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This woman told our team that she prayed 40 years for a church to come to Compound Village where she lives in Sierra Leone. Africa for Jesus recently opened Believers Church and it is the first ever Christian Church in a village with over 3,000 people. I was amazed by her faith and consistent prayer.

For what or whom have you been continually praying?

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  • Lori says:

    I have three teenage boys and my prayers are for their future, for their purity, and for their Love of Christ. Doing so, especially when things are not going as planned can wear you down. This woman is an encouragement!!

  • Rob Shawver says:

    I have answered the call to be in ministry full time. But I’ve been in prayer for God to open a full-time position at my church or a partner church of Northpoint Ministries.

  • Jon says:

    Two things; one old and one just new. The old one that I have been praying constantly about for over a year is that my wife's heart be softened and that her eyes be opened to this new man she has as her husband. That she extend trust and love to me.

    The one I am just starting is for my sister. She is not a believer and considers God the enemy. Actually I think she considers her whole life and anyone that interacts with it in a way not of her liking the enemy. It's just that He gets blamed for so much of this. I understand where she's coming from, as I've been there, although not nearly as off course as she is. She's missing the message from God about where He wants her in relationship to Him and until that gets solved she will never find happiness or a solution for her problems. I'm starting a daily prayer for her and trying to find the right words to say to encourage her. The problem for me isn't just trying to get her to move under Him, it's that anything I say will be a foreign concept to her.

  • Simon Hughes says:

    I am completely ashamed that I have missed the mark in my prayer life to have such a commitment. In fact, there is a direct correlation between our prayer life and our walk with our Lord an Savior Jesus Christ. You cannot have true surrender to someone you don’t have an intimate relationship with, prayer provides such intimacy! My hearts cry is to call out to Him on bended knees each and everyday for true surrender!!

  • carissaelaine says:

    I've been praying for 7 years that my dear friend would be victorious over her eating addiction. I've prayed her desire to know and follow God would be greater than the lies Satan has told her.

  • i think yet another lesson to never underestimate how God can use us! Am very sure many times we're at the threshold of being answers or part of answers to prayers… Sometimes our doubt and disobedience gets in the way…

    I think people would naturally pray longer for their own needs… what selflessness! 40years! what a story!

  • Aaron says:

    What an incredible story! I would hate to think that most of us would have given up after 40 hours. But 40 years? This story is incredibly uplifting and at the same time convicting…