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Pre-Planning Your Week For Efficiency

By August 10, 2009September 14th, 2019Business, Encouragement

Here’s a quick encouragement to help you have a great week.

Spend the first 30 minutes of your week pre-planning for the week.

Follow these steps:

Set goals for the week. – What do you need to and want to accomplish by the week’s end? Be realistic, but make sure you include some stretch goals.

List the major tasks required to accomplish your goals – Break down each objective into the activities you will need to do in order to complete them.

Allot time for each activity – Again, be realistic, but determine that you are going to work diligently to meet your goals.

Schedule your week – Calendar each of the activities throughout the week. Be sure and allow for downtime, reflection, prayer and devotion time.  Those times keep you grounded and fresh. (If your schedule fills up before you finish you are probably either planning to do too much or allotting too much time for each activity.)

With this pre-planning period you will be better able to enjoy your week with less stress, more productivity, and a better attitude at the end of the week.

Let me know how this works for you.

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