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A Matter of Perspective

By September 10, 2008Business, Culture, Funny

It’s all a matter of perspective….and taste I guess.  Did you read the story about the man who has eaten 23,000 Big Macs in 36 years?   You can read that story here.  The only day he didn’t eat one was the day his mother died; in honor to her. 


Contrast that with the now famous Jared of Subway.  He was on a “eat a Subway a day” diet.  His story displayed on commercials the last few years dramatically changed the Subway Company’s image and increased sales.  I understand it was originally turned down by the corporate office as something that wouldn’t be appealing enough.  A franchise owner starting sharing it in his local selling area, it caught on huge, corporate took notice, and the rest is history. 


I wonder if McDonald’s will do the Gorske story on upcoming commercials.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his story would inspire more Big Mac sales.  It made me hungry for one just reading the story.  

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