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Pastor, take a risk on people.

Jesus did.

In fact, on the day He did, a few of His disciples, who were professional fishermen, had an unsuccessful day fishing. He recruited them on a day when they were being unproductive.

Didn’t scare Jesus.

He just managed for them to have the biggest catch they’d ever had.

As a pastor, one of your chief jobs is to follow the example of Jesus…in everything you do.

That includes taking a risk on people.

People will take advantage of you. They did Jesus.

People will even betray you. They did Jesus.

But, when you take a risk on people, and you release them to Jesus, He can do through them what they, nor you, ever dreamed possible.

Most likely, someone took a risk on you at some point.

By the way, your best leaders may be the ones you recruit…who others have previously turned down, or who are experiencing an unproductive season of life, but you’re willing to take a risk…and give them another chance.

Take a risk on people. You may get burned a few times. Maybe many times. Grace is often messy, but it’s always like Jesus.

When is the last time you took a risk on someone?

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  • Darren Poke says:

    Great post Ron and a great reminder that not only did Jesus take a risk in his recruitment strategy, but he used these guys to change the world.

  • Love this parallel, Ron. Never thought in these terms. Thankful I’ve had people take a risk on me!

  • @ChrisVonada says:

    Good stuff Ron! I think every time we ask someone for assistance, or open up to them we are taking a risk of sorts. We can become more comfortable when we see commitment and follow through… but we have to make positive momentum by taking the first step. Always worth finding out rather than never knowing!

  • Bryankr

    My first Managment position came with a young maan no one else wanted. I was told he wouldn’t work, wouldn’t respect any authority. They gave him to me, the new guy! I met the young man, and saw someone who had rejection written all over his face, and felt sympathy; I thought he just needed a chance to prove himself. He did, in spades!! As it turns out, his father had been having a hard time with cancer, he was having a hard time with that. All the others saw was the hard time. He became one of my best employees, I never regreted giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Agreed Ron! I believe that a great leader maust take responsible risk with his team to succeed in his task. That leader must give others the ownership for results and invests in their success rather than micromanaging them. Also, a great leader is magnanimous enought to allow others freedom to fail or succeed within defined parameters.

  • This post hits hard. I think a lot of times we want things to work out, and we have a healthy respect for results. But that leads to us to miss the people-side of things. We miss the opportunity to take risks on people. I needed to read this.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Loren, most often I have one finger pointing forward and 4 pointing back at myself 🙂 Thanks.