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Results of Blog Survey

By September 5, 2009Church

survey09Recently I added an online survey to my blog to find out a little about my readership.  You can still take the survey HERE.  I appreciate all the responses.  There was about 50% of the average daily readership to answer the survey; so statistically speaking I feel I have a good cross representation of the readers.

Here were some of the results:  (I have added commentary below each group of statistics.)


  • 99% consider themselves Christian

(This surprised me somewhat, because I write a lot of general post, but I guess being a pastor limits me primarily to a Christian audience.)


  • 93% had some college
  • 57% have a bachelor’s degree or higher

(That’s a fairly educated group.  I wonder if this is who reads blogs or is this unique to mine?)

Reader Age:

  • The most common age group is 36 to 45 with 35%
  • Age group 26 to 35 is 29%
  • Age group 46 to 55 is 24%

(I have a younger audience than I realized. That could be due to my childlike behavior at times! J )


  • Male   44%
  • Female 56%

(Just curious, is this because girls read more blogs or do I write like a girl?)

Most repeated occupation:

  • Largest number: Pastor or minister
  • Second: Sales or Management
  • Third: Homemaker

(I love to connect with pastors.  I was frankly surprised by the numbers of homemakers reading these posts.  Most of them are not from my church either. Interesting.)

Time reading:

  • 51% have been reading my blog for less than 6 months.

(I am not surprised here. My daily hits have grown considerably in recent months.  Thank you!)

How people have found my blog:

  • I know you personally  13%
  • Twitter  33%
  • Facebook 35%
  • Other referring site   18%
  • Web search   4%

(Facebook and Twitter….Who loves you baby?  Still, I have not been successful at getting other bloggers to link to me.  I am open to suggestions here.  Thankful also to those in my church who read this stuff!)

What people enjoy reading:

  • Leadership    30%
  • Church   17%
  • God    20%
  • Family   25%
  • Personal   15%
  • I love them all    49%

(In recent months, partly due to this survey and comments I had been receiving, I have begun limiting the scope of my writings to a few more specific categories.  Thanks for the feedback.)

I also received tons of great comments and encouragement.    I did receive one comment that said I tend to write things as fact that really are opinion.  I guess that’s because its a personal blog and I tend to believe what I write.  Thanks for your honest feedback from everyone.  I plan to continue blogging as long as you keep reading!!!

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Join the discussion 7 Comments

  • Peter P says:

    I was wondering as I read the post, how DO you find out who reads the blog but doesn’t fill in surveys.

    All these results truly show is what the people who read your blog and like to complete surveys think… what about all the others?
    .-= Peter P´s last blog ..Blogiversary vlog =-.

    • Ron says:

      That’s a good point Peter. I don’t know the answer to that, but statistically I think I had a large enough pool to make some general observations. There was a large cross reference of ages, people, professions, etc.

  • Renee Garcia says:

    Hey now Nate, I’m YOUNG! LOL Define young… OK you said “youngER”… I guess I’ll let that slide. It’s past my bedtime! HA! 😉
    .-= Renee Garcia´s last blog ..It’s that time of year again!! =-.

  • I don’t think most younger readers would take the time to fill out the survey… I didn’t fill it out for instance. That could have something to do with it.

  • Renee Garcia says:

    I agree with the blogroll comment… it’s called linky love! LOL I have you on my blogroll under Tennessee friends :)… then again my blogroll is HUGE so that may not mean all that much. (Except I think TN friends is first!)

    The Christian audience doesn’t surprise me, I think if it were a lot lower you would be getting a lot of negative comments (DO you get a lot of negative comments?! I haven’t really checked! I’ve been told once you get a “hater” you’ve “made it” as a blogger. Hmm. Great way to become popular. LOL)

    YAY I’m younger than your most common average reader! 🙂 It COULD be that you’re a good role model! 😉

    Gender? Yep, more women read (and write) blogs, by far! Google “mom blogs” Then read for YEARS! LOL

    Occupation… homemakers… refer to gender comment, lol and the fact that you’re a good role model! And your parenting posts rock!

    Tell Cheryl she needs to blog too… “Confessions of a pastor’s wife” or “From the trenches of Grace” or something like that! I think she’d be GREAT! 🙂

    That was a fun survey! I may have to do one myself sometime!
    .-= Renee Garcia´s last blog ..Abbott & Costello =-.

  • I think you are more likely to get other bloggers to link to you if you include a blogroll where you link to other bloggers yourself (in your sidebar).

    Interesting results though… just added myself (I think I’m a bit of an outlier, to your results)
    .-= Nathan Edwards´s last blog ..Galatians 1 – Blogged Bible Study =-.