7 Ways I’ve Made Leadership Easy – And Learned to Make a Rhyme Along the Way

Leadership is easy. Seriously. All these years I’ve tried to complicate things. It’s really more simple than I imagined.

Once I discovered how easy leadership could be – my life even began to rhyme more.

See what I mean.

Here are 7 ways I’ve made leadership easy:

I’m no longer taking people where they don’t want to go.
Choosing instead to leave things status quo.

No more do I challenge worn out ways.
I’m simply embracing the good ole’ days.

I cave into critics, giving them the win.
I roll over easily – with a passive-aggressive grin.

I keep my voice silent, on issues which could divide.
Rather than build consensus, I pretend to enjoy the ride.

Popularity is my primary goal of the day.
Following the crowd or what the masses say.

I’ve quit pursuing my God-given dream.
These days I allow mediocrity to stifle the team.

I’ve stopped stretching people with new goals.
I’m simply ignoring the organizational holes.

See. I’ve discovered easy leadership. And, it rhymes, too. What more could people want?

Can you add a rhyme or two?

That is – if you can make leadership easy like I do.

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19 thoughts on “7 Ways I’ve Made Leadership Easy – And Learned to Make a Rhyme Along the Way

  1. Cool post! I like your different approach to talking about leadership.

    Not a leader, no not me at all
    If I lead, I know I'll just fall

    Not sure if this fits with your view, but this is totally me.
    Twitter: KariScare

  2. I want to lead "easy" so at the end of the day
    It's said I gave them what they want and went about my way

    It's kinda a final cadence rhythm thing. Word. πŸ˜€

  3. Hello πŸ™‚

    Am I not getting this?

    Your poem is the opposite of what real leadership is, or should be. It is also about a pretense of happy. Being a blind follower is what is sounds like to me. Not sharing His Word? Nah – You're just yanking our chains.