2 Things I’ve Learned about Failure


It won’t break you –

Unless you allow it to do so. You may feel it has, but failure doesn’t have to define you. The choice of how you respond to failure is always up to you.

It might just make you –

You will learn more from failure than from everything going right for you. Guaranteed. Every time. I promise. The best principles I’ve learned in life came from times of failure in my life.

What have you learned about failure?

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9 thoughts on “2 Things I’ve Learned about Failure

  1. Failure have a different effect on different people .Some got disappointed and some learn a lesson and next time remain alert if the same situation occurred in life.If anyone feel difficulty in the learning phase then custom essay writing poweredessays.com offer services to deal with your failure.

  2. One thing I keep telling myself and others is that sometimes we don't know the right thing to do until we do the wrong thing first, then we will know the right thing to do. I learned this week, though that it still hurts but now I know what not to do and how to do this particular thing the "right" way.

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  4. I agree. Failure might just make you. More often than not, failure is something that pushes me to move forward. To figure out why that particular thing didn't work and to get back up on the horse and try again. Failure also keeps me humble and reminds me that I am not God's gift to the world, His Son was. Always healthy to get one of those reminders from time to time.