5 of the Worst Leadership Traits I’ve Observed

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Someone asked me a great question recently. It came from a young pastor. He appears to be doing a great job leading, but he wants to do better. I admire that. I hope he (and I) continue that attitude throughout his career (and mine).

His question was this:

Knowing what you know now about leadership, what would you say are the biggest traps to avoid? What are the worst leadership traits that you’ve seen limit a leader’s potential to lead well?

That’s a hard question, because depending on the circumstances I think there could be many different answers. I wrote the “most dangerous” traits previously, but this question seemed different to me. It wasn’t addressing the dangerous traits, as much as the ones that were just bad. You can have these and perhaps still see some success as a leader, but they are still bad leadership traits….the worst. And they keep one from leading well. Eventually, they may derail a leader if not addressed.

There are many I’ve observed. I’ve seen laziness, for example, cripple a leader. But, with the right team around him or her, even a lazy leader can experience success. I thought of incompetence, but I have seen some dumb leaders (like me at times) smart enough to surround themselves with wise people. But, what about the worst?

So, I’ve narrowed my list to the following 5 of the worst traits I’ve observed personally. Feel free to disagree or add to my list. I certainly don’t have all the answers.

Here are 5 of the worst leadership traits I’ve observed:

Poor character – Nothing can overcome a flawed character. Dishonesty in a leader, for example, will always overshadow even the most worthy vision. You can’t hide a corrupt heart. Immorality always shines brighter than competence or ability. And it can be argued whether it should be called success, but I’ve seen some bad characters leading what appears to be very successful organizations.

Avoidance – The leader who ignores problems invites trouble to the church or organization. Problems never go away on their own. They fester and eventually explode. It may take a long time for them to be exposed but they will eventually catch up with the leader. Yet I have seen some leaders survive a long time while avoiding the real problems.

Indecisiveness – Every decision a leader makes is subject to opinion and there are always at least two. Most of the time many more. But, leaders are called to make decisions when no one else can or will. Indecisiveness stalls progress and frustrates people. Yet I have talked with countless staff members of very large church who say their senior pastor can’t or won’t make decisions.

Control – Inflexibility on the part of a leader limits the church or organization to the level of performance solely of the leader. That’s always bad. Even if the person is a genius, there’s a lid placed upon the organization or church’s future. People feel squashed of their potential and under appreciated, producing half-heartedness and poor morale. Who needs that? But, there are still growing organizations with controlling leaders (I didn’t say healthy…growing).

Pride – Perhaps the worst trait I’ve personally observed is the arrogance of a leader. It turns people away in disgust when they hear a leader brag on all his or her accomplishments. The braggart feels good personally, but is never as popular as he or she perceives. I’ve found if a leader is really good at what they do, they won’t have to tell others about it. And, yet, know any arrogant leaders who apparently lead “successful” organizations…even churches?

That’s my list. Again, these are all bad leadership traits, in my opinion and observation. Some will argue you couldn’t have these and lead successfully. That would depend, I suppose, on your definition of success, but regardless they are still bad traits…I would even say…the worst.

What would you add?

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19 thoughts on “5 of the Worst Leadership Traits I’ve Observed

  1. Aloofness- The leader who isolates himself or herself from people would be my idea of bad leadership. They hide themselves in their study or in administration and seldom get involved with people. Another form of aloofness is when leaders refuse or do not participate in activities or tasks that the people are involved in because it is “beneath them” or they can’t be bothered. Compare this type of leadership to the leadership of Jesus in John 13 when he washes the disciples’ feet.

  2. Dear Ron, I have one… But it's probably listed under PRIDE. I know a Pastor that is eat up with Self-glory. He Always wants the congregation to Brag on him continuelly and if they don't he gets aggrevated and sometimes Mad, telling them they didn't Brag on him tonight.. or you need to get on facebook and Brag a little on your pastor. so many people have left the Church already. They don't want to be Bombarded with this every church service, It always happens.. God Help Us All

  3. Dear Ron,
    I do love to read your posts regularly. They are, without a single shred of doubt, interesting, heartening and exigent. I assume all of the qualities you’ve mentioned in this post are pitiable leadership qualities (I’ve extended the comments made by my fellow). However, thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts in these posts 🙂

  4. Ron,
    I love your posts that you do. They are thought provoking, encouraging and challenging. I think all 5 of these traits are poor leadership traits. Going through this list (and by personal experience), would an entitlement mentality make the list? Or would that also be included with pride?
    Thank you for taking time to write these posts!

  5. Arrogance/lack of humility. Or is that covered under "Pride"? I love to see people succeed and cheer them on the whole way but, what example is being set when a pastor (or any leader) really thinks that they've "made it"?