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What to do with an extra hour?

By July 9, 2008July 10th, 2008Uncategorized

What do you do with an extra hour in your schedule?  I had an hour in between meetings today and not enough time to go back to the office.  I wondered what to do with my time.  I came up with these options: 

·         Write a blog (Obviously I did this one.)

·         Call my mom.  (She loves when I do, but I’m in a crowded place.  Not sure that’s a viable option.)

·         Pray.   (I have lots to talk with God about.) 

·         Send emails to check on people I’ve not seen in a while.  (I did some of this yesterday.)

·         Read my Bible. (Actually doing some of that.)

·         Dream.  (This is a constant for me.)

·         Work on next week’s message. (I’ve already got 2 pages of notes that I could organize.)

·         View my calendar for the next few months.  (The second half of this year appears much busier than the first.  How could that be?)

·         Interact with strangers here at Blondie’s.  (The strange may come out of me if I do that now, according to who is here.) 

·         Twitter something. (If I can get it to work.)

·         Sing along to the music playing in this place. (Current tune: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley)

·         Get another cup of coffee.  (Never too much caffeine for me!) 

·         Search the web.  (Thank God for filters should I go this route!)

·         Write devotionals.  (  needs new material.) 

 Suggestions?  What would you do with an extra hour if you are away from home or the office?  



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