro almost 2 months till it was discovered by my family. Trouble erupted between my wife and I that until now for almost a year we've been arguing on these things. That we don't have good marriage relationships. I don't want to leave the house because I love my wife, my children, family. My wife said she does not love me anymore but I don't believe in it. My wife is angry with me for what I have done but I am not surrendering and making all things I could to win her back. The best thing I'm doing is always praying to God that He will make miracle to our marriage and heal the wounds in the heart of my wife. Always praying that God's love will dwell in our hearts esp. in my wife's heart so that the hurt will be gone. I have faith in the Lord that He will solution to these problem. Trusting in the Lord that in His time we will be again living happy and enjoying the moments of our life. Pray that right people will be there to influence my wife towards the healing process. Please for us. thank you.

  • John says:

    hey man are you awake?

  • J M says:

    Life without her is without one. I am a good person and have done good things in my life. However, when God decided to bring me to this world as a human, he gave me a sin to commit so grave that I can't forgive myself nor can I leave things out of my hands. I want divine intervention right now in this moment of my life. I know what I am asking for is for miracles. While I am working on every other aspect to heal my marriage from the scars I have caused in the last 4 years – I do not want my wife to leave in any way as she was a God send. She was a angel to whom I refused physical attention for so many years that she now has closed all doors in her heart for me. I am trying my best to rekindle that desire but she wants to move on and seeks other distractions which are plenty in this world. I hope God gives her enough strength to forgive me and stay with me forever. I seek nothing but her to continue loving as she loved me before. I am willing to make any changes or sacrifices and move heaven or earth to correct myself and be a better human being.

    I love you my sweetheart and will always love you till eternity. My love for you today greater than the whole universe put together and I want to win back your trust, respect and honor you once saw in me. I want to be the best husband in the world.

  • weltin mulenga says:

    hi im weltin,i have been with my wife for 8 years married for 6 years.i met my wife when she was 16 years and we have a 9 year difference in years,we got 3 lovely boys and I love my wife so so much please need your help.i work almost everyday my wife don't work and we hardly do things together cause of money and no1 to baby sit but when ever we have a chance we go out just the 2 of us and I make sure I do things for her birthdaysand other important days like mothers day etc.well,my wife just said to me that I took advantage of her as she was 16 and didn't play or go out a lot like I did and now I want to settle and she do not want:( my wife saide she lost interest in me as everything is just like a routing and she cant curry on but I still love her and I did not do anything wrong but I understand her.i really want to save our married please she no longer wanna talk like we use to and stay in the same room but she always avoiding me and get busy on her wife has friends with no stable relationship and most of her friends are single could this be adding up to our problems?thank you

  • unsure87 says:

    I have been married for 18 years. My marriage has been great but recently my wife's father died. Her parents live 500 miles from us and she spent the last month with her father. She got close with her friends from high school, one that I did not realize she was that close with in school. This friend has a brother. He was in our area not to long ago and they met up and talked. She told me about this and I was okay because I was very secure in our marriage. But my wife's grief seems to have me insecure now. She tells me she loves me,kisses and hugs me. I have been unemployed for over a year and that has put a strain on our family. When I used to ask my wife "how much do you love me?" she would say big much. Now she says "Enough". Am I blowing this up? I do not suspect infidelity but not sure that she is still with me emotionally and it could be the grieving process. I seem to over analyze everything.

  • Romil Agrawal says:

    I never understood that who is wrong and who is responsible for misbehave. My all relatives blame me to uncomfortable behavior while she behave same as me.

    But finally I want to patchup. I’m not comfort without her.

  • grownskk gkgkkgkg says:

    My wife and I had a wonderful 22 years of marriage with 4 kids. It so happened that a girl tempted me by text and by no means I was able to entertain her text until then that we exchanged text. It lasted fro almost 2 months till it was discovered by my family. Trouble erupted between my wife and I that until now for almost a year we've been arguing on these things. That we don't have good marriage relationships. I don't want to leave the house because I love my wife, my children, family. My wife said she does not love me anymore but I don't believe in it. My wife is angry with me for what I have done but I am not surrendering and making all things I could to win her back. The best thing I'm doing is always praying to God that He will make miracle to our marriage and heal the wounds in the heart of my wife. Always praying that God's love will dwell in our hearts esp. in my wife's heart so that the hurt will be gone. I have faith in the Lord that He will solution to these problem. Trusting in the Lord that in His time we will be again living happy and enjoying the moments of our life. Pray that right people will be there to influence my wife towards the healing process. Please for us. thank you.

  • grant says:

    im 22, my wife 21. . .we've been married almost 3 years, and we have 3 small children togeather. i read this and burst into tears, ive just recently come home after another "break" for a week or 2, im only now realizing how much ive hurt my wifes emotions, by going to work, coming home, and doing my OWn things without her. no compliments to her, no asking her aout her day, we would have sex, then go to bed, then that was it, i hardly even went to the grocery store with her, during this recent break, we were seriously about to divorce, she told me she slept with someone at her college, and she said it was all due to me not giving her attention, i get so frustreated/sad thinking about "them togeather", but i cant can i? i pushed her away, i left, iam willing to change whatever i need to change, for the rest of my life, i cant lose my wife and kids, her sleeping with that guy showed me how fragile it all is, she keeps telling me that she needs time to love me the same way she used to, so i guess thats not all bad is it? at least shes not telling me to leave, and filing for divorce. iam hoping i can change this, my wife and kids r the absolute best things that has ever happend to me. . .and i willl not lose them.

  • Sooper says:

    OK folks. I think I know what is going on with my wife. 6 months ago she said she does not love me any more. I have not been a perfect husband but I have not been a bad husband. I have made many changes to myself and I actually like this new guy. I cook and I am in good physical shape. I spend more time with my daughter and we do fun things together. I am over the numbing fear of losing my wife and daughter and the house we worked so hard for. I have changed my attitude to many things in my life including myself and my job. I used to hate many things, and I now realise how blessed I am having many posetive things in my life. Long story short, after months of asking and crying and beggin and councillors and self help books and more rejection and horrible words, I stumbled upon something that looks very real to me. It looks like my wife is going through midlife crisis…..! Many people thinks this is a myth but the signs are pretty clear. She is almost text book case. She is not sever (yet) as she has not engaged in extra marital relationships (as far as I know) but the road is long. She is my love and I will stand by her as I know these changes that is happening to her is not her choice. She desperately wants to leave and now that I know what is going on, I am taking all the pressure off her so she can work through her issues. I know she loves her daughter and I know she used to love me. I think all that may help is prayer, patience and no pressure and time. Thats what I will be doing. And from now on, I am not going to wait for live to come to me, I am going to go out and live it, even if my wife decides to leave.

  • Amy says:

    I have been hurt so deeply,with two marriages, and I thought I was a perfect domestic diva, The was so womanizer,just totally love woman. but at the end I felt so alone.I never have treated as a wife.
    Woman needed to be Loved,and assurance of being Loved by their husband.A surprises of praising for the things she does.Asurptise of planted plants, or little gifts,knows that you think about her.At the end I was so exhausted to pleased him.Then I have to work to support myself,when he is making six digits,then he comes home and started to giving a good compliment to his gay coworker?That is so painful.I made sure everything is heavenly when he comes home from work. I wanted him to relaxed and just to feel homely.There are times that I have to do yard work,when he can afford to hire someone to do yardwork. I walked out,that is not a marriage,that is not Love.I am dating now and this person just Loves me,but how can I trust again.

  • Encourage Truth says:

    Ultimately life cannot be lived strictly by emotions. We need truth. Emotions are often unreliable. A woman who feels unloved may be very much loved

    by her family, but she fails to feel that truth because of years of emotional abuse or just

    because she’s emotionally having a bad day. Men should gently, but consistently speak

    truth in love, reminding his wife of her worth, her beauty, and her place in his life.

    Husbands have this ability better than anyone in the heart of their wife. Over time —

    truth, when given with love, can play a part in healing damaged emotions.

  • Bucko says:

    How does a wife love the husband again when she is contaminated with the love of another person. She refuses to accept there is a marriage (yet no divorce) with pornography issues by the husband, and adultery by the wife. The husband stays strong after receiving clear messages from God to preserve. Yet, mentally and physically she has left the marriage, and it tears at him. He understands that God is working on him, but what’s it worth when there doesn’t appear to be a marriage anymore?

  • Frankbyname says:

    I have been married 11 years and I have neglected my wife. I never knew this until she told me 5 months ago that she does not love me any more. We have both made mistakes. She bottles up emotions like anger. we never really fight. There has never been any domestic violence or infidelity although my jealousy and controlling behaviour is a problem. I am working very hard on that now that I know that it is a problem. Now after getting over the shock she says that she feels trapped and wants to leave. I am begging her to stay and work on the marriage while I am making many changes. She is 100% sure that her feelings will not come back. She is sleeping in another room and does not want any affection of any kind. I am struggling with the rejection but I am not giving up on this marriage. I am sleeping at my brother's place two nights a week to give her space. I am reading this post over and over and every time I find a little peace and strength in the first two points. Find God and be patient. The rest, I am working on. Romancing is difficult as she suspects everything has an angle. I tell her that I love her every day. I asked if she believes that I love her. At first she avoided the questions. Now she says that she believes it but I think she only says that she believes me to shut me up. I am not giving up on this marriage. She is the best women I could ever have asked for.She is a great mother and she is truly beautiful inside and out. She is very hard towards me right now. I pray to God soften her heart and open up to me. I am very very unsure of where this is going. I am only hanging on to my faith and hope. Please pray for my wife and my marriage and my family.

    • Bucko says:

      Praying for you Frankbyname… I hope your wife has a Christian faith, and that you’re able sit down with her every night and pray to God with thanks for her and that God works miracles in you to change your being that she might be able to love you again.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Frankbyname. I am in the exact same spot as you. I understand what you are both going through and I hope things work out. I am also hanging on to faith and hope, and asking God for a miracle and a change in her heart. Stay strong. Please pray for my wife/marraige as well. God bless!

    • Doug says:

      Frankbyname, I understand your position, I am exactly in the same situation and it came out of the blue from my wife just before Xmas. I have mistakenly lost my wonderful wife's heart over the last few years without knowing or seeing it!! I have realised like you this is a long long process and I will do anything to keep my wife and children together, I have to change, and I know I have to show her, how much I love her without smothering, while also being patient. I will be hurt along the way, but it is not about me but my wife and our marriage! Hold in there and never give up!

      God bless

      • Bob says:

        Doug I'm on the same boat, I lost my wife's heart. She says she's felt alone for the last two years. We been together 16 years and been married 10. I found out a week after our 10th anniversary that she was seeing someone else and it had been going on for about a year. I still love my wife and I don't want loose her. She say its over between them but I can tell she has feeling for him. She says she loves me but not in love with me. Talk about a dagger in the heart. I tell her I still love her and I'm willing to change and be more involved on our relationship. She says it's too late and wants to separate. We have two kids and a life in this home, my worlds turned upside down. I try very hard to show her I love her more than anything but she says I'm smothering her. I going to give her space, stop saying I love her, and stop asking to spend time together. Please pray for my family help to give me the strength to do this.

        • Chaseman says:

          I am in the same place as you were. I sit here at 4am reading ways to win my wife back, and all the same posts are about change, about Christ, and living life better today for tomorrow than I was previously. I know its hard, as I am now in new house, and live about 10 minutes away from my wife and two boys, we have been separated since September of 2016, and I realized quickly smothering her turned her off more and more. So, I just had to learn to deal with my own pain and find other people (church, counselors, etc.,) to talk to. However, I know that God will see me through this time… have to keep making yourself stronger, and by showing her, NOT telling her, some of the pain and the hurt might, just maybe….might go away. Best of Luck to you.

  • manuel michel says:

    So me and my wife have been together for 6 yrs total with 2 being married. I read all through this and I lost it all. I am selfish bottom line. Every time I "injure" her heart I think I can fix it. But in all reality I can't. I say I'll do this I say I'll do that. But never do I put it off. Over the years I have done nothing but hurt her and then this last time I really crossed the line, made her leave me status she wants a divorce she has no faith that I will change. I'm jus so depressed and lost. I'm seeking GOD and he helps me through this depression. I jus don't know what to do to make her believe I'm going to change this time around because I can't live without her and mg son…its my anger that drove her away, .my temper outburst. But I really do want to change for the better… but she wants nothing to do with me…she says maybe over the years if she sees change…I told her all I need is a piece of thread from her…jus talking to me and I'll be able to build from that…is it jus going to take time? If she still allows herself to talk wit me does that mean she has jus a little bit of faith? I'm so confused weather she does love me enough to work it out jus in her terms or she really is done and really will divorce me…

    • Bucko says:

      Manuel… discover your anger. What would get you angry at your loving wife? Normally it’s something from your past; and if you can’t find the source, she can’t trust you. It could be lust, pornography, jealousy, abandonment, selfish, self-esteem…. but without knowing where the water leak is, you could drown before you find the leak. Ask for God’s help, direction to take. I have found complete submittal to God gives Him full access to work on you. It may hurt before the healing comes, but He has made you and knows what it takes to restore you. God Bless.

  • jason says:

    Okay, I read your updated suggestions to making your wife love you again. Some of the things you listed couldn’t be more accurate. Especially the damaged closed heart after a long period of hurt. My situation is a little more complicated, and like you mentioned when speaking about the guy and his unique wife, well I have a more complicated fiance of almost 6 years. My situation isn’t me cheating or anything like that. For years, we have dealt with many issues from my ex wife and my son with her, trust issues, my fiances children, but most of all, we both thought we were right, no communication, and we didn’t like how we were with each other’s children. We are a blended family of 9, 7 boys in all.. I’ll cut to the chase, after years of troubled conflict, and her constantly complaining about issues, and me aswell, I finally submitted to my pride and denial and realized something when she needed to getaway and took off for a night with a friend who she had been hanging around with quite frequently and not coming home till late at night, even early mornings. Her intention was to get a break and work on things with a clearer mind, to see if she missed me, us, the kids. And when she left, I was pissed, and when she returned, even more anger. Most of the kids were at their other parents house with the exception of our 2 boys we have together. I laid in bed with our 2yr old and couldn’t sleep that night. We had never been away like that in that way. I couldn’t eat the next day, just wondered who she was really with, what she was doing.. when she returned, I wasn’t happy and a day went by and I had been thinking what I was gonna do, how would I respond. And from that point, I made some huge changes in myself, how I was with her kids, what I did around the house, how I treated her. But since then. It seems we have gotten further, why? I mean at times there’s small flashes of improving but then she says she’s not attracted, no interest, that she’s content with where she is and just wants to b together for the kids, to not put them thru another break up. But thru all of this.. i have learned so much about appreciating her, loving her, things what and what not to do, understanding her better, becoming a better step parent, bettering myself physically, and helping out more without her asking, basically developing good habbits. My story is so much more detailed but I can get into that more later. It’s hard to hold onto hope and not to give up because I feel like I’m getting rejected, everything is so hard and hurtful, I just wanna give up but then I know she’s been crying out to me for a couple of years so I guess 3 months is nothing but I guess I’m confussed and hurt because although she had been treating me like crap those past years, I never said I wasn’t attracted to her or that I wasn’t connected.. that’s what I get right now.. bottom line is I know it takes time, it’s a hard process, I still do the little things now, try to take her out, surprise her, leave little things to show I love, but it all seems pointless.. but I’m still hoping, thinking she’s testing me, but I truley understand so much more now than I did before, I want to show her and prove to her but she thinks it’s fake.. what do I do? Help save our family! Any advice would b great. Thx jason

    • Frankbyname says:

      I wish there was some advice I could give you but I have been in a similar situation for 4 months now. Nobody seems to be able to help. I have been to counselling and that did not work. At the moment we are trying to take one day at a time and I am showing her as mcuh love as she will appreciate. (she does not want any affection) The rejection hurts like a fire in my chest.

      All I can say is hang in there brother. It is worth the pain. You know she is worth the hassle.

      God Bless

  • randall says:

    Well, almost a month has past since my wife has asked me to leave. There have been no changes that are positive. As we have talked a few times, texted a bit and met in person on three ocassions, it has become obvious to me that she is no longer in love with me. She has said some things that I just don’t understand. My previous posts indicated the reasons she has given me for the divorce, but since that time she has given me reasons that I really don’t understand. She has acted out of character for the woman I thought I knew. I am trying to stay positive. Trying to correct my life with Christ and have a better understanding of this relationship. It looks to me like all hope of our marriage is lost. I still continue to pray for a miracle. All I know is that I feel so very alone. Please pray for me and my family. Even if it is just to heal our hearts from this pain that divorce causes everyone involved. Thank you.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Praying for you now

      • randall says:

        Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the information you have put togther and the forum for open conversation. May God continue to bless you.

    • James fields says:

      I was married for two yrs in all my wife came to me and told me she was goin to leave I really didn’t know at that time if it was my fault but I did learn later on that my wife left me for a dirty nasty piece of trash of a man but that’s life if she wants a old saggy balls for a lover that’s her business lol but it takes work to keep a marriage women can lose interest quick if you don’t keep them happy

    • Paul says:

      Randall, im in exactly the same boat, and what you described is happening to me, i will Pa
      ray for you and have faith we will both get our wives back, God Bless

  • Brian Rauton says:

    My left about a month ago. I truly had no idea that she felt no love for me anymore. I love her dearly. We have been married for 25 years. I am devastated. We have always been God fearing people but within the last year we have fallen away. Not to say into sin but just not attending church like we should. I have been speaking God’s word hoping to find the answer. Thank you for this information. God bless you.

  • randall says:

    I posted the previous comment. I have corrections to make. I have been neglectful. I have created distance for worldly "things". I thought being a provider was my only real responsibility. In short, I am responsible for hardening my wife's heart and driving her away from me. She has said my journey has been like that of Job. The difference being that I needed to lose everything in order to find the one true thing. I am owning all of these things. I am praying for an opportunity to be the man God has desired for her to have. I need advice and prayer on how to soften her heart. She has told me she has already forgiven me and wants to move on and that it is too late for counseling and or any more chances. I want to fight for her. Do you have any idea how to proceed?

  • randall says:

    My wife asked me for a divorce yesterday and has asked me to leave home. This because I have not been the spiritual leader of our family. I will be the first to admit that I do not walk in Christ as I should have. I have always believed and talked to God. I have not had affairs, been abusive or been neglectful. I have been injured to the point that I can no loger work. We have lost our home and have had to move in with her parents. I have told her I would do anything for us to remain together. We have been together for 23 years and have two kiddos, 18 and 16. I don’t know what else to do.

    • Lloyd C. Morrison II says:

      Hi Randall. I know how you feel and what you are going through. If you Google "Officer Lloyd Morrison", you will find I too am disabled for life due to a drunk driver. The first thing I HAD to do WAS TO FORGIVE the man who took the job I loved, and my ability to Walk and use my right arm that was crushed between the drunk's bumper and the fire truck.
      I think I CAN help you! Satin is a Liar and a Thief. He will take your self worth, your strength, and Lie to you about how a looser you are, to the point, you take your life to stop the pain! THROW the breaks on Buddy, because GOD had given you Houses you did not build, Wells you did not dig, Transportation you did not buy, …NO they are NOT stolen. Your path to them has already been prepared and when you look in 2 books, with in the BIBLE you will find the codes! Read Proverbs, and Psalms. Your "SHIELD of ARMOR" to protect your Wife Through the tough times. You need to find NON denominational Church! I will Pray that God will lift you up, grace you with courage, and bless you with patience. DO NOT GIVE UP! "LUCK is when you win money", Blessed is when you should be DEAD, but GOD let you live, gave you all the tools to continue, and blessings if a great marriage!

  • jeff clark says:

    I have been fighting with my wife for a few months now over what can I do to make us work out she has cheated two times that I know about but she tells me that she loves and want to be with me I don’t know what to do about ever thing all she does is sleep till the kids get home then as soon as they go to bed she goes to sleep she has no time for me or the want to make time for me what can I do just need so input

    • ronedmondson says:

      Counseling. That's really all I know that might help. Praying for you.

    • Lloyd Morrison II says:

      Hi Jeff. First She still does love you but you are falling OUT of the relationship. She MUST recognize you again. You have to RE insert "That special guy that just walked in to sweep her off her feet" Start small, but noticeable. 1 bring home flowers and chocolates. On the card, Write you just won "1 Very sensual foot message" (BOTH FEET) Take your time and even use lotion if necessary. while the deep message, Ask how her day went. (LISTEN CAREFULLY) Ask her if going on a cruise, camping out, or just travel the next town to "Hunt for treasures, like old antiques" We found a priceless painting at a thrift store and had it reframed, and had fun with the adventure too! You need to be HER "JEFF", the man of knowledge and mystery. The painting we purchased for ten bucks, I researched it of Google, and learned about the painting and Artist. My wife was blown away that I knew so much. Give her the lead and "Date again" Your wife feels defeated, and HAS to be rescued. If you live near a Marina, Take a day to look at the yachts, and boats. Next week, Airport , where the private planes are stored and look in to being a private pilot. Take a date night rent a hotel room with a view. Little things that break up the boring as hell humdrum will save YOU too!_

  • KBL says:

    I'm in a period of rebuilding a broken marriage. I'm about 3 months in after hitting rock bottom where my wife basically told me she feels nothing for me sexually. To sum things up, I drastically neglected my wife's emotions for many years. We are doing much better, and I'm doing the things listed in the post. We have young kids, and she doesn't want a divorce. She has however told me she doesn't think she'll ever feel romantic love towards me. She's never been very interested in sex (even when the marriage was great), which is what caused the downward spiral. I'll admit, I had a very selfish outlook on sex prior to doing some major soul searching and reading several books on what a healthy marriage involves. She does acknowledge the positive change in me, we regularly attend church, and are active in the church community. She is willing to have sex with me now, but tells me she will because she knows "that's what wives do." Each day our relationship improves. Here's my question: Do I have sex with my wife even though I know she's doing it because she knows I can't live a sexless marriage. I don't want to push her away, and want my marriage to continue to improve. If I resist, when do I pursue sex if I know she'll do it whenever I want it. I want her to want to do it, but I seriously wonder if her sex drive is so low, she'll never want it.

    • ronedmondson says:

      The question I'd ask is Is she willing? If so, she can be doing it only to serve you. The wanting will hopefully come with time. Be thankful she's willing to serve in this way and look for ways to do likewise for her. 

    • kATE says:

      My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago. I got most of my things back from him 1 weeks ago, and we had “the talk”. According to him, he found someone better and went for it. He then proceeded to tell me that he’s moved on, and that I should too. I thought it was kinda funny because I have not given him any reaction since we’ve broken up, shown him how miserable I am, talked to him only when necessary (we work together), but never about us. The thing is, that it’s clear out in the open that was with someone new, it confused me why he still stared at me. At first, I thought it was only my imagination, until other co-workers actually started noticing it too. Is he staring at me so that he can feel better that he’s found the “better one”? i wondered. He was also cold towards me at work, which others noticed, I continued being my cheerful self at work from Day 1 after the breakup, so my friends seem to think that he was trying to hurt me for not giving any reaction. I still loved him, and wanted to get back together with him. I didn’t know this new girlfriend did something to him to make him forget about me. I got to know after one of my co workers introduced me to Akim who mends broken heart and relationships. Akim helped me break what the girl has done on my boyfriend and he came back to me begging me to have him back. we are living together again. Akim's contact email is prayerstosavemarriage @ hotmail . com. Do well to contact him if you're facing love issues… 🙂