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The first sermon of the new year at Grace Community Church was a difficult one, because I encouraged our people to let go of some of the burdens they had been carrying in 2010. We wanted to start 2011 with a clean slate and make it a better year. I challenged people to write the one issue they wanted to leave behind on an index card. We captured those, and though they didn’t have names on them, we recorded the general issue to see what people in our church were dealing with this year. For me personally this is helping to shape the way I preach.

Here is a graph of the over 1,000 cards we collected:

You can view the sermon from that day here:

What would you have written on that card? Does this graph represent some of your struggles?

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  • the first thing that came to my mind was fear, worry, and doubt. wow! this is the one burden I've carried for far too long and desire to release throughout 2011. thanks Ron for the encouragement and for sharing this post.

  • Ashley Crews says:

    Wow! I would have put a few on that card. The pain from the past, and fear and worry. I have learned a lot that I need to move forward and to stand up for myself and live my life for God and not anyone else. No matter what people think or want me to do. I know I have come a long and still have a lot of work to do and need to follow my heart and the desire God has for my life..

  • Dave Ingland says:

    Pastor Ron, I’d probabaly cite all of the responses shown above if not forced to narrow it down to just one. So often we in the church believe that we must be above all of those things if we are truly walking with Christ in us. The reality is, with or without Christ we are still just people and we all struggle. Good to see your reflection of a real community looking to overcome some very real struggles. May the people of Grace Community be encouraged and come together as people of the struggle and celebrate all that Christ will do through you in 2011!

  • Clarissa says:

    It's always nice (and sometimes a wonder) to see God relaying the same message through His different servants. My pastor's message for New Year's Eve was "What shall I do with all this stuff? Leave it behind."

  • Dana says:

    I'd say "drama". (smile) But really I want to walk toward being fully dependent on God. I'd whether walk toward Him knowing I'm walking away for a lot of nonsense. Great message.