Seeing God as Too Much God

Don’t let the title of this post upset you just yet…

God is fully God.

There’s no way to describe the greatness, majesty, holiness, perfection, bigness of God…

You could spend eternity…and will…trying to figure God out completely or fully comprehend the depths of His love, power, and grace.

But I wonder sometimes…

Is part of the reason you and I feel so distant from God that we see Him as so big and wonderful…that we believe we could never relate to Him?

What if God was “a friend who sticks closer than a brother“?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if God were a God who would intervene for you, in spite of what you have done, and love you, in spite of who you are?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if God were gentle enough to paint the spots on a lady bug?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if you were created in His image…relational…like He is relational?

Could you relate to Him then?

What if He were willing to die so that He could have a relationship with you?

Could you relate to that kind of God?

Don’t misunderstand…God is fully God…He is holy and there is none like Him…

You and I couldn’t even be in His presence apart from His grace…

He’s always going to be too much God…

But that’s why Jesus came…

He tore the divider between a Holy God and imperfect people…

Instead of remaining too much God…He chose to offer too much grace…

Maybe not “too much grace”, but there’s more available than you’ll ever require…

He designed you and I so we could relate to Him…

That begins as we relate to His Son Jesus…

And then, like other relationships…it takes time, effort, and practice…

To get to know a God who otherwise, would remain too much God…

Tell me, how do you or how are you developing your relationship with God?

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  • "Too much God" will turn into problem since it implies that we are missing the wood for the trees. That could be a dangerous phenomenon. We should be careful enough not to let that happen in our life. Too much God happens when we lose the balance in our mind.

  • ronedmondson says:


  • jack42 says:

    I relate to what Walter says. I have complete faith for everyone. Except me. I need someone to have faith for me.

    I can comprehend God is bigger than my comprehension will ever be (even in heaven). I can comprehend that the Holy Spirit is even more "other" than God is "other". I accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Growing up as an only child, though, and being completely rejected by all peers in elementary and junior high (primarily, and at church, too), I don't have any sense of connection with people. I mean, I have (very few) friends now, but I'm extremely guarded with people.

  • Walter, the matter of trusting God grows through our development of a relationship with Him. I have walked with the Lord for 39 years now and each day is sweeter because I have grown through the trials of life to trust in Him.
    Give yourself permission to grow in Him. It doesn't happen overnight….it is a steady process that comes from prayer, Bible study and daily walking it out. Don't depend on your feelings…depend on the Word of God. I will be praying for you brother.

  • Ty Woznek says:

    I had a prof who thought worship was more an OT than a NT concept. Worship focuses on the ‘otherness’ of God while NT focuses on intimacy with God… Another angle on what you’re saying. Great post!

  • Walter Petticrew says:

    Hello Ron

    This is an excellent post and your timing, punctual. I am struggling with this right now in my life and discussed it yesterday with my brother. God vastness and Christ Jesus gracefulness is overwhelming at times. My personal struggle is having belief in the mind, but not complete trust from the heart. What do I mean by this. When I read and hear scripture in my brain I get it and believe it to be so….. for others. But in taking the scripture and COMPLETELY trusting it in my life and application, well I am not there. Oh I have had times I felt there. So my point is this, I realize I am living in what I call a half-saved new life. Not because I am half-saved, but because I am not trusting and accepting all the grace of Christ's forgiveness. Talk about stupid. I share this with you and your community for advise and if I am going through this, my guess is others are going or have gone through the same experience.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Thanks Walter for being honest. I'm going to repost this and ask folks to pray for you and share their encouragement.

    • Amy says:

      Walter, I know exactly what you mean! Knowing something in our heads doesn't necessarily mean it penetrates our hearts. And yes, I too often read the Bible and think, that's nice, but what difference does it really make to ME?

      Father, I pray that your Word would penetrate so deeply into Walter's heart and life that he can accept Your grace and forgiveness and be able to live the life in You he wants to have. Pour your love into him and over him and open his eyes to the truth that you love HIM, you forgave HIM, and you want a relationship with HIM! Then use him powerfully in the lives of those you've put into his life to show them the love and grace You've showed him.

    • Like a youngster who grows to trust their parent, so too are we who develop our trust in God. For some it is a process that takes time and for others it arrives quickly. However, I would caution anyone to grow in that trust humbly by taking baby steps. The arrogant jump from past to present without reflection or mourning. They forget that there may be other people entangled in those past actions that also need to receive forgiveness.

      Trust God and believe that even if it takes a while for you to process the mercy you have been given, you are still completely exonerated.

  • How well said Ron. We do often put God up so high that we cannot reach Him yet He is a near to us as our next breath. I spend a lot of time talking to God…before I write something or do anything of great importance. I enjoy nature and see God's great and mighty hand all around me. Being in His Word, praying to Him and just waiting upon Him have helped me to get to know Him better. It is a relationship that my life depends on, and I am humbled that He chose me to be His own. Thank you for what you wrote today!

    • ronedmondson says:

      Thanks Barbara. I've held on to this post for a while, afraid some may misunderstand the point of it. Thanks for confirming the point was clear.

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