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Saturday Night Prayer Chain, Part 4

It’s been a few months since I did a Saturday night prayer chain. I posted the following statement on Twitter and Facebook and instantly heard from some who need prayer.

God is at work in ways you cannot imagine. God is doing things you can’t conceive. #TrustHim

God is at work. Are the circumstances of your life saying otherwise today. Perhaps you need to share your burdens with others. Let us pray for one another.

Do you need prayer?

Here’s how this works:

You comment and leave a prayer request.

My readers and I pray.

It’s that simple.

Do you need prayer?

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  • Marie Reine says:

    It is really good to prayer but chain prayer is better to pray for each others. I request a prayer for African Nation especially my country Togo west Africa for next Presidentiel Election on 25 th April 2015 may ALMIGHTY GOD touch our leader heart police the Army to stop violence against population and freedom and peace took place many thanks

  • Melissa says:

    Just catching up on a few posts…love this one!
    Prayers for:
    1. Thankfulness for a healthy grandson….for God's gift.
    2. The usual financial issues as we go through the 'desert' paying insurance, health care, food and the necessities (is a cell phone a necessity, humm?)

    3. Health for myself, family and friends with some very immediate needs.
    4. Pray for a stronger pray life for my family. I feel our everyday existence often times overwhelms us and we put pray on the backburner! We know it is there and we need it, but we get too busy….so pray for increased commitment for my family.

    5. Pray for our world, our nation as we struggle to understand racial divides, but not lose the facts of where we have come from in our nation concerning racial struggles….we want to pick that scab!
    6. Pray for our military, firefighters and police as they protect us. They are awesome.

    7. Pray for me as I want to learn to trust more, have deeper faith, and lean on God. Pray for continued learning and an increase in my personal reading of the word.

    Thank you Ron. Love this one.

    • ronedmondson says:

      These are great prayer requests.

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks Ron….I do get carried away though, like the old journalist pecking away on the typewriter…but this post made me reflect on the very Holy Season that we are in, and yes…ties into your most recent post about stillness… make all things still so that we can absorb.

        Have a great day!

  • Chris says:

    Pastor Ron, please pray for career restoration, life balance, financial provision and spiritual revival in this season of my life. I feel like life is choking me lately and have found myself trapped in a cage with the key being thrown away at sea. thank you so much!

  • @d_corlew says:

    In the ER right now with my 24 year old daughter. Something bad going on – a possible stroke / brain bleed. Very unsettling. Please pray for her. May the Great Physician touch her. Thank you.

  • Laura says:

    My husband and I just had a beautiful baby boy, and for over a year now my husband has been unable to find a full time job. Please pray God will lead us to financial security so we can take care of our family’s growing needs

  • Julie says:

    Please pray for a speedy recovery. I had my hardware removed from my ankle Thursday. I think I've been trying to do too much to soon.

  • Tim Davis says:

    I am requesting prayer for my daughter. She is a beautiful four-year-old little girl. She was diagnosed with lissencephaly at a year old, which means she has some smoothness on her brain. It causes seizures and various developmental delays. However, we would appreciate your prayers for her in seeing God heal her for His glory.

    • Scott says:

      Tim's situation can be scary especially not knowing what the future holds, LORD Father I pray that you please intervene in the life of Tim's daughter. Please heal and restore her brain and reveal yourself to her early in life that she may come to faith in Jesus Christ and have relationship with you that will guide her through all the difficult phases of life. LORD, glorify your Son through this family.

  • MJB says:

    Please pray for wisdom as I consider moving home to be closer to my family. Also, concerns with debt and health issues.

  • Rebecca says:

    My family to accept Christ.
    I need help to grow stronger in Christ and be on with the Holy Spirit!
    Thank you!

  • ronedmondson says:

    Scared is a good place to be right now, but that means you need prayer! Depend on His strength. You can do this, because He has called you to it!

  • Vicki says:

    My Orthodox priest misunderstands what Protestants believe. My new turn toward Orthodoxy is challenged by my old evangelical background. And God is being ridiculously quiet about whether I should stay Protestant or continue my Orthodox direction. help me please someone.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Discerning God's call is difficult. Isaiah 30:20-21 was laid on my mind for you. Praying

  • Dave Gipson says:

    Starting a church in just two Sunday from now – scared out of my mind! Trusting God, risking everything, transitioning from a worship leader to senior pastor. Dear God give me strength!

  • Matt

    perfect timing!
    can I ask for a few things?
    my roommate just moved out and I’m alone in the apartment for the next month. really fighting loneliness.
    my cousin just put his hand through a glass door and is in surgery. he couldn’t move his fingers so we are praying the doctors can repair the damage and he has full function.
    I’m moving to the UK in a couple months and I’m desperate for wisdom, favour, and divine provision.

    bless you, Ron!

  • Jennifer says:

    Financial needs!! Have a debt that I just dont have the money to pay. Have applied for a couple small loans but no success so far. Please pray!

  • Lynne says:

    Specifically that my father kidneys would somehow continue to function at the level they are right now and not have to go into dialysis!

  • Please pray for me. I need direction in my ministry. I love the Lord, but I feel very alone. Please pray for Clarity in my future decisions that are weighing on me.

  • Mike Trimble says:

    Praying for the ability to stay focused on the road ahead.

  • Kails says:

    I find it difficult to trust the unknown. I'm trying though. Please pray for my peace and that I will grow in faith. I'll pray for you as you help me bear this concern.