How to Pray for and Respond to Oklahoma

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(I borrowed this picture from the Salvation Army website. Since I mentioned them below I hope they won’t mind.)

Yet another tragedy.

There are no words to describe the scenes we are seeing from the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. No words.

So don’t say anything. Just pray.

Please, don’t try to provide answers when people ask why. Don’t pretend you know why. Don’t find some “righteous” sounding reason for the devastation. It’s not helpful.

So don’t say anything. Just pray.

Years ago, when I served as vice mayor of my community, we were hit with a devastating tornado that destroyed much of our downtown. I learned that what we needed most was prayer and resources.

How do you pray?

Pray for emergency workers and relief efforts.
Pray for survivors as they recover.
Pray for those without homes.
Pray for those who have lost loved ones.
Pray for community, state and national leaders who will need to respond.
Pray for donations and resources needed to survive and eventually rebuild.
Pray for the vision that will develop as a result of this tragedy.
Pray for the children who will be afraid at school every time it storms for a while.
Pray for opportunities to share hope with people, in the midst of tragedy.
Pray for the churches and pastors in the areas impacted who will be called upon for hope and help.
Pray for a spirit of cooperation among people who have lost so much.

How do you respond?

Unless you are trained in disaster relief, there’s probably no reason to go now. You won’t be much help. Stay tuned for the calls for help when they come…and there will be many in the days, weeks and months to come. Today you can give. Money. That’s what they need.

Here are a few places you can give now:

Red Cross

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Salvation Army

Those are usually three of the largest groups who offer support in disasters. There are obviously many others, but make sure you are giving to a reputable group.

Some friends in ministry I trust greatly have started a relief fund for Oklahoma. They are doing it in an easy to track way. Check it out HERE.

Pray and give. It’s the best way to respond to a natural disaster.

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  • Stephani says:

    Thank you for this Ron. That's what we need here in Oklahoma – Him. We were on the original path and had to take shelter, but thankfully the massive tornado moved or dissipated before it made it to our neighborhood. We only received heavy hail and massive amounts of wind and rain. But we live as a family in Oklahoma, and we have experienced much pain here in recent years. There are certain dates that stick out in everyone's minds – April 19, May 3, and now May 20. We experience it together. I posted about tornadoes in Oklahoma on my blog just hours before this tornado hit. God has a way of preparing us when we don't even know it. I'm praying that his presence will wash over our city and state.

  • Sandra Heska King says:

    Thank you for this, Ron. I'm stunned. And weeping with them.

    Can I also suggest Samaritan's Purse?

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