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When Humble Does Forgiveness

By February 17, 2012Encouragement

Humble knows relationships.

Humble knows grace.

Humble knows forgiveness.

Humble attracts the favor of God.

When Humble forgives, or asks forgiveness, Humble:

Doesn’t make excuses

Doesn’t speak sarcastically

Doesn’t point out another’s faults

Doesn’t justify actions

Doesn’t act as a martyr

Doesn’t hold a grudge

Doesn’t spread rumors

Humble knows forgiveness.

Do you know Humble?

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  • Kari Scare

    Just taught on humbleness in our Sunday morning adult class. It was the 4th part in a series about attitude. We talked about humbleness as it relates to our position before a holy God and how knowing that fully impacts a person’s attitude.

  • Dan Black says:

    Being a humble leader is often unheard of but it's an essential aspect of leading. I try and make humble my constant companion. Great post.

  • Very true Ron! As promised in Psalm 149:4, "the LORD takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation" and as said in in Psalm 147:6 " the LORD sustains the humble". What a privilege we have in Him.

  • Melissa says:

    whew, working towards knowing humble better.

    thanks for breaking it down into simple, yet understandable words…

  • ronedmondson says:

    Great comment. Thanks for following my personification of Humble. I want to know Humble more than I do also.

  • Bryan K

    I ran across Humble once, I didn’t mean to, the gas pedal stuck! 😉 I am not a humble person. There are attributes I share with humble people, but I am type “A” personality and that tends to make me a little more driven than I sometimes need to be. I don’t knock it, I am like that, and see a need for it. The problem comes in trying to be humble; It’s more like trying to be something I’m not. I still see a need to be more humble than I am, but the lessons on this are coming from Christ, not me attempting to act out some sermon I heard.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Love your honesty!

      • Bryan K

        That’s what I love most about salvation: I am free from the bondage of saving face! I don’t consider it honesty so much as just facing what I have. That, too, is a part of Type “A”, I grab the bull by the horns and deal with it. Get it over with! Trip over my past a whole lot less that way. Only in Christ can you find that kind of freedom.

  • Henry Fiallo says:

    I don't know HUMBLE as well as I should. I think I know HUMBLE a little better now, thanks to you. It is telling that many Personal Development, Leadership and Teamwork courses, blogs, books, don't teach or talk about humility. They certainly should. If we had more humility in the workplace, and in the world in general, we would see a much different world. Thanks for the lesson in HUMILITY and for reintroducing me to HUMBLE!
    Enrique Fiallo