5 Things To Do AFTER the Crisis

I have been writing about the times of crisis — especially from the viewpoint of leadership. My hope is that if you are in crisis-mode right now you are beginning to see the end of the tunnel. I pray God brings you through this time quickly.

You’ll want to read the first two posts HERE and HERE.

It’s important to know what to do AFTER the time of crisis has passed. Many of us miss these important steps.

Here are 5 things to do AFTER a time of crisis:

Rejoice. Be thankful the crisis is over and a time of peace has come. I have many times prayed fervently during the hard times, but forsaken my “God-time” when everything is going well. Don’t follow my example in this.

Share. The Bible is clear that we are to use our struggles to help others in theirs. Often because of fear or embarrassment we don’t allow people to see our past hurts. This denies God the opportunity to use the experiences He has given us for His glory. (Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

Prepare. If you have lived long enough you know that seasons of crisis come many times in life. During the quiet times — when all is going reasonably well — is when we should be preparing for harder times.

Rest. To borrow from the Cheers theme song, “Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.” Many people never enjoy the peaceful times because they are too paranoid about the next crisis that may or may not even occur. We should prepare for times of trouble, but we should never live in a state of worry. Worry is a sin. And, it’s never helpful. After a crisis, rest. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Grow. I have grown spiritually more during the hard times than in the easy times of my life. Crisis-mode teaches us valuable insight into the character and heart of God. Use the down times to evaluate your relationship with God, your life, and see how the two connect. Work on the places you are out of sync with God’s will for your life. Work on your skills as a leader. Become a better person. Some of the strongest character is developed only through times of crisis.

It would be nice if you never needed these posts. My sense is, if your life is anything like mine, that some of you will. Maybe even today. I’m praying for you if this is your current situation.

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  • Duncan M. says:

    Crisis, a word most of us would like to eliminate from the dictionary and life. Unfortunately, this is impossible. God has plans for us, and whether the situation is good or bad, we need to be thankful and to ask for guidance. I find your 5 steps a must after every difficult period because only after completing them, we are ready to learn the lesson. Worrying too much for a next crisis or surpassing the crisis like nothing happened are the worst things to do. We should reflect, help others who face a similar situation, learn from or mistakes and avoid doing them again, take a break, and become better human beings.

  • min. ellis d. jimmerson says:

    5 Things Not To Do After A Crisis:

    1. Rehearse: Don’t reminisce how bad the situation. Be appreciative of the fact that it could’ve been worse.

    2. Remember: Don’t maintain bad memories of the crisis. Remembering a crisis can bring back the hurt that you suffered & may even cause you to think that every crisis is meant to bring you down.

    3. Pass it on: Don’t tell people that the crisis you endured will be the same way for others. Just because it was a certain way with you doesn’t mean it will be the same for others.

    4. Stay There: Many people aren’t satisfied until they get the last word or get revenge. What can kill the aftermath of a crisis is not letting it die.

    5. Give Up: People need to see that you’re a survivor. Life doesn’t end because the past crisis drained you. The fact that you live to tell about it gives others confidence to press through it like you did.

  • Ron says:

    Thanks Steve for reading and commenting. You are at a great church!

  • Steve Murphy says:

    These are some great guide-lines. I especially relate to the “grow” line… In times of struggle and pain I have seen God move, protect, and teach me more than any other time. We must never forget that the finest metals are proven in the fire.

    Love your writting and insight and will be adding you to my blogroll. Peace,

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