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The Heart of a Believer: Love

By February 13, 2009Christians, Devotional

This letter is from John the Elder. It is written to the chosen lady and to her children, whom I love in the truth, as does everyone else who knows God’s truth- 2 John 1 NLT

Let me ask you a question: How are you at loving others? Try not to think about those in your immediate family, your friends, or those who treat you well. Try to think about those who have hurt you the most. How are you at loving them?

If you know God’s truth, then you know that as believers we are commissioned to love…not just those who are loveable, but even the unlovely. Our decision whether to love is not predicated on the other person’s behavior, but on God’s truth that we are to love.

What kinds of people are hardest for you to love?  

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  • Amanda Boles says:

    In my job, I see a lot of people who don’t love their kids, either by ignoring/neglecting them or outright abusing them. It’s hard for me to love those people, but it’s my responsibility to work with them and help them to break that cycle. Most people who treat their children these ways were also abused/neglected when they were children, and that helps me to look at them from a more compassionate place. I also remind myself that I am not better than them, that God created and loves all of us, but I had a really good start in life.

  • like the blog for today. kind of goes along with mine…