Random thoughts on spanking or not spanking as a parent

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To spank or not to spank…that’s probably one of the most frequent debates I have heard about parenting. Parents ask me frequently for my opinion on the issue. It is an important, but seldom talked about by those who teach on parenting. Many think the government should address the issue. Others think this is only a matter left for parents.

I suppose I should not be surprised when I am addressed with this question, since I frequently teach on issues such as parenting, marriage and the family, but I never know exactly how to address it. This post addresses some of those reasons.

Here are a few of my thoughts about the issue of corporal punishment:

  • This is a personal issue, a difficult one at that, and one I do not feel comfortable solving for parents. A parent can and will only enforce consistently those discipline strategies he or she agrees with personally.
  • This is an important question, but not at all the most important question about parenting.
  • The bigger issue is having an overall plan for parenting. I know too many parents trying to solve this question, but they have never fully thought through a strategy for where they are leading their children and how they are going to get them there. I would rather we spent more time talking about the adults we want our children to be someday and how we can better steer them in that direction. Discipline deals with the issue of discipleship. Building character in our children.
  • The goal of parenting is far more important than the methods used in parenting. In our parenting we tried many different methods; some worked and some didn’t. The key of our parenting experience was that we were intentionally thinking through the goal and working towards realizing that goal in each of our boy’s lives.
  • Each child is different. The strategy and methods for disciplining each child must be different.
  • You should never spank, or do any discipline, in anger. Cool off first
  • The child should never be able to question your love after the moment of discipline has passed. That’s with any discipline.
  • I did spank, but it was rare and always intentional. It seemed to work at the time. At a certain age it was the best method for one of our boys to discipline him through a strong-willed period. The cliché “this hurts me more than you” was really true for me, but it worked with this child. It wouldn’t have as well with the other.
  • The Bible verse that is often questioned is Proverbs 13:24, which says, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” This verse is often interpreted as referring to spanking, thinking the Bible uses the imagery of the rod and staff of a shepherd. The shepherd’s methods to train the sheep were always for the sheep’s best interest, and always what worked for the sheep and its predators.The verse, however, as are all the Proverbs, is a principle, and, therefore, I think it refers more to the principle of effective parenting than it gives us a mandate to spank.
  • The mother and the father should agree on the form of discipline. If they do not, they should perhaps get help to come to a sense of agreement. Mothers and fathers should recognize that each plays a unique role in the process and one handles discipline differently than the other. I was much sterner on my boys than Cheryl was and she was much more of a nurturer than I was, but both were necessary.
  • For me the end goal of my discipline was spelled out in the Bible, in principles such as Proverbs 29:17 which says, “Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul.” I was less concerned about process and more concerned about progress. Discipline is to disciple the child…prepare them for life and adulthood.

Again, I don’t have all the answers here. Most parents are doing the best they know how. My best advice is to be intentional. Have a goal and have a plan. For each child. What parent would not want to see the principle of the verse above come true in their child’s life some day? Good parenting should do what works best to accomplish the goal of parenting.

Those are my random thoughts. Anything to add?

(Last thought. This is the kind of post, dealing with controversial issues with strong opinions on both sides, that seems to bring out the mean people. Let me be clear I’m not looking for a fight or argument. And, if you’re mean…be nice here. 🙂 )

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  • Angela says:

    Timely post. Thanks. As an author of a children’s book, I like to repost helpful, funny or inspiring topics related to parenting/discipling on my book FB page. I posted this and paired it with my most recent blog entry on praying for our kids and others. Ironically, my blog post is titled WW Smackdown, Ha! http://wegotourjs.com/2013/08/30/ww-smackdown/

  • Mark Foster says:

    As a Dad with young kids (oldest is ten) i can say from my experience so far that any spanking done must be part of the overall strategy as Ron said.

    Spanking is by far the biggest stick(metaphorically speaking 🙂 ) that a parent has. It should neve be over-used.

    I believe that if you spank as the end of the matter, you haveissed the point entirely. When and if spanking does occur it should be the beginning of the discipline, not the end of it.

  • We spanked but only for open rebellion and always with intention. Spanking can be redemptive. We always explained that it was the behavior, not the child, which was the problem and we followed the spanking with a reaffirmation of our love and then we prayed with our child. We did not have to do it often and it was effective for us.

  • Danny Reynolds says:

    Rebecca, you should have read with complete understanding of what he was saying. Here is the end of that paragraph, perhaps you missed it….
    "however, as are all the Proverbs, is a principle, and I think it refers more to the principle of effective parenting than it gives us a mandate to spank"

  • Rebecca Trotter says:

    I'm not an anti-spanking purist, but using that verse about sparing the rod to justify spanking drives me completely NUTS. A shepherd doesn't hit the sheep with his rod!!! Sheep are very skittish creatures and if the shepherd was hitting the sheep, he'd never be able to manage the flock. Instead he uses the rod to nudge the sheep into line, to help them get back on their feet when they calve themselves and when needed, to fight off a predator. In fact, an animal predator is about the only thing other than the ground that the shepherd would hit with his staff. Anyways, it's a ridiculous misuse of the verse to use it to support spanking. Makes no sense what-so-ever and flies in the face of reality and common sense, in fact.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Yea. I didn't use it for that either. It's a principle verse. The shepherd guiding the sheep with the rod…the staff…a stick. The principle is to guide our children towards an end goal. Which is the greater focus of my post.

  • TC Avey

    Brave of you to post about this topic. You make solid points.

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