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I got to thinking this week…the life of a Tweet is so short…

It’s there a few minutes…then gone forever…

I decided that sharing them here gives them more life.

Here are my top 10, most re-tweeted, tweets this week:

  • Don’t mistake what you cannot understand for what cannot be true.
  • The view from “the top of the world” is even more glorious when you’ve had a perspective from the bottom
  • Truly broken people have the advantage of always being able to look up & aim higher.
  • Every time you push through a fear you gain more confidence & grow your faith
  • What if we only had to forgive others one less time than God has forgiven us? Would anyone be left unforgiven?
  • You’ve got less chance failing if you do nothing…but you’ll accomplish nothing, have no fun, miss the excitement, be boring…etc
  • Don’t confuse a short-term setback with a long-term failure….
  • Owing a debt you cannot pay requires a penalty or a pardon.
  • The world would be a better place if we were less concerned about getting even and more concerned about granting pardon
  • Sometimes hidden in your greatest fear is an opportunity for God to display His greatest glory.

Which of these would you re-Tweet?

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