How I Kept from Gaining Weight over Thanksgiving

I didn’t gain any weight over Thanksgiving. I know…sounds sad…right? But, don’t feel bad for me. I ate what I wanted. Turkey. Ham. Sweet potato casserole. Pie. All my favorites.

Before you call me a party pooper. There’s a reason for my madness…and this post. Always before I kicked my holiday season off with a few extra pounds and it was downhill from there through the New Year’s celebration. I’ve learned by experience that I’m most productive when I maintain a healthier weight. I always blew that this time of year.

This year I’m trying to be smarter. Trying.

How did I do it over Thanksgiving?

Exercised daily – Everyday, for the four day break, I went for a run and did sit ups. Everyday.

One big meal a day – I could have had two…or three. I had one. Everything I wanted. Once a day. Then chose much smaller, more sensible meals the rest of the day.

Got full and stopped – When I had enough…I stopped eating. I know. It makes too much sense, right? But, I didn’t gorge. I ate, got full, and quit.

Took what I liked, not what I didn’t – I often find myself eating things I really don’t like that much…certainly not my favorites, just because it’s there. And it’s the season. I stuck with those things I especially liked and stayed away from others. I found my plate was not as full as in year’s past, but every bite was a treat.

Quickly back to normal, healthy eating – Monday, following the Thanksgiving break, I started eating in my normal routine. In the past, I’ve allowed Thanksgiving to kick off a month long holiday binge. I always regret it the first of the year. Trying not to do that this year. There will be lots of Christmas events, but as much as I can, I’ll be eating sensibly.

Sounds simple, right? Yea, it was. I’m committed to trying it again through Christmas. I wanted to start the new year off without a lot of extra poundage or the sense of burden that I need to lose some weight. The year will have enough responsibility without having that pressure.

That’s my plan.

Do you have one? Does it matter to you?

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12 thoughts on “How I Kept from Gaining Weight over Thanksgiving

  1. Hey I can't say it was in the plan, but I ended up with the worst food poisoning in my life on Thanksgiving. The good news is that it will inevitably help for years to come…because I have no interest in ever partaking again! Maybe not the recommended plan! 🙂

  2. Yes it matters. We are body, mind and spirit. If part of that is off balance the rest is too. Discipline… I find myself running an extra amount so that I can eat the cookie I love. After the thrill of a run and the reality that it was for a cookie or whatever, the cookie never seems to matter so much. I have learned to taste a bite of pie, cookie, green bean casserole… Sticking to purer ingredients, simple food. A sweet potato out of the oven is fantastic without anything. As a woman, I would rather look great and feel great than eat great.

  3. Appreciate this post. Being a woman and being 'fluffier' than I'd like to admit, I didn't gain any weight over the Thanksgiving holidays either. I didn't change anything about my daily routine other than eating a bigger meal and I stuck to my exercise schedule.

    • Thanks. The older I get the harder it is to lose weight once I gain it…so I'm trying to be more disciplined.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  4. I am still riding my bike so I have continued exercising. I also have a used Bowflex at home so when I couldn't ride I worked out. What also helped was that we were not at home but found ourselves in a motel where I couldn't graze. Another good thing in my favor is that I don't like pumpkin anything. 🙂 Good advice Ron. I want to maintain the weight I am currently at so I am really trying to be conscientious.

  5. I know what you mean about eating things you don’t really want, I usually eat them out of a sense of obligation: they made so much, hate to see it go to waste, etc…

    Then there is that stigma of being single: “You don’t have anyone cooking for you! Here, take this, and thesen and…”

    I have adopted pretty much what you said, not eating beyond being full. I now when I’ve had enough, so I make myself stop! I make sure to keep up my work-out regimne, regardless of the time of year. Works well.
    Twitter: bryankr