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10 Reasons I Love America

I have visited many other countries and always been impressed with the cultures, beauty and people of other nations in the world. I appreciate the readers of this blog from around the world, and I have even been in another country as they celebrated their founding day. Today is our special day in the United States, as we celebrate our country’s founding.

I posted previously why I love my country, but I’m thinking the list might be endless.

In honor of my great nation, here are 10 reasons I love America:

Freedom – I have dear friends who fight to defend our freedom. This freedom gives me the right to do what I do without fear of government intervention.

Adventure – I love a capitalistic and entrepreneurial system of government and I’ve experienced both the ups and downs of our system.

Diversity – Every nation, race and color is represented here. We are integrated with diversity, which has made our country stronger.

Risk – This country was founded with risk and risk-takers are still applauded today. I would struggle personally in any other environment.

Determination – Throughout our history, Americans have had a desire to succeed at any cost.

Patriotism – We love our country. Period.

Volunteerism – When there is a need in the world, Americans will be among the first to assist. We may argue about our politics, but when there is trouble around, Americans come together and you want Americans nearby.

Beauty – I’ve traveled a great deal in our country. I can’t land on a “most beautiful”. Mountains, deserts, beaches, lakes, rivers, plains, and swampland. We have it all.

Opportunity – It’s still true. If you work hard enough, persevere through failures and setbacks, you can still achieve success in the United States.

Economy – Yes, I said it…and I mean it. Our economy has seen better (and worse) days. We still have much to be thankful for with our economy. Poor here is still rich compared to most of the world.

God bless the United States of America! Happy Fourth of July!

Why do you love your country?

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  • Ray Doan says:

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  • Theo says:

    I love the culture and the freedom your country has
    I was in New York City this June and I must say I've never been to a city that's so diverse and yet is that united.
    I'm from South Africa and although we are a cosmopolitan country (and city in my hometown of Johannesburg) we are not as together as New York is.

    "God Bless America"

  • abdullah says:

    I loveeeeeeeeee USA i want to come there plez take me America ??

  • Martin says:

    I love United States of America, I came there this year and I was very impressed. The freedom, happy and helpful people impressed me. I feel really bad that I can't live in United States but I hope one day I'll get my green card. USA is the greatest nation in the world, I've never ever in my life felt the freedom like in United States. Freedom to express myself, freedom to speech, it's a great nation. I really miss USA and I hope next year I'll come there back.

  • Val says:

    I am a fresh emigrant in America (probably, my English is not that good as yours and your readers). I came here from Europe 2 years ago following an invitation from the US government as a result of a selection made possible by an emigration bill established in 1990 (under the president George H. W. Bush). And I can tell you the American Dream still exists and is still at your hand. Most of the Americans are not happy with their country and that's because most of them didn't travel outside of the US or didn't pay attention to what they really have. From this perspective, I am more American then most of them. I am happy with this country and I want to thank you and to your ancestors for what you've done in order to have such a great country.
    There is an inspirational joke that helped me a lot.
    When I came here, after few days, I was amazed by this places and most of the points that author enumerated. And this is me going straight to the first person that I see on the street in the middle of the day and I said:
    – Well, Mr. American, I want to thank you for this beautiful country, for this wonderful places…
    – Wa, Wa, Wa, Wait a minute – the man said.
    – What is it?
    – I am not American.
    – But…
    – I am jamaican.
    – All right – I said – than sorry, I'm gonna look for an American…
    And I go to the next person:
    – Thank you, madam! Thank you! Thank you for this country, for the freedom, for this free American society…
    – Wha, Wha, Wha, What you talking about? the lady said.
    – Well, I want to than you as an American…
    – But I am not American – the lady replied.
    – Than what are you?
    – Well, I am mexican.
    – Well, than sorry, I will look for an American…
    … than I go to another person …
    – I am not American! I am puerto-rican.
    … next person …
    – I am not American!
    … next person …
    – I am not American!
    … than I became frustrated …
    – Where are the Americans?
    Than the man in front of me is looking at this watch:
    – At this hour? At work!

    … from that point, my friends, I understood that if you want to really enjoy this country, you have to WORK. Work hard, make history, make yourself and others happy.

  • Dr. Dil says:

    God Bless USA

  • nuriya says:

    sorry for my English!
    I am here because I love US, because I find my style of life and it make me happy.
    Thank you so very much.

  • Nate says:

    Yea, because NO other country has freedom.

  • uncle sam says:

    God bless the USA. I am a fourteen year old boy, and I know that we are a country of economic prosperity, freedom, beautiful surroundings, typically amazing people, and an amazing military. The gun issues might be bad but if you look at the pre-constitutional age, (1760-1783), our founding fathers did everything in their power to let us own guns. You also need to consider that our military is by far the best, but we are not the barbaric people as to take negative action and bomb a major part of another nation, so we should stop complaining, because we are at least Americans, and we should all be proud.

  • olivia says:

    This is absolutely ridicolous. Did you ever realize that there is no greatest nation ever? What’s so great about the US? Nothing! You’re just a bunch of morons with the one of the worst educational system. Btw life in Germany or anywhere in Europe is way better.

  • B00 says:

    I love freedom . Though I beleive if were not more active , we could loose it ! Liberty is gained by haveing fundamental truth of our God . Then maintained by our moral conduct . In all ventures of life . Brothers and Sisters we have one life to live . Let us do a little sacrificeing as our four fathers did for us. To insure our childrens future . MAKEING MORALLY GOOD DECISSIONS IS A MUST . RAISE THEM RESPONSIBLY AND NO RIGHT CAN BE TAKEN !

  • adalheidur says:

    Do you find ignorance as blissful as people say ?

  • akshay says:

    I love america because I get freedom, space and respect as individual. This country is bound to lead the world until eternity.

  • Chris says:

    God bless the USA!

  • babar ali says:

    i love America very much ………….
    i wish i come America and see it minimum just one time and feel the country of my dreams………………

  • Manish Bhardwaj says:

    I love America. I am an Indian well educated and I am in states since last three years. This country has given me everything opportunity, success, confidence, good life style,freedom to express myself, positive self image and above all love. I am blessed to be in this part of the world.I wish and pray from the bottom of my heart god bless America.

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  • Peter says:

    I love the USA, too, althoug I am from Germany (but I wish I could live in the US). What I love most about America is that it is one of the last countries in the world, where capitalism and your own success is still very important, whereas in Germany, we have to pay very high taxes so that people who are not willing to work, can get money – MY MONEY! This is also the reason why I am angry on the demonstrations against Wall Street in the last weeks. I hope they won't destroy the reason why I love America more than anything – because it is up to you, what you make of your life!

  • @Bryankr says:

    Our's is not perfect, but it is what we make of it! If we decide to make it cheap and worthless, we will elect that kind of leadership, then see what it is, and elect another: the election process has as many problems as it does anything else, but it still allows us the opportunity to choose another leader, or policy, law, etc.
    I like our country! I am grateful for it and the people who have paid such a high price for it't freedoms!

  • Jackie

    Good list (the older 10 reasons I love the USA is good also). We lived in West Africa for 6 years and have traveled well. Perspective is something more Americans could benefit from. We still thank God for lines on the roads, working traffic lights and a system of justice. When the electricity goes off, we smile and feel oddly comfortable. Water from the tap, choices in food to eat, a hot shower almost all the time. All treasures. In the country we lived in the nationals would always give thanks for the breath and life of the day. Perspective! Give thanks in all things.

  • bruce crews says:

    How about checks and balances? I love that we can have multiple political parties to keep one from becoming too powerful or dictatorial. If you don't agree with an administration, we have the freedom to take part in in an attempt to unseat that party and replace it with one who shares your views and passion.

  • davepatchin says:

    I love america for the same reasons you do….only one I'd add is:
    Democracy – problematic for sure, but far better than the alternatives.
    Hope – people still flood our shores and boarders seeking opportunity, which gives me hope.

  • Happy Independence Day to all my american friends! We, Canadians celebrated Canada Day on Friday, 144th year sin Confederation was established by ou founders. May God keep our land glorious and free…

  • I have to go to your #1 Ron. I love America because of its freedom. I realize all is not perfect but there is no better place to live. I have often said that those who were complaining about so-and-so being elected president and they would move to another country…Go! And then see if they have the freedom to speak out against the president/leader as they do here. Happy 4th Ron.

  • Bryan

    If I disagree with one of our countries leaders, I won’t die as a result! I can not only disagree, I can fire that leader in the next election!

    I can choose my own leaders and policies through an election process; I am not left to the childish redundincies of tyrants.

    I have the capacity and right to travel from one state to another without prohibition.

    I am so very grateful for these, and I don’t take them for granted, but thank God for them and the people who paid for them.

  • dmbaldwin says:

    Hey Ron,
    I love America because we have the NY Giants!
    Have a GREAT July 4th celebration.
    PS: Okay a more serious answer… Because we live among the greatest generation. Soon they will be gone. Will our generation be known as the greatest or the one that started the decline of what we hold so dear?

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