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A Bird Party: The Perfect Remedy for Worry or Fear

By February 5, 2019Encouragement, Faith, Fear, God

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? (Matthew 6:26)

I have a history with birds!

Years ago, when God called me into full-time vocational ministry, we literally started over financially. I had to rely on the support of others the first few years and I’ve never been good at asking people for money. So, I simply refused to do it. God always provided, but there were many weeks of “waiting by the mailbox”. (Almost like when I was a small business owner and trying to make payroll – only with less 0’s.)

In full disclosure, there were so many times I found myself questioning some of the very basic principles of God about which I was attempting to teach everyday. I guess you could call it a “pity party”, where I felt sorry for myself and thought I was highly justified in doing so. (I hope that doesn’t disappoint you to know, but it’s true.)

On those days, I tended to head towards a chair in my study to spend time praying and seeking God.

In the home where we lived at the time, two walls in my study were completely glass. Anytime of day I could usually look out the windows and see birds.  Several times, as I prayed to the Lord, I would look up and there were not just a few birds, but literally dozens around my back yard. I saw everything from sparrows, cardinals, and blue jays to yellow finches, woodpeckers and hummingbirds. And, there were always some I couldn’t identify. Birds everywhere!

Sitting there in my chair, I instantly become overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit saying to me “Ron, I am caring for all these birds. Not one of them is concerned about its next meal. Surely I can care for you.” I’m not sure, but He may even add in those moments, “Oh, you of little faith.”

Whenever I was really struggling, God seemed to provide a bird party to remind me of His presence in my life.

Isn’t grace amazing?

Are you wondering in this season of your life if God cares – or if He is working all things for your ultimate good?

Please understand, I’m not suggesting a simple look out the window to look at some birds will cure all your anxiety. Don’t ever be afraid to get professional help. Sometimes, however, we allow the pressures of the world to cloud the truth of His promises. If that’s your story, ask God to show you His creation. Let it gently confirm the presence of an all-powerful, almighty God!

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  • Lisa Turner says:

    These words are so helpful. I really miss your preaching. I should have went every favorite scripture Philippians 4:6-7.Its hard not to be anxious or worry during these times.The country is so divided,scary and mean. I guess I should give the new preacher a chance ….We miss you here in Lexington.

  • Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the simple reminder of God’s faithfulness. I do a lot of walking & as I walk I pray. I am reminded of God’s awesome love for me as I observe all He has made. How He takes care of details. There are so many different kinds of trees, and all with a different design. Some trees are shade trees, others produce fruit. When I don’t know what is next in my life, the trees remind me that God designed me for a purpose. And my life- like the acorn that falls from the tree, takes a long to become an oak

  • Laurie says:

    This is also just what I needed to read this morning, thank you. Sometimes it’s so hard to wait on God’s timing & continue believing He is working in the “background” on things I cannot see. But I do believe He works all things together for good & He strengthens us during these times of waiting on Him.

    The beauty of His creation I have been seeing most recently is the snow on the trees, especially the evergreens. Something about seeing that brings me peace.

  • HisFireFly says:

    What a fantastic reminder Ron!

    I was touched in a similar fashion by the sunrise yesterday and wrote about it here

  • Birds are one thing. They sit right outside my window daily and since we live in Texas, they stay year round.

    To be honest though it's trees. Whenever I see a big tree it reminds me of Him, especially when it's winter and the tree is barren. I know that He is getting ready to bring restoration to it.

  • Nikki Eidson says:

    Ron, this is just what I needed to read. It's easy to get caught up in the "woe is me" moments when life isn't going my way. But God does provide what we need on HIS timetable. Definitely a great reminder.

    And as far as Creation is concerned, sunsets always bring me back to the heart of Christ! I love seeing the colors and magnificence of a beautiful sunset. And no matter what has happened throughout that day, whenever I see one, it reminds me just how beautiful God really is.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Nikki, I love your heart and what I see God doing in your life. He has bigger plans for you than you've yet to…or ever will…imagine.