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It’s what we leave behind.

Mostly after we’re gone.

The memories…

The witness…

The example to follow…

My grandfather died last night. He left a legacy.

It’s sad, but I’m having a hard time seeing it as a heavy loss. Not that I won’t miss him. I will.

But he was 101 years old. Few live that long. He celebrated that milestone last week. He had a party. He had a good time. Everyone talked about how well he looked. This week, he went down fast and peacefully passed from this life to the next. In an instant.

Death always comes that way.

But, sad? Sad for us, but so happy for him.

He lived a long, good life. He worked hard. Harder than most people I know. He worked, as a matter of fact, until he was nearing 90 at the church where we all were raised. I think I inherited my work ethic partially from him. I used to accompany him on second jobs when I was little. I watched him work. Work hard.

I watched him love too. And, he loved well. He loved deeply. He loved Jesus deeply and would tell you that if he ever met you. He loved his family. He adored all 5 children and he got giddy at the mention or sight of his many grand or great or great great grandchildren.

He loved Gospel music and singing in the choir. He loved his garden and he loved his cats. And, he loved his tractor. He loved Big Lots and Dairy Queen. (He loved the times I took him there when he stopped driving.)

Not all with the same kind of love of course. But, he seemed to love life. And everything in it.

He was humble. Perhaps the most humble man I know. He was strong. He was loyal. He was steadfast. He was honorable. He was gentle. He was a peacemaker. He was sincere. He was joyful. He was kind. To everyone he met. Everyone.

He loved my grandmother with such a passion you couldn’t help but smile when he referenced her. It was obvious to everyone. I got to renew their vows once. They were married well over 70 years. You can read about their marriage HERE. My grandmother is still living.They were soul mates. At his 101st birthday party he wanted to hold her hand and have his picture taken with her. (He didn’t realize how many pictures were being taken with people’s phones.) Pray for her.

Granddaddy. You did well. Great legacy. Easy to follow. Well done good and faithful servant. Well done.

Party with Jesus! I hope they’re playing some of your favorite songs right now. Either way, I’m sure you’re smiling. And probably dancing. Say hello to my Daddy…your son…whom you were talking about up until the time you passed.

We will see you on the other side.

(Read a more humorous post I wrote about him a few years ago HERE.)

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  • Jean Moon says:

    A great legacy indeed! Thanks for sharing. It was an enjoyable read. I especially liked the memory that Laura Turney Gateley shared about your grandfather. It seems he influenced many without realizing it. That is true humility. Congratulations on his graduation to heaven. May God comfort your grandmother in her loss.

  • phyllis says:

    beautiful tribute, God's peace to your whole family.

  • Laura Turney Gateley says:

    There are no words for what Mr. Ben meant to me as a child. He was wise enough to be satisfied with not always appearing wise. I specifically remember once when I was an adolescent feeling fury on his behalf at someone speaking "down" to him and told him directly that I knew he knew things about that person that he could merely speak aloud and hurt them like he had been hurt by them. He grinned and winked and said, "Glass houses and all that…" and went back to work. I will never forget him. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Ben Holbrook says:

    this post inspires me to leave a legacy of my own…sounds like he had a rich, fulfilling life. Thanks for sharing

  • DEBRA TRUE says:


  • Mr. Ben was a wonderful man whom I had the pleasure working with at FBC many years ago. His humility had a major impact on me! What a great man! Praying for your family! God bless!

    Jeff Stockdale

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