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The church that pleased everyone…

By March 16, 2013Church, Funny


Once upon a time there was a church that pleased everyone.

You read that right…everyone.

Of course…

They taught nothing…

They had no pastor…

They had no programs…

They never asked for money…

They challenged no one…

They sang everyone’s favorite song…every Sunday…

No one actually attended this church, but certainly no one ever complained either.

Have you ever been to that church?

(I hope you realize the sarcasm in this post, but if not and and you’re actually looking for this church. I think it’s located next to the pastor that pleased everyone, the song that pleased everyone, and the blog post that pleased everyone. 🙂 )

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  • pbobhelms says:

    Great post, and although very humorous, there exist today similar churches, however they may be filled to the rafters with people, they don't seem to have a pastor, they teach nothing of biblical doctrine, yet they are happy, with the membership where there is no Christian challenge to do what Jesus intended HIS church to be doing.

    appreciated your post… Thanks
    Bob Helms

  • Shawn Lovejoy

    I SO love and appreciate you man! Hilarious post! See you next month!

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