Week of Thanksgiving: One Consistent Friend

By November 23, 2010Encouragement, Family

Do you have a consistent friend…one who has stuck with you over the years…through good times and bad times of life?

Are you thankful for them?

This week I’m focussing some posts on sharing thoughts of Thanksgiving. You can read yesterday’s post HERE.

I’ll start the discussion by sharing one of mine.

Chuck was my radio partner for 17 years. I recently had to give up the show we did together due to my work schedule, but I know our friendship goes beyond a couple of microphones. I have always considered Chuck like a brother. I would trust him with my life. I remember the time he had some heart complications and was taken to the hospital. As I started to rush out the door to go see him, my wife reminded me that only immediate family was allowed in his room. Without thinking I said, “Well I’ll just tell them I’m his brother.” Cheryl told me they might suspect something. Chuck is black and I am white. If I needed something today I would simply have to call and Chuck would be there. I love that guy.

Now your turn.

Who is that one person, besides your immediate family, who has always been a consistent friend?

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  • Keep God First says:

    God has blessed me with many friends, but Jesus is the only friend who meets your description. That's why it's important to make our personal relationship with God our top priority.

  • @Bryankr says:

    I have to apologize for being late, but, for me that would have to be Bill Walker. He and became friends in High School. We started just hanging out then found out we liked to hunt and fish, so we started to do that together. We were almost inseparable after that! When we graduated school, he went to one college I went to another and sort of lost touch, but whenever we had the chance, we still had great times together! I always knew that if I ever needed him, he would be there. I lost him to Cancer about a month ago. I still think of the fishing trips we took and the fact he could always out-fish me any day of the week! He is still constant.

  • James says:

    I've never really gave this much thought. My most consistent friend passed away in 2000 and I've never really attempted to replace him. Of course my wife fills much of this role, I do not have a true confidant outside my family.

  • Lin_Pearson says:

    My friend Catherine. When God called me into Christian service he called me to work with her. We have ministered together among youth and then children for over 40 years. We have always shared accommodation and, despite being different in temperament, we get on well. She is faithful to help me see where I need to make adjustments and very patient with me. The best thing about our friendship is that we pray together every morning. God comes down as we commit our day to him. That is more than companionship – it is true fellowship in the gospel.

  • April Rowen says:

    I have a consistent friend – but we both have had to learn to be that kind of a friend. She's more to-the-point and factual, whereas I tend to beat-around-the-bush to keep from hurting someone's feelings and am emotional.

    Boy, have we sharpened each other! We started our friendship in 5th grade or so, and have been teaching other how to be a better friend and better person ever since. She is an amazing friend… one of those rare gems who keeps me accountable and stretched. (She keeps me tougher than my normal sensitive self prefers, and I keep her tactful than her more tough self prefers.) She's my 'besty' =)

  • @LeaMoja says:

    That would Frances. She's my friend since college and we're actually treat each other as 'soul mate sisters'. Our family members are so knit together like we're relatives. I can trust her my life as well. She became an instrument of God that I could still trust people around me in church at one point in my life. =)

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