Mature Christianity

Knowing truth does not make one spiritually mature.

Knowing the Bible, even memorizing Scripture, does not make one spiritually mature.

I have known many in churches who have lots of experience with church, lots of Biblical knowledge, but I wouldn’t consider them spiritually mature.

They aren’t self-feeders. They don’t demonstrate the fruit of the spirit. They don’t consider others better than themselves.

Granted, we are all a “work in progress”, but…

A mature Christian doesn’t just know truth…doesn’t just know the Bible.

A mature Christian is striving to live truth.

In fact, a mature Christian is striving to be truth. Truth is a person. Named Jesus.

(Just some thoughts from reading Philippians 2 & 3.)

What do you think of when you think “spiritually mature”?

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8 thoughts on “Mature Christianity

  1. Spirituality is a different thing! I think many are not aware of the fact! They always misunderstand it with being religious! That is the reason why many people give importance to certain external factors such as wearing religious stuffs!search here

  2. Mature Christian is one who has a strong relationship with Christ. They KNOW Him and he is Truth and Love. I've seen some 'bible thumpers' know a lot of scripture and can argue with any non-believer

  3. I feel like mature Christianity is also characterized by steadfastness of faith. That unwavering knowledge of the presence of God’s hand on every situation. It can be so easy at times to claim that you have faith but be wildy tossed about by circumstance. The proverbial calm in the storm that comes from a faith that is anchored absolutely in the knowledge that He works all things together for our good.
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  4. Mature, to me.. is someone who is "full in love" and is not afraid to be humble, accept responsiblity, and be transparent. I figured out that this happens when we "come clean" in our hearts before the Lord.. there is something powerful about being able to truthfully face our shortcomings and sin with God, and letting Him deal with us on the level of our need for Him. There is power in His strength that gives us courage to be real vessels for His love. Someone who is able to do this both behind the closed door as well as in public, represents to me, maturity in Christ.